Posted on January 13, 2009

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Osama bin Laden Calls for New Jihad Over Israeli Offensive in Gaza 23:36:05
Veterans for Peace 23:36:04
Truthers, Faithers, Whiners, Evolutionist-Pig-God-Haters.... Daily Paul is your opportunity. 23:16:20
Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Man Lying Face Down in the Back 17:31:26
The Time Clock Has Run Out: Israel Ready to Strike Iran 16:54:33
Unintended Consequences of "Universal Health Care" 16:49:46
Ron Paul on International Banking and Gaza 1-12-09 16:49:47
Video: Who and What Is Hamas? 11:12:36
Paul Craig Roberts: The Difficulty of Being An Informed American 10:52:27
Bernanke just dodged a question about Austrian Economics vs the FED and it's existence! 10:01:21
US Senator Peter Schiff? It Could Be! 09:26:17
How I Woke Up | Ron Paul and the NWO 04:56:48
IRS Requires Criminals to Report "All" Income 10:52:28
Gaza Strategies 16:34:58
Another Chance to Influence the Dialogue 09:11:13
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The Most Depressing News Story of the Day 23:46:11
End The Fed Petition Drive 23:33:19
9-11 is a Big Distraction and a Big Lie 23:05:33
Warsaw Poland WWII 1944 Gaza Palestine today 2009 22:57:29
I Can't Stand The Obamafascists Any Longer !!!!!!!!!!! 22:54:00
Gaza residents: IDF troops posing as Hamas men 22:48:55
Why not try the FSP on a more micro-level? 22:32:43
McBama is planning to close down Gitmo? (by EO) 22:29:14
Bernanke Banking System, Economy In Much Worse Shape Than Previously Admitted 21:41:48
Nigel Farage warns of euro meltdown 21:05:10
Sometimes we need to slow down and pay attention or look at what we might miss 20:57:29
Peter Schiff Says U.S. Should Let Automakers Go Bankrupt 20:54:52
CNBC Poll: How is the FED doing? 20:51:17
Ron Paul Activists Take On Big Brother And Win ! 20:47:36
BERNANKE.... Worse then he thought! 20:30:44
What is happening here ? Can we please get back to information and freedom !! 20:28:45
US Debt 20:22:35
The 2009 Declaration of Independence 20:17:24
Gunny G: Did Pontius Pilate execute Jesus for teaching his followers that taxes violate God’s commandment, “Thou shall not steal 20:14:15
**Cast your vote to get legalizeliberty back as a moderator** 19:56:17
Ron Paul supporter labeled "weasel of the week" on TV show. 19:48:33
Nazi Era Newspapers being sold on Berlin Sts 19:43:47
false flags this weekend 19:31:49
More of the Same Appointee Scandals 19:06:05
Bernanke admitted Fed prolonged depression, Right? 19:03:39
Unemployment solved! (humor) 19:01:55
Is it time to hire professional protesters to carry out acts of Civil Disobedience? 18:58:12
The Biggeat Game in Town! This is the Holy Grail! 18:48:55
Carpavel: I have been busy and miss you guys RP Nh pics: fixed link 18:41:53
What is it for? 18:40:39
Warning To Militias.. 18:34:29
Hong Kong the world's freest economy 18:15:26
A rare peek at Homeland Security's files on travelers 18:13:24
Lee Iacocca Says: 17:48:36
JKap This One Is For You(Please Stay With Us) 17:40:18
Libertarian faith in the utopia? 17:39:08
Fred Burks response @ 17:37:02
FEMA says Our Founding fathers were Terrorists! 17:35:38
What would YOU ask Chairman Bernanke if you could have a private conversation? 17:35:14
How Israelis REALLY FEEL 17:32:40
From the Huffpost: 10 Republicans Who Should Stay 17:25:34
Israel and the US are the true terrorists 17:25:06 The head of the Federal Reserve and soon-to-be Treasury Secretary failed to pay his personal income taxes!!! 17:11:49
Supporting Ron Paul for Governor of Texas 16:58:56
Bonded debt train picks up steam. Fasten your seat belts. 16:53:38
Obama a son of Kenya CBS News 16:47:39
No need for condoms – GE corn can do the job 16:21:41
Let us not forget the war on our southern border 16:21:26
Common Sense 16:12:19
Paul Craig Roberts:The Collapsing US Economy 16:02:37
Blowback! even Obama isn't immune! 15:34:45
Peter Schiff "Learns" the College Economics Educator Jeremy Siegel 15:14:37
The Return of the Trilateral Undead 15:12:50
Want to Do Something? 15:11:27
Group suggest use of eminent domain to help troubled homeowners 15:10:24
Freedom County, Texas, USA UPDATE 15:08:04
Peter Schiff Trying to Get The Message of Impending Hyper Inflation 15:07:26
What ever happened to the FEMA coffins? 15:00:12
AZ Sherriff joins the Revolution! 14:30:50
Don't be surprised if gold drops 50% from its highs! 14:11:18
Drugmaker Pfizer cutting up to 800 scientist jobs! 14:03:19
I was temporarily suspended by an IDF veteran 14:02:39
VIDEO - Continuing the Revolution 13:50:46
Former Guantánamo guard reunited with British detainees 13:37:59
More echoes from the future 13:34:31
9/11 MISINFORMATION 13:30:19
Arizona Traffic Cameras: Game Over 13:27:23
Israel admits no Hamas rockets were fired during cease fire 13:19:31
Bush off the hook for torture? 13:17:55
The Rules of 9/11 Debate 13:12:46
Brief Facts on the Israeli Conflict Today 13:06:44
Seismic Activity on 9/11 12:30:07
How Credible is the Narrative Put Forth by the Government and the 'Mainstream' Media? 12:22:19
Gunny G: A Cool Clear Voice On The Obama Birth Certificate Issue…. 12:20:24
Fund the R3voLution, Promote Prosperity and Earn! - from the Founder of the Ron Paul Money Bomb Concept 12:04:38
MK-ULTRA: Government mind control program 12:03:02
***John Lennon Classic "Imagine This"- Mash-up video**** 11:23:52
Beware the schiff2010 web site. Peter has no plans of running and did not set up this site. 11:23:13
Israeli PM: I Dictated Bush's Vote 11:18:57
U.S. mortgage meltdown linked to 2005 bankruptcy law 11:17:58
FEMA calls Founding Fathers THE 1st TERRORIST ORGANIZATION IN THE U S A ! 11:11:37
Everyone have a laugh on me 10:58:51
How EU Functions - United America's Future: What to Watch For 10:51:33
THE TRAITORS IN CONGRESS - Not one legislator, could or did refute even one of the undisputed facts concerning the eligibility 10:21:08
A teacher speaks 10:11:22
Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and War By Prof. Peter Dale Scott 10:11:12
TN GOP Candidates Linked to Plan Banking on Retirees' Deaths 10:06:53
Gazprom: US Orchestrating Ukraine in Gas Row 09:01:34
A message for the ladies this morning 08:43:32
Is it true that black people earn less for the same job? 08:35:50
Iran says uncovers U.S.-backed coup plot 08:26:38
New Show - Freedom Fighters 4ALLofUS 08:16:49
Israeli soldier jailed over mutiny 07:40:55
HOLY CRAP!!!! Congress repealing the 22nd Amendment. Trying to Eliminate Presidential term limits 07:35:35
Wall Street caused oil price spike 07:17:49
After Tearing Apart FLDS Community, Government Expects $550,000 in Property Taxes 06:47:26
Spirit Warriors 05:55:13
Trilateral Plan to Corner World Gold Market? 05:20:30
Insight into the Federal Reserve 04:25:46
The Middle Eastern Powder Keg Can Explode at Anytime 04:20:16
John King and Campbell Brown: both get shows on CNN... after converting to Judaism. Coincidence? 03:20:24
I was inspired tonight! A Young Ron Paul Patriot shines!!! 02:34:42
Washington’s criminal role in the Sri Lankan state’s anti-Tamil wa 02:25:35
How many of you have been blocked by 02:15:47
Did Ron Paul Toss That Dollar Bill? 02:07:24
Obama and Bush Join Forces On Bailout 01:52:13
★☆Urgent Message from Dennis Kucinich☆★ 01:45:28
The Target is Iran: Israel’s Latest Gamble May Backfire 00:56:00
IDF loving alternative media figures showing true colors 00:45:32
This might sound crazy but, 00:03:35