Posted on September 10, 2009

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Ron Paul's Heirs or Will the Revolution Be Televised in 2010? 14:43:59
"America On Slippery Slope To Collapse" Max Kaiser 13:56:29
Video: reddit interviews Ron Paul 11:45:56
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2012: Preparing Us For New World Order 23:59:39
Sean Hannity, and his "Liberty fests" 23:50:51
Why I, D.E. Allen, support 9/11 Truth and will go 2 Ground Zero to fight for those who can no longer fight for themselves 23:48:13
Is Speaker Pelosi guilty of fraud/cover-up? (UPDATED 09/12/09) 23:39:10
Fifty questions on 9/11 By Pepe Escobar 23:22:18
It's Confirmed! Sunstein is New Regulatory CZAR, and list of who Voted for him 23:04:27
"Change the World" Song by David Lawrence 22:56:03
Federal judge rules police cannot detain people for openly carrying guns 22:44:24
New weapon! Worse than tasers! "Pain Ray" 22:43:34
My Carl Bork "Liberty Artwork" RP Artist's Proof Print Just Arrived! [Pic] 22:43:32
Pet Owners Beware, more proof of police state ! 22:42:14
Traficant on Fox NOW 10pm Eastern 22:41:52
Breaking News!!! Judge Carter grants Orly Expedited Discovery!!! 22:33:18
I want to Money Bomb Joe Wilson 22:31:48
What really happened on 9/11 President Obama? Celebs are asking... 22:27:20
Rev. Jonathan Ayers Shot by Police in Georgia 22:04:14
Chairmen of 9/11 Commission: CIA "Stonewalled" us 21:58:35
Human Events censoring Pat Buchanan? 21:57:38
Obama grouped news items (saves a thread) 21:44:14
Ron Paul Radio Interview 9/10/09 WLS Chicago 21:42:35
911's A lie - Total Pwnage....LOL 21:12:17
Commentary: Profit is not Theft 20:42:57
911 Truth -- Where does it lead too Big Gov't or Small Gov't? 20:17:34
Just got my Carl Bork Print of Dr. Paul.. 20:15:48
Google Searches For “9/11 Conspiracy” Explode After Sheen’s Letter 20:04:30
City of New York Concedes 9/11 Coalition Has 30,000 Valid Signatures To Put Referendum For 9/11 Investigation on November Ballot 19:59:47
G-20 Protesters Plan To Sue Pittsburgh : Some Still Waiting For Permits - Still No Official 'Go' For Largest Planned March 19:57:55
Here is a more in depth poll (MLIVE) 19:46:43
Who put their neck out on 30 yr treasury bonds today? 19:39:42
They just don't get it.. after all the townhalls 19:39:09
AP WASHINGTON – Rep. Joe Wilson is wrong. 19:37:09
Rev.Manning: 'Obama's Evil' 19:35:58
R. Cobb cartoon, :) 19:24:57
America's Awakening 19:14:16
"The Day Obamacare Died" 19:06:47
Anyone going to D.C. this weekend? 19:07:48
Video of CNN story on Montana Firearms Freedom Act 19:00:39
Peter Schiff hits $1,000,776 !!!!! 18:59:27
Colloidal silver turned this guy blue - MSNBC Revisit 18:44:37
Flobots Music Videos, Inspiration for the Grassroots 18:42:30
Ever seen this? 18:38:02
Please, for God's sake, can we stop the slaughter now? 18:34:46
+++ HUGE 911 NEWS - UPDATED +++ 18:34:30
CNN Did a story recently about Montana Firearms Freedom Act 18:19:29
Elizabeth Warren Makes Timmy Geithner Squirm Over AIG and Goldman Sachs Bailouts 18:17:31
Breaking: New York Allows Petition for 9/11 Investigation to Go Forward 17:52:40
Ground broken on $3.4 billion Homeland Security complex 17:43:45
How One High School History teacher takes on 9 /11 in the classroom 17:30:37
Government of Occupation - Trailer 17:26:20
Alex Jones on CNN Charlie Sheen 17:11:07
Geithner: Confidence has returned to markets 16:59:45
We The People - Video That Will Move Your Heart&Soul 16:52:58
Government Didn't Foresee Terrorists Ramming Planes into Buildings 16:30:20
RJ Harris - Poll Shows Close Race in Oklahoma's 4th District 16:05:50
Breitbart and Beck take down another Obama Bot 16:02:50
Just bought my copy of End the Fed today! 15:59:25
"Venezuela shows clear independence from Washington" 15:50:19
A Long PDF Article That All American Investors Should Read ! 15:38:48
Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama 15:32:10
Website showing voting records per Constitution 15:25:31
Help please: Fox News appeals ruling for U.S. Fed over bailout 15:10:36
Liberty candidate David Ratowitz announces in Illinois 5! 14:56:55
Grassley, Enzi and Snowe, still want to rescue ObamaCare. 14:45:22
Don´t trust Glen Beck! 14:43:47
ACORN Baltimore Prostitution Investigation 14:37:56
Ron Paul’s Audit The Fed Bill To Get Hearing in House Committee 14:24:46
Peter Schiff, just shy of $1million 14:23:31
Michele Bachmann Ron Paul coming to Minneapolis 14:17:27
John Stossel Leaving ABC For Fox 14:14:47
Obama Eligibility: New facts surface 14:05:14
Read the Union Health-Care Label 13:25:48
Did you guys see this !! Ron Paul documentary featuring our own Michael ! 13:22:35
Why Kucinich is definitely no Dr. Paul 13:05:06
Kucinich on health care 12:58:24
Faith in Obama’s Foreign Policy Fading Fast 12:54:51
ONE DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attack! Do you know what happened? 12:53:11
From the Left: Conservatism And Afghanistan 12:46:46
Call your congressman/woman - Impeach!! 12:45:45
New Song: Brother can you Share a Fraud! 12:33:11
Overspending on Debit Cards Is a Boom for Banks 12:29:11
What's with the new topic moderation? 12:14:45
E-MAIL I Received about Cass Sunstein nomination. It seems there is work to be done. 12:11:31
Honest Money Amendment 12:07:58
Joke: A man goes into a bar 11:47:14
Specter wants Joe censored.... 11:39:38
Guys, I hope you don't mind 11:37:57
The US has superpowers 11:37:41
Update. and it is good news. Can we trust juries after this? 11:31:52
The Obama-ACORN Anti Gun Conspiracy 11:28:31
"Obama You Lie" Rep. Joe Wilson you are a loser. Repent. 11:24:42
The revolt against the elite 11:10:48
Cops kill another preacher 11:08:13
Joe Wilson's 'You Lie' Moment Triggers Outpouring of Cash for His Opponent 10:53:15
Get to know Cass Sunstein, "The New Regulatory Czar" Through his own words! 10:34:17
My $olution To Health Care...And It's Very Profitable! 10:19:20
Judge Andrew Napolitano : Can the Government Run Health Care ? 10:18:49
Priceless: How the Fed Bought the Economics Profession 10:08:02
Nice Article from New American 09:55:13
So who IS going to pay for the illegal's health care? 09:49:16
ACORN Officials Videotaped Telling 'Pimp,' 'Prostitute' How to Lie to IRS 09:16:06
Initial unemployment claims was ONLY 550,000 the recession is over! 08:51:34
Jefferson Manual 08:43:45
LeBron James getting DUNKED on VS Charlie Sheen and 9/11 08:37:31
Support Joe Wilson 08:11:05
Jake Towne's Our Open Office Plank 07:59:22
Emilio Estevez 10 Minutes With The Vice President 07:28:22
Ron Paul Has the Council on Foreign Relations Worried 07:25:54
Spain to proceed with torture prosecution of Bush lawyers: Report 07:11:33
Must Visit Website on Money and link to a site for organizing groups! 06:42:35
DeMint : Obama On A Rampage, We've Got To Stop Him 06:05:40
[TUBE] Jim Demint : Obama Stop Speaking In Generalities And Defend Your Health Care Plan 05:39:42
The Real Cause Of The Destruction of the U.S.A. and Western Civilization 05:13:02
[TUBE] Hal Lindsey : Never Waste A Good Crisis 04:28:47
HR 1207 Grassroots Activism Appreciation Thread 03:45:44
[TUBE] We The People Montage 02:43:24
New Poll! On Obama's Healthcare speech 02:40:03
Government Lampooned 02:32:56
Alex Jones Coast to Coast re: CHARLIE SHEEN LETTER TO OBAMA George Noory 09 10 09 02:18:47
AWESOME! We The People Montage 01:46:40
Suicide bombers and other acts of terrorism by evil muslims 01:30:15
Get to know Cass Sunstein (The Regulator Czar) through his own word's 01:20:27
Hal Lindsey : Never Waste A Good Crisis 01:18:21
Why Gold $10,000 should make you feel queasy... 01:04:19
Matt Trent Calls US Congressman Brian Baird An Enemy Of God And The Republic! 00:56:42
Get to know Cass Sunstein "The Regulatory Czar" In his own words 00:43:42
Could We All Work Together With All The Groups And Get Our Own Nationwide Cable Channel??? 00:30:34
CAFR1 Documentary Money Bomb (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) 00:14:11
The day I schooled Larry Elders live about 9/11 Inside Job (May 10, 2007) 00:01:34