Posted on August 30, 2009

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John Stossel: Insurance Makes Healthcare Far More Expensive - Video 23:32:45
Surprise, Surprise: Judge Stays Fed's FOIA Bailout Revelations 23:21:08
Rand Paul's 23:16:18
Bill would give president emergency control of Internet 09:18:21
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Congressional Hypocrites Need to Follow Own Advice: Read the Bills 23:50:15
Gary North Mentions DP in Latest Piece on the Fed 23:46:58
Does Congress have the authority to pass a PATRIOT ACT without consent of the people ? 23:33:02
Can the bill of rights be suspended in an emergency or by Presidential order ? 23:29:08
attorney Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt interviewed on Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox 23:26:56
More Obama close advisors appear to be Communists oriented 23:24:37
SC to Cop Who Beat a Minor Suspect with Flashlight : You're Fired! 22:53:06
Historical facts about vaccines that you're not supposed to know 22:18:03
Swine flu vaccine program in jeopardy?? 22:03:59
Rosicrucian Science of Initiation 21:52:47
4409 -- Phoenix Pirate threatens Arrest over Vaccine Sign! 20:55:32
Watch this! It's about you!! 20:43:52
Barney Frank Said to Back Broader Fed Audits --Wall St Journal Monday edition 20:36:24
Codex Alimantarius almost at hand 20:34:18
ACLU Lobbyist Larry Frankel Found Dead in Washington ,ACLU used Freedom of Information Act to uncover Torture scandal 20:23:06
US Army DCO's Norad and US Northcom per FEMA Region 19:21:30
Banned On Youtube: Israeli Occupation Soldier Shoots Blindfolded, Handcuffed Palestinian Detainee 19:19:16
Debra Medina at Texas Sovereignty Rally 18:56:13
Just Printed out and mailed 5 copies of this to MR. Cochran(R MS) 18:51:06
Guns and Butter - Dress Rehearsal For Debt Peonage 18:46:02
US Soldier Demands Apology From Senator Claire McCaskill at Town Hall 18:16:50
Jaynee Germond, OR4 Putting Honesty back on the ballot! 18:15:56
Bailout spawns GM investment 17:57:18
Barney Frank getting credit for auditing the Fed: Drudge 17:56:49
Mr.Smith Goes To Washington 17:42:34
IRAQ BLASTS 'AN INSIDE JOB' - foreign minister admitted country’s own security forces may have colluded 17:30:53
For Those Still Believing In The NRA Or The Tooth Fairy 17:27:13
15% of Preschoolers are Depressed 17:10:17
Why We Don't Need Socialized Medicine 17:02:31
Webster Tarpley: Obama-"Butcher-Barky" Shucking and Jiving. 16:30:02
Ron Paul: Kennedy Death to Push Reform 16:13:02
Cindy Sheehan at Martha's Vineyard with Barack Obama 15:45:05
In Praise of Traffic Tickets 15:40:05
PLEASE! This subject Really needs a lot of discussion. 15:34:11
It ain't America no more, O.k? 15:27:11
Can this be true? 15:16:58
Ex-Khan: Court sets Pakistani scientist at liberty 15:15:59
A good explanation for why the police will never change their ways, we 15:10:06
Was there a move to go back to the gold standard in the 1950s?? 15:01:35
Dress Rehearsal for Debt Peonage - Michael Hudson 14:37:40
Camera Surveillance Protest in Lancaster, PA 14:32:26
Kennedy's Free Pass With Women 13:54:13
Stressed out? Take a tuneup with this 5 minute break... 13:13:32
"To Die For" Gayla Robinson 13:06:25
Obama Supporter & Cop "It ain't America no more!" -VIDEO 13:05:38
Amazon just sent my order of "End The Fed" out!!! 12:58:46
Rep. Frank seeks compromise in Fed Audit Bill 12:58:27
We don't want to rule the world or do we? 12:51:38
Hyperinflation Nation 12:49:33
IMPORTANT!HELP! Let´s Draft Peter Schiff For Senate Run! 12:41:43
Cyber Security Act of 2009 (S-773) WAKE UP AMERIKA 12:29:46
Microchiping included in Healthcare Bill ? 12:27:15
Obama Campaign Volunteer Poses as a Doctor at a Town Hall Meeting 11:58:35
Ron Paul’s “End the Fed” Movement Gaining Steam 11:54:09
'Freedom lover' behind 'Obama Joker' posters 11:43:20
Lou Pritchett's Open Letter To Obama 11:02:37
Can this be true? 10:45:47
The World According To Obama - Contradictions - Must See!! 10:21:23
When sheep think they're really smart, you just want to slap them 10:15:23
U.S.S. of A. 09:01:58
Martin Johnson Workshop on Jury Nullification at the Midwest Liberty Fest 06:13:04
Ron Paul on a local Fox TV 06:02:19
Lies that lead to Iraq War 05:45:21
"Will you fight?" Peter Schiff Money Bomb Sept 9th! 04:19:32
H.R.1388 - The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act used to be... 03:07:54
DP bloggers delight: Dual-screen laptop on sale by Christmas 03:00:34
U.S. Constitution: Article. I. Section. 9. Paragraph. 8. Pertaining to Knighthood. 01:44:51
Myth America by Cindy Sheehan and Webster Tapley on Obama 01:09:44
Look what happened in another forum when I posted a photo of baby being vaccinated 00:25:55
yesliberty, I customised your bumper sticker a bit further 00:16:46