Posted on September 21, 2009

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NEW! Congress will be debating the Renewal of the "Patriot Act" this week. 23:15:49
Pelosi is right: Political violence is a real threat 21:35:30
VeriChip shares jump after H1N1 patent license win 20:00:54
Gerald Celente Predicts Rise of "Progressive Libertarian" Third Party 11:44:37
Videos: Ron Paul speech at C4L Valley Forge, PA event 9/18 10:31:58
Benson Goes to Supreme Court for All of Us: "In this historic 16th Amendment litigation, the Government has sued Bill Benson 11:24:01
Next They'll Have Us Salivating 10:31:59
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SIBEL EDMONDS, on the Mike Malloy show (mp3 link) 23:53:15
FBI False-Flag Goes Bust in NYC 23:43:17
Baucus changes HC bill: penalty for no coverage reduced by 50% 23:39:22
13 Billion is a drop in the bucket for China.... 23:29:23
Ron Paul :Trade Wars and Protectionism are not Free Trade 23:08:21
Cspan Book TV Dr Ron Paul on End The Fed 22:53:54
SEC going to trial against BofA over bonuses 22:53:11
Is it because they could ditch the dollar??? 22:51:37
Levin (trash alert): Beck 'pandering' and 'pathetic' & bashing Ron Paul 22:29:33
HSBC bids farewell to dollar supremacy 22:00:03
Zbig Brzezinski: Obama Administration Should Tell Israel U.S. Will Attack Israeli Jets if They Try to Attack Iran 21:59:02
U.S. calls for a new economic world order. Sound familiiar? 21:53:08
With all the cancer talk going on right now... (videos) 21:50:53
Man busted in Maine with drity bomb materials - in FEBRUARY 21:08:12
PICTURES Rhode Island FOR LIBERTY PREMIER 9/22 21:01:15
Jim Sinclair supports Ron Paul 21:00:18
IT IS GOING TO BE A ROCKY ROAD - Most Americans live in a world of false security. By Chuck Baldwin 20:56:46
End the Beck 20:54:57
Has the RP Revolution finally awakened and taken root? 20:26:29
New website for Adam Kokesh for Congress mini-Money Bomb on Sept 30th 20:08:15
Landmark Decision Promises Massive Relief for Homeowners and (BIG) Trouble for Banks!!! 20:07:24
The Politics of Jesus revisited 19:50:39
The Engineering of Pandemics 18:41:09
This e-mail originated in Scotland Is the entire world laughing at our nation's leadership? 18:36:08
Gen. McChrystal needs 45k more troops or will resign! 18:35:29
Is Obama going to get behind FED audit? 17:37:51
Help Us Vote Up Liberty Articles On Al Gore's Website! 17:36:59
Blackwater involved in Bhutto and Hariri hits: former Pakistani army 17:17:04
Report: CIA interrogations informed by bad science 17:12:04
PANAMAX 2009 Tests Pandemic Outbreak in Exercise 16:35:18
Reuters: Verichip Shares Jump After H1N1 Patent License Win 16:19:42
New Supreme Court Case On Vehicle Searches 16:11:17
OT - Would you sign this form? 16:00:54
Car Dealer got a boost like the banks but at the little guys expense 15:20:00
The Pentagon Channel: Members & their Families are a step closer to being Vaccinated against the H1N1 Virus. 15:17:41
Rick sanchez to show proof fox promoted tea parties NOW 3:15 EST on cnn 15:13:45
Now that we have a global currency, what our U.S.Dollar is worth 15:09:38
Story From Obama Health Care Speech Turns Out to Be False 14:55:59
The "either-or" approach in Afghanistan 14:55:29
Important video from 60 minutes in 1979 on Swine Flu vaccines 14:49:22
Planning exercises for H1N1 on capitol hill: senators and staff to get masks 14:46:29
Israel to hit Iran in November???? 14:40:09
AP - Senate bill could weaken the Fed 14:18:53
Fed Rejects Geithner Request for Study of Governance, Structure 14:18:48
MSM: Senate bill could weaken the Fed (and how!) 14:11:28
Ambassador Bolten says Obama is a post-American president, above all that 'patriotism stuff'. 14:07:04
David Ray Griffin on National TV in Norway 14:06:00
I'd just like to say Glenn Beck 14:01:52
Obama in Bed with the Media 14:01:30
Video Wanted 13:57:13
Consensus in Senate builds to weaken Federal Reserve by stripping it of bank oversight 13:51:26
Gov't: Younger children will need 2 swine flu shots 13:50:22
A little sunshine: FCC Backs Net Neutrality — And Then Some 13:48:13
Faces of the Daily Paul.... 13:29:50
Anyone See A Pattern Here? 13:25:36
Chuck's worried, This pretty much explains the Financial Media 13:20:29
Economic and Financial System Train Wreck Dead Ahead! 13:10:15
Opps! Skip this posting 13:07:13
H.R. 3548 13:03:38
Hemp Oil: The Cure of Cancer And Other Diseases 12:39:08
$197 billion in paper promises vs $12.8 billion in gold. 12:38:35
Today Has Been Declared World Peace Day. Did You Know About It? 11:48:41
URGENT HR 1207 Update: Is Victory At Hand? 11:36:12
More secrecy from the FED 11:30:35
Do you like Glenn Beck and why? 11:25:18
AZ UPC License tag video 11:16:57
A History of Secret Human Experimentations (since 1931) 10:30:21
2 opposing views reported by the AP on war in Afganistan 10:12:07
The Mask Slips, for Those with Eyes to See: Preparing for the Real Pandemic 10:06:03
The Magician's left hand 09:55:07
I was called a racist by my family. 09:48:59
VeriChip Corporation Granted Exclusive License for Patents Used in Virus Triage Detection System for H1N1 Virus 09:19:49
Texas Health Freedom Coalition needs all Texans help 09:13:57
Glenn Becks wishes for a Time Machine to Rethink Ron Paul 09:10:37
Glenn Beck apologizes to Libertarians 09:05:39
Poll - Should US be sending more troops to Afghanistan? 09:03:50
Pick a SIDE! 08:22:59
Declare Independence 07:59:03
Max Keiser's Truth About Markets (Audio) Every Saturday on Revolution Broadcasting 07:43:09
Understanding the Connecticut Senate Race Peter Schiff Has Jumped Into 07:37:42
Idaho mourns 07:23:59
₪ Fed Nixes Treasury Snooping 07:21:24
CNN: The hypocrisy of the Fed 07:17:09
Geithner wants Transparency at The Fed? Fed to reject Geithner's review request 07:11:49
'Baseline Killer' - Attorney opens his door to those that wish to Share Information 07:01:38
Obama Tells New York Governor Not to Run For Re-Election 06:54:01
MUST READ - Vitamin C cures Swine Flu! 06:22:34
Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty-END THE FED Event Sept 18 (VIDEO) 06:05:33
Too Big to Fail. 04:38:11
Sen. Harry Reid says income tax is voluntary 03:39:56
Don't Forget September 23rd... Kentuckyfight:: Rand Paul Moneybomb vs DC Fundraiser 03:20:55
Obama open to Newspaper bailout 02:46:09
H.R.992 - James Madison Memorial Commission Act of 2009 02:10:50
Just in Case you Forgot...Rand Paul money bomb on September 23rd! 01:50:22
Swine Flu Scare - Unintendended Consequences 01:21:54
For those of you who are without courage, shy or are otherwise skeptical about becoming a patriot 01:19:05
Outrageous! – Artificial Deflation! 00:57:51
I have an idea. 00:56:29
Anyone have a problem with currency etf's? 00:54:16
BHO: world leaders 'see me as a conservative' 00:53:47
Obama The Liar - The Facts 00:53:42
The only person on the left calling out Obama 23:03:24