Posted on January 10, 2009

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School House Rock - Tyrannosaurus Debt 22:24:40
Ron Paul on the Republic of Texas 19:20:26
Mass LPA - 2nd Quarterly State Convention POSTPONED! 16:48:47
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Bush...there maybe some hope that he is not a total monster 23:54:22
☆ ★ Prosecute Bush and Cheney -- Jan/21/09★ ☆ 23:50:10
☻☆What happens when people are mad at the homeless[PIC]☆☻ 23:40:33
and lastly the ultimate form for income tax. The W-0 form. I have used this form every year since 2004 23:35:10
The financial crisis: Commerzbank's mixed blessing 23:24:57
How to Drive without a drivers license. Form to fill out 23:23:17
States with worst jobless rates share root causes 22:56:31
Does anyone sign their name "Without Prejudice UCC 1-308"? 22:41:25
Amazing electronic gadget revealed at CES in Vegas. (Great example of how freedom works.) 22:23:45
By popular demand: The singing revolution 21:58:05
Making the most of your educational DVD 21:53:31
The Greatest News in 65 Years 21:30:56
You want to help people wake up? 20:52:05
Peter Schiff thinks about running for Senate 20:48:25
George Galloway, stop the Gaza Massacre DIGG 20:40:37
Mexicans 0 Tree 1 removing a tree!!! 20:27:19
Buchanan Accuses Israel of 'Blitzkrieg,' Creating 'Concentration Camp' 20:25:58
Help, with what is going on in the world 20:19:54
WWSS? What Would Satan Say About The Federal Reserve, Materialism, and Ron Paul? 20:15:59
Genetic tests for all - the new approach to preventive medicine 20:10:06
Obama no smarter than Khrushchev or Mao, says top U.S. economist Peter Schiff 20:08:30
Got up at 3AM... drove 4 hours to State Republican annual meeting.... 19:59:17
What is the "Bush Bubble" more terrorism ! 19:52:19
1/10/2009 Peter Schiff On Your Money: Obama's Plan 19:43:02
Can we figure out the number game? 19:32:26
Real Change Requires R3volution, Book Club, Conga Line Viral Video 18:37:22
WHAT IF? 18:03:44
'Atlas Shrugged'-From Fiction to Fact 17:53:01
A question for the "history buffs". 17:38:07
The Flame 17:31:27
Operation Vampire Killer? 17:27:40
political spin- I was sent this e-mail, it's pretty funny 17:23:42
I asked RON PAUL about 9/11 and... 16:37:27
The Power of Israel in the United States 16:35:13
Can someone please explain to me 16:01:17
Kissinger, Putin, and the "New World Order" 16:01:00
Escape from Hamas... 15:47:31
America shipping massive amount of arms to Israel!!! 15:44:05
What You'd Know About Israel If You Watched Al Jazeera TV 15:43:37
VIDEO: Symbolism in movies 15:41:31
Military surge to fight drugs 15:39:33
WWJS? What Would Jesus Say about The Federal Reserve, Materialism and Ron Paul? 15:37:00
*New Mexico gives nod to medical marijuana dealers* 15:30:36
TWO United States????? anyone read this yet? 15:24:33
*Zimbabwe introduces new $50 billion note* 15:20:57
representative vs senator 15:01:25
Muslims Against Hamas-Israel isn't the only side to blame 14:50:59
"Virtually entire world...sees Israeli actions as American actions" 14:49:31
Obama and his 4 MILLION JOBS SAGA 14:47:34
Pelosi Turns Back the Clock on House Rules 14:46:03
Freedom County, USA 14:45:52
CNN Censors Peter Schiff 14:29:09
Peter Schiff Talks About Running for Senate! 14:25:07
Max Keiser’s BBC THE ORACLE of The Coming Depression Jan. 9th 2009 14:10:31
SKorean blogger who predicted Lehman Brothers collapse arrested 14:06:00
No legal guns or knives. Plenty of random violence. Welcome to Britain. 13:37:24
Reverse Psychology for Liberty! 13:34:12
OMG did you happen to read this story??? 13:21:21
Riddle for the sleeple: Who provides "free" healthcare? 12:57:34
Want to End the Violence in Gaza? Boycott Israel. 12:47:37
Now for my serious post. I need your advise 12:18:26
Way Way off topic but hilarious. Watch it and let it die 12:07:55
Illinois Governor Blagojevich Suspends Business With Bank Of America - then he is Impeached. 11:18:26
National Archives to Open 9/11 Zelikow Commission Textual Materials 11:03:23
American Silver/Gold Eagle $12.50 and $80 11:00:13
The Baltic Dry Index! 10:28:24
Reach the masses: We need a Superbowl Commercial 10:25:57
Peter Schiff is asked if he would run for SENATE in 2010 10:00:17
The Dangers of "Incremental Drift"! 09:00:15
Thought police: tough job, someone HAS to do it? 08:32:54
Air Force Releases 'Counter-Blog' Marching Orders 08:18:02
Ask Obama to make human rights a priority 06:32:16
Oklahoma City Bombing RARE footage 04:28:19
Law-enforcement Socialism 04:15:00
The Global Warming Skeptics Handbook 04:04:31
Economic Stimulus plan... 04:03:02
Learn a new skill for this New Year! 03:47:03
FREE!!!! END NOW support H.R 2755 poster pdf format 03:34:19
The Obama cabinet baggage just gets more crooked by the day! 03:29:54
Peter Schiff 7/7/05 - Bloomberg (discussing dollar amd debt) 03:19:59
Peter Schiff On CNN Newsroom- Bull, Bear & Obama's Plan 1-8-2009 03:14:06
Peter Schiff, America's Economic Ponzi Scheme And Impending Economic Collapse 03:08:38
Dennis Kucinich- Federal Reserve, No More Federal Than Federal Express! 01-09-09 03:01:18
1.07.09: mp3 of Barry Cooper of KopBusters on the AJ show 02:18:03
Peter Schiff calls Amero "Conspiracy" 02:16:55
30 Seconds and a baseball bat to fix America 01:50:17
"Obama-Bush Teams To Stange Disaster Exercise" 01:26:59
13 Steps to a Life of Freedom 00:03:13