Posted on September 12, 2009

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Debra Medina joins race for Texas governor 16:45:34
Natural Law Provides the Answers 10:56:25
NEW! Rand Paul Bowling Green Tea Party 9-11-09 00:40:19
Weekend Watching - Juan Enriquez at TED: The Ultimate Reboot 00:13:59
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Nuclear Detonation 'almost inevitable" 23:47:44
USC won! 23:32:35
US embassy/Military base plan challenged in Pakistani court 23:29:50
Peter Schiff called "Extremist" by Time Magazine 22:52:48
Native American Tribal Chief Contacts Me ABOUT MARTIAL LAW 22:28:54
#912 twit pic's 22:19:15
The first wave of Reaction is in the works. (A Tea Party Assessment from the Left) 22:15:22
A Strengthened Virus And A Police State. It Was Always Coming ToThis... 22:13:07
Concern Raised Over Suspicious Deaths Of 24 Bio-Scientists 22:08:30
27-Year CIA Vet says Obama May be Afraid of the CIA 21:40:31
James Traficant Columbiana Tea Party 9-12-09 21:19:57
The Chicago way. Fmr. Blagojevich adviser dies, days before prison. 21:08:40
Former Congressman James Traficant for Congress...again 21:03:00
Seven Signs of Terrorism - From our friends in Missouri and the Department of Homeland Security 20:34:08
San Diego Sheriff deployed military crowd control device at Congressional town halls 20:04:04
What was the Ron Paul presence at the tea party today? 19:34:02
Might want to see if this is going on in your county 19:06:21
A Charter Libertarian City? 18:41:15
♠ MSM = psyop 18:30:35
Thousands of downtown DC protesters blast Obama 18:14:33
Signs in front of my house 18:10:57
Peter Schiff: Deflation vs. Inflation Argument on FSN 18:10:06
Engineer Derek Johnson of AE911TRUTH discusses WTC 7 at UNT 9-11-09 17:58:30
Obama Vows to Never Stop Pursuing al-Qaeda 17:43:41
Dr. Steven Greer- The Promise of New Energy 17:40:17
George Will Abandons the War Party 17:26:44
World Architecture News: Explosives and Thermitic Material Brought Down Buildings on 9/11 17:04:09
I knew they were crazy but I didn't know they were armed! 16:51:49
State lawmakers try to halt health care changes 16:49:10
912 Tea Party video: "Tell the Truth" "No More Lies" 16:24:48
Asia Times has FIFTY QUESTIONS about 9/11 16:14:58
Respect President Obama - a Biblical/Christian perspective 16:06:58
Atheist and Christians should both be AGAINST the Constitution (right or wrong?) 16:00:57
Ron Paul Revolution March! Photo! 15:48:32
How Many People Do You Think Were Really in DC Yesterday for 912? 15:16:42
Has msnbc covered tea party today? 14:59:18
RLC of Florida Chairman Will Pitts Speaks at the AFP "Hands Off My Health Care" Rally in Jacksonville 14:39:32
Charlie Sheen Challenges His 9/11 Critics to Live Debate 14:33:20
Jim Traficant interview 14:06:10
I pray there are a lot of Ron Paul supporters in D.C. right now making sure the movement does not get hijacked 13:49:45
9/12 DC Rally = '25 DC Klan Rally...Some will say 13:49:42
Did I just hear Glenn Beck right? 13:35:52
Live Video From DC 9/12 Rally Protest 13:24:57
October Flu Shots 13:19:42
Another good story on D.C. march 13:18:35
Tears of Fire 13:17:03
Legalize Marijuana/Hemp 13:13:12
Communism in America 12:58:02
AWESOME new video!! 12:38:14
Information BOMB! 12:22:22
This is awesome, crowds in D.C. 12:15:27
Obama To Be First President To Chair UN Security Council 11:58:22
King Perseus the LionHearted and Empress Ming Mee try to kill each other 11:46:00
CitiGroup Call Center 11:33:08
Tea Party March 9-12-2009 Hundreds of Thousands if not 1 Million Attend 11:26:58
Obama vs. Paul: Ron Paul 2012 11:26:53
One Rifle 11:23:27
Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert 11:14:48
How do I contact my Congressman? 10:23:50
Sonic Weapons Used In Iraq Positioned At Congressional Townhall Meetings 10:14:31
Flying my American Flag on 9/11 09:36:36
Obama: 2004 DNC keynote speech revisited 08:26:58
No Longer the Freedom Tower.... Now: One World Trade Center 07:53:31
My experience on 9-11-09 07:41:57
Get in before it is to late.... 06:48:52
Video: "The Truth Behind Public Option" 05:09:52
EU Referendum Coming Oct 2nd. 05:09:35
re: COG ...hmm I didn't know this... 04:32:56
This is how 9/11 Truth SHOULD BE COVERED 03:26:51 asks; Would you still sign the 9/11 Truth Petition? 03:09:40
A World of Slaves 02:58:50
Will Acorn skate? You Won't Believe This! 02:39:26
Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Ripping Off America 02:35:31
sigh - ok here goes... 02:19:37
Different approach to Obamacare 01:51:00
9/11/09: We Are Change NYC - Sometimes you have to fight for those that can't fight for themselves [HD] 00:47:58
Congressman Joe Wilson Wins! 00:47:24
Time To Buy Some New Tires 00:38:20 Interviews Ron Paul 00:15:30
A doctor's perspective. A lost job and a new CD etc... 00:10:36