Posted on August 27, 2009

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Setting the people up to die: A conspiracy of silence about swine flu natural remedies 23:44:28
Chuck Baldwin: More on Internment Camps 20:52:01
Fed Urges Continued Secrecy on Banks in Bailout Programs 17:55:36
RJ Harris in the News 13:15:20
Ron Paul SUPERHERO Comic 13:11:58
Is 'Friending' in Your Future? Better Pay Your Taxes First 13:00:13
Letter to the Poor 10:18:07
Jake Towne's Income Tax Plank 09:05:02
Michael Badnarik On The Constitution: We The People Have the Power 07:16:29
Victoria Advocate Q&A With Ron Paul 14:46:50
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District 9 23:39:58
CNBC: 1000 Banks Will Fail 23:26:09
Nancy Pelosi asks for $100K to fight 'smears' LOLOL 23:24:52
Occultists honor Helena P. Blavatsky 23:05:00
ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan 22:51:19
TONIGHT :"9/11: Science and Conspiracy" to air on National Geographic Channel 21:44:27
In only 13 minutes here is the most important explanation of what's going on today that you will ever see. 21:43:14
Has anyone else seen the "Bernanke's secret debt solution"? 21:27:31
U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds 21:18:31
Proof of Loch Ness Monster found on Google Earth? 21:02:21
Someone at Bloomberg actually gets it? 20:54:31
Video: Consumer, Retail and Entire Country in Death Spiral 20:39:04
10 Pins that can pop this stock market bubble any day now 20:36:24
Obama Isn't a Doctor-Spreading the word IN FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA 20:20:13
Obama-Turns-911-National-Day-of-Service 20:06:57
"A Shocking Fall" Is it coming or not??? 19:26:38
Staged CNN Media Coverage From the Gulf War 19:24:57
Pray tell, what got us into this royal mess? 19:14:16
PA CCTV Protest (8/29 - Lancaster PA) 18:56:44
If You Oppose Health Care Reform Bill: 18:56:33
Ron Paul: The Elite Want A Global Paper Currency run by the UN 18:47:29
Cindy Sheehan Protests Obama 18:21:41
Social Security explained 18:03:22
What is your take on Olof Palme ? 17:48:34
Accurate TED KENNEDY Bio 17:45:12
Citizens Against Public Surveillance Protest - This Saturday, Lancaster, PA 17:09:48
Watch Dash Cam Video: Honea Path Officer Fired After Teen Beating 17:08:48
Short video about how cattle prods are used against humans almonst unknowingly 17:01:35
The Government Can 16:56:28
Has anyone received their "Marines take that hill" shirt yet? (Adam Kokesh campaign) 16:48:52
What have the Romans ever done for us? 16:30:30
Obama Administration Sued Over Healthcare Enemies List 16:28:14
Michael Bennet, Senator of Colorado, Healthcare Conversation, 8-28-09 only 100 tickets available 16:19:32
Looking for this video from 2007 16:17:42
Obama to make unprecedented address to all public school students 16:12:27
Daniel Hannan on His Libertarian Plan for Britain 15:56:40
FEDERAL RESERVE says "Another systemic collpase" if documents released! 15:38:37
Ted Kennedy - Tryanny Personified 15:33:02
Missouri House of Reps. to hold meeting on MIAC report 08/31 15:31:14
Exposed – The Swine Flu Hoax 15:24:48
Letter from the Boss 14:55:47
Peter Schiff pledges to run when next moneybomb gets to $1,500,000 including all previous donations 14:48:06
Superior Court of the District of Columbia:You won't believe this Interview! 14:39:56
Car Czar/ Mfg. Czar Ron Bloom – In the Labor Zionist Tradition? 14:36:33
Paul to Obama: "You offer no change!" 14:20:37
The Census Bureau is partnering with Sesame Street 13:44:12
End “The Fed Scam” Now! 13:23:15
Why Barney Frank is stalling HR 1207 13:09:16
What am I legally required to do according to the Constitution in regards to the Census? 13:05:10
Federal Reserve Says Disclosing Loans Will Hurt Banks (Update1) 13:04:18
A Challenge: How many different ways have the Obama Administration and Congress violated the Constitution 13:03:32
When will we see the dollar crash? DXY 75? 70? 12:47:28
Treasury Department Statement Marking the Beginning of Ramadan 12:42:33
Bromsgrove Group 12:27:50
MSNBC Pimp: Just get the damn flu shot. 12:14:17
These people have media attention 12:08:35
Cuba faces toilet paper shortage: Communist party newspaper used 12:04:38
Trey Grayson officially enters U.S. Senate race. Comment on the newspapers website 11:58:55
Ron Paul's END THE FED book in stock NOW for delivery Tuesday Sept. 1st 11:50:45
Game on the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank Web Site 11:49:56
Obamas well organized community is falling apart 11:41:31
GOP candidate raking in cash from cyberspace 11:36:22
Who's Going to 9-12? 11:32:26
Barney Frank Agrees to Let HR 1207 out of Committee and to hold full House Debate on the bill 11:19:22
2nd Grade: Tasers & Pepper Spray 10:47:37
What if the government mandated cell phones? 10:41:29
tech ticker vid: "Obama's numbers are all crazy, we are off the charts" 10:34:48
Attacks On Protesting Heroes Tied To Army Reserve Unit 10:17:58
Pittsburg Freedom Conference 09:42:45
The history of the atomic bomb and why Hiroshima was destroyed 09:31:39
Poll and a simple question. Do you mourn Teddy's loss or not? 09:05:07
Pentagon wants control of National Guard 08:34:20
This will never happen in America. 11 reasons why the elections in 2010 will be the most important in the history of the United 08:05:25
Mexico Legalizes All Drugs ~ Denver $1 Pot Fine ~ Oakland Taxes Marijuana 07:22:28
EXCLUSIVE: House quietly gives 'bonuses' to top aides 06:39:19
MUST SEE VIDEO! Two Ron's make a right! 06:28:30
Dr. Paul on The Lew Rockwell Show 06:25:18
Mike Rogers (R-MI): Well spoken opening statement on immoral government health care bill... 06:06:48
Ron Paul talks about returning to the Gold Standard in 1983 05:57:38
Todays Reddit´s & Diggs For Freedom Lovers! 8/27 05:13:42
Ron Paul To Obama : You Offer No Change! 05:11:23
Ted Kennedy's Deadly Legacy for America 04:05:22
Anchor Babies, part 3 ... The Irish got it right! 03:35:40
Washington Rewarding All of the Characters That Encouraged the Financial Crisis 02:49:02
Bernanke Victimized by Identity Fraud Ring 02:29:12
Glenn Beck's fear of Obama: Seize power overnight 02:06:14
Edit: Civil war is coming 01:41:40
More Questions for President Obama ... 01:18:24
YIKES! Tombstone for TED! 01:15:22
von Mises: Involuntary Medical Servitude - physician's perspective 00:38:33
This is the end of the UCC-1 Secured Party Sovereignty Debate 00:20:59
Ron Paul: Even Welfare State Supporters Realize That The System Isn't Viable - 8/21/2009 00:11:29
Larken Rose - To Whine or to Resist, That is the Question (July 4th Controversial Video Has Finally Been Posted) 00:11:22
The FDIC is broke and looking for buyers..... 00:03:54