Posted on August 24, 2009

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Breaking: Obama to Nominate Bernanke to 2nd Term as Fed Chief 22:26:46
Corporate Personhood to be Challenged in Supreme Court 23:49:41
Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul to host joint town hall meeting 18:54:50
Video: Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell chat 14:50:34
Ron Paul: We Need Sunlight to Disinfect the Legislative Process! 14:23:04
Jeremy Scahill Exposes Blackwater and Obama Administration 13:41:27
Monsanto & Cancer Milk FOX NEWS KILLS STORY & FIRES Reporters 12:53:28
Ron Paul : Five Myths About the Gold Standard (1981) 12:28:24
"The difficulty at the moment is finding enough healthy banks to buy the failing banks" 10:36:30
Tom Woods : Dynamics of the FED 09:52:11
Doug Wead: Rand Paul Shakes Down the Thunder 07:12:58
Operation Kickstart The Federal Reserve Audit! 14:50:35
Ron Paul On Anderson Cooper 360 09:00:42
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Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama - An Alex Jones Film - 23:12:08
It's Real: Video: Massachusetts: Forced Vaccination or Quarantine ..... $1,000 Fine Per Day, 30 Days Prison 23:07:20
Topless and Armed 22:17:41
US Rep. Lynch (Boston) Health Care Meeting This Thursday (POSTPONED-Aug. 27) 22:11:24
Whole Foods And Mr. John Mackey vs. Tyranny? 22:11:08
Played Golf with a columnist at the NY Post today 21:31:22
Anarchy Rules! Rhode Island gov to shut down state government for 12 days 21:14:45
Video: Localization is Necessary for True Change 21:10:10
Do not hit the snooze button.......Wake UP! What the hell is wrong w/ America? 20:56:42
Humor: Choosing a profession 20:37:49
NH: Open carry topless protest (guns, breasts, Keene) 20:09:46
Descendant Of White House Slave Shares Legacy 20:00:06
Watch out Barack here come Cindy Sheehan 19:53:56
Soldier: There Is No Flag Large Enough To Cover The Shame Of Killing Innocent People 19:49:22
Scary Graph: 28% Of All Alt-A Loans are in California ! 19:42:07
White anger fueling health care debate 19:38:59
Calling a National General Strike 19:14:24
Let me get this straight 19:12:06
JBS Founder Robert Welch in 1958 18:41:54
Does anyone have any good videos/articles on the American revolution? 18:37:23
Dog Hates Obama 18:35:22
Malawi's child tobacco pickers 'being poisoned by nicotine' 18:19:08
Congressman Rogers' Opening Statement on Health Care Reform 17:48:52
Glenn Beck Is Finally Growing Up! VIDEO! 17:46:48
1958 speech by Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society 17:32:06
End The Fed doing really well... 17:28:34
Swine Flu Conference: Planning Mass Vaccinations and Quarantines 16:53:08
I don't know 16:46:59
Obama talks of a new 911 as his popularity plummets 16:42:08
Good Enough for Gov't Medicine:1,200 veterans wrongly told they got fatal disease 16:32:08
Midwest Liberty Fest 16:04:44
Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.. 15:58:54
The test of Anarcho Capitalism is undeway... 15:08:45
Need help to answer WWII / Vietnam U.S. non-intervention 15:04:59
They aint gonna take it!!! White people are gonna riot! David Manning 14:57:49
Cash for Clunkers is over -- now it's time for Cash for Refrigerators?? 14:44:43
New! Pentagon Channel (Vaccinations) 14:34:15
30000 Scientists Sue Al Gore For Global Warming Fraud 14:33:21
Boston Rushes Martial Law Bill 2028 Over Swine Flu through the Congress 14:30:51
drugs workplace identity theft 14:23:16
Peter Schiff OWNS everybody! 13:57:22
CRAP - Crappy Recycled Asset Program 13:51:46
Authorities Prepare To Seize Kids During Swine Flu Pandemic 13:35:19
Make this go viral: Self Administered Vaccine Patch. 13:33:08
I went to youtube and read comments...can people help clarify? 13:30:59
Is Obama forming the US equivalent of the Nazi Gestapo? 13:16:08
CNN Actually Discusses New Martial Law Acts! 13:09:37
4409 Possibly the dumbest person in Arizona 13:04:26
Where did former president George Bush go? 12:54:12
War Coverage and the Obama Cult 12:42:51
American Community Survey - Class Action Suit / Defense 12:34:42
Milton Frieman On Legalizing Drugs! 12:18:39
Goldman Sees U.S. as `Banana Republic' 12:16:09
Shorting Financials?? 12:14:36
Has Ron Paul held any townhall meetings? 12:08:36
the constitution 12:01:55
Obama sneaks past Americans an extra TWO TRILLION dollars of spending late Friday 11:53:26
"Join With Us" 11:44:15
HuffPo: White House Sets Up Interrogation Unit 11:37:07
Young DHS Agents in Panera Bread 11:06:10
Best Video to Wake Someone Up? 10:56:55
Daniel Hannan Confirmed as speaker at Northeast Regional Conference 10:47:57
Calvin & Hobbes: Mom says the pills must be working 09:52:10
Deprivation of rights under color of law 10:23:44
Ronald Reagan : Message to Washington 10:18:32
A Child Can Understand the Meaning of Debt 10:12:48
Alert: Banks are still open 8/24/09 10:04:31
Todays, Reddit´s & Digg´s For Freedom Lovers 24/8 09:53:31
Official: White House sets up interrogation unit 09:45:43
The President and the 'Necessary War' Myth 09:08:41
There's gold in them there hills 08:42:25
New Aggregator Site Offers News from Around the Liberty Movement 08:28:27
Video News: Quarantine or $1000 a day fine for refusing the vaccine 08:03:59
The Economist hits almost everyone here on DP 07:21:28
Campaign for Liberty Conference Sept. 17-19th with Daniel Hannan 03:06:06
Great idea for any Ron Paul related videos 02:42:40
Larry Flynt Goes Public-Exposes Obama-NWO/David Rockefeller 02:17:27
I am Mad as Hell - We Can Win Without Media, Candidates, Rallies Etc! 01:50:25