Posted on September 3, 2009

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"This Is My Town Hall Meeting! I set the rules and you're not going to tell me how to run my congressional office!" 19:36:18
Russian Professor: Obama is America's Gorbachev, leading country to breakup 11:07:52
Oath Keepers 08:47:32
Rally for the Republic DVD Trailer 11:07:53
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Obama's "classroom activites" 23:46:51
The myth of death panels? 23:20:24
Another taxpayer bailout coming? 23:07:01
Congressman, I don't represent you, Baron Hill's contact info, have some fun!!! 23:05:45
"This is My Town Hall Meeting and I Set the Rules" Congressman Baron Hill 22:50:01
Anyone know details about Oregon's Health Care Plan??? 22:19:15
How a left/right paradigm gets reinforced 22:18:32
Democrats' 9/11 plan: Blast 'right-wing' terror 22:11:30
So which side was astro turf? 22:09:17
This is my Town Hall meeting, I set the rules. YOUTUBE! 21:34:51
Declare War on Fox News 21:33:34
The Heart of Representational Democracy is Perpetual War 21:32:32
FBI preparing to deport AMERICANS for torture/interrogation 21:31:35
Year of Youth 21:09:47
What is Year of Youth, Project 2012? Please DIGG! 21:01:27
For the 410 SILENT Guests Now Online: Come join us! 21:00:37
Handicapped Man's Wheelchair Seized Over Medical Marijuana 20:42:55
End the Fed 20:40:19
Fire chief shot by cop in Ark. court over tickets 20:35:13
Huffington Post wants to know which economist got it right: Peter Schiff now at #1! 20:33:26
Green Energy Czar Van Jones is a 911 Truther 19:32:25
Glenn Beck Says Pesticide DDT is A-OK 19:08:48
Revolution Battle Plan 18:42:29
Schools must play this Video before and after the Speech 18:20:53
Obama's Polls Going South 17:55:12
Free Speech To Be Chilled And More Presidential Ineligibility 17:49:16
Gov. Baldacci proclaims civil emergency due to H1N1 17:45:40
BECK is talking about 9/11 17:39:23
Water has Memory 17:18:23
James Traficant - Railroaded out of Congress 17:10:31
After watching several Van Jones videos; 16:52:46
Patrick Henry: Enemy of the State 16:44:32
On Niel Cavuto NOW: Finger bit off by protester... 16:30:11
Oldie but goodie! 15:59:37
Obama day: Parents will not be allowed to pull there children out of school that day 15:37:53
Ron Paul: End the Fed 15:16:33
Audit the Fed’ bill gains support from Appalachian students 15:15:38
Curt Schilling for Senate? 15:15:28
Please excuse Junior from attending the political indoctrination speech... help me write a letter to the teacher! 15:12:29
Can a Central Bank Go Broke? 15:10:49
Live NOW! 3pm Eastern Richard Gage from Architects & Engineers for 911 truth! 15:03:36
HIG will target, torture Americans 15:02:03
The Best Congress AIPAC Can Buy 14:59:28
You Can Financially Penalize Your School For Hosting Obama Speech 14:56:48
Anybody know a good place to make Euro stickers? (oval) 14:48:13
WSJ: Commercial Real Estate Lurks as Next Potential Mortgage Crisis 14:46:23
"The Pledge" Try not to vomit & watch the very end 14:43:21
Lose your property for growing food? 14:13:39
Glenn Beck calls Rockafeller a Communist and a Facist; 14:06:54
Vaccination = Depopulation 13:52:38
Food for All 13:47:57
Hit piece on RP4409 13:43:20
Desperation! 13:41:47
BlackBoxVoting to file AntiTrust complaint re: ES&S/Diebold(Premier) merger‏ 13:20:11
Facebook: "No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick," 13:18:32
Video - Tim Hawkins - The Government Can - LOL! 13:08:02
Are we the "enemy army" to Obamas "Axis of healthcare"? 13:01:39
New jobless claims (last WEEK!) dip less than expected to 570K 12:34:35
Very cool video of Adam Kokesh doin his thing at a town hall in New Mexico 12:28:29
Jacob Schiff & secret org. Hidden Hands 1860s-1900s 12:20:43
Baxter gets another slap on the hand for criminal activity. 12:04:36
A Need for Some Soul-Searching 11:59:29
Rangel Pays Ethics Investigators Probing Him 11:58:41
Im SO EXCITED! 11:47:05
MUST SEE! Truth Among Lies - Peter Schiff! 11:26:12
Ron Paul Makes Rock Star Appearance At Loyola New Orleans 11:18:01
Uprising! Book Bomb Video - AWESOME 11:10:51
New York City Teacher of the Year 1990 10:58:13
Gold Bugs, China is wanting to take possession of their Gold.... 10:39:05
Ladies of Liberty Alliance 10:38:15
Police draw guns on wrong student 10:14:49
Ron Paul calls for reduced government spending in New Orleans speech 10:13:04
Marc Faber expects big moves in the dollar in the next 10 days 10:10:16
Strip your local PD of Tasers 09:41:10
Obama Caught Sending Stimulus Money Offshore 09:17:00
Town seethes as cops taser 76 year old man- Near riot 09:09:26
global military presence 09:05:43
How to contact Kevin Tuma? 08:58:45
Digestive Excrement from the Anus of a Male Bovine, Once Again . . 08:56:03
Need Air Filter for Chemtrails. 08:46:40
Who deserves the "credit for the recovery?" 08:29:36
If you don't think the police control society, think again, it is done through the 08:11:17
Patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme 08:07:22
Write-in Candidate for President in the Year 2016 07:48:05
Janet Napolitano says watch out for camera terrorists! 05:36:23
Goldman Sach, the U.S. Treasury and criminal corruption 04:22:31
The Uprising! New puppetgov Video 02:55:09
**MUST SEE: Ron Paul's 2006 Speech, in the Czech Republic, hosted by Czech Pres.Vaclav Klaus 02:15:08
What Would the United States Look Like Without the Federal Reserve? 02:10:53
What my wife said to me tonight.... 01:53:39
CSPAN Junkie youtube account... 01:50:20
Md. Gov. Calls Seasonal Flu Shots a 'Patriotic Duty' 01:46:05
10 Step Commando 01:32:57