Posted on January 14, 2009

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Dr. Paul on TARP Funds and Financial Services Hearing 23:06:00
Where is the $1.2 Trillion? Way to Go Alan Grayson! 21:05:20
Ron Paul at the Financial Services Hearing 1/13/09 21:52:41
Illegally Obtained Evidence Can Be Used, US High Court Says 14:58:15
U.S. Military Report Warns 'Sudden Collapse' of Mexico is Possible 13:54:36
My email to TSA and their response about searching my suitcase 12:44:23
9/11, Two Wars, Katrina: "We Had Fun," Says Bush 11:00:05
Niall Ferguson on The Colbert Report Explains Money 03:42:15
Here is a real shock!!! The bankers say they need more money! 02:57:23
LAST CHANCE!! Submit Your Questions for the Next RNC "Debate"! 11:00:06
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Does anyone have a link 23:56:13
Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry, forms, affidavits, irs 23:53:57
Global Unions Will Help Push Employee Free Choice 23:48:02
? Why is there a road salt shortage? 23:37:12
World Military Base Locations: Find Out Where They Are With Google Earth File 23:27:34
Predictions For the New Presidency by Kit Lange 23:27:25
Dilemma and need advice 22:57:54
* What is YOUR "end goal"?* 22:52:42
Those of you wanting to do something rather than simply read threads, click here 22:48:07
Yucca Mountain No longer Exists!! Will Be "Zeroed-Out" By Obama. 22:45:12
Get Ready To Fight ! Martial Law Is Coming 22:42:24
How many pardons will GW pass out before he leaves office? 22:14:42
BART Cop arrested for murder 22:14:09
Video Bananza: Updates from Ron Paul. View, rate, and bump them! 22:05:06
Court grants motion to search White House computers and preserve emails :update missing emails found. 21:48:51
Another victim of war on drugs 21:43:12
another bailout 21:42:44
Alert!!! 'Hate Crime' Bill introduced in Congress, Would End Free Speech 21:38:58
Restrained and Professional 21:19:19
Peter Schiff's Wall Street Unspun Tonight! 21:03:19
Interesting 20:24:40
Trilateral plan to corner world gold market? 20:15:41
Dr Paul addressing the house 1/14 20:06:38
In celebration of Bush being out of office in less then a week!!! 19:58:53
Congress Fires First Shot : H.R. 45 Filed on First Day 19:43:52
Peter Schiff’s Predictions on US CRASH - 2002 to 2009 19:42:06
***we have a lot of work ahead of us*** 19:39:36
The "rescue me clip" introducing the world to 911 truth. 19:32:01
Apocalyptic news of the day 19:25:07
Peter Schiff says foreign currencies... Which ones? 19:24:58
CNN Lou Dobbs Poll tonight - 8 Trillion unacounted for? 19:16:15
Rare Video Hammas Killing Palestinians for Singing songs at a wedding.. 19:16:06
Protest group "Arrest Bush 2009 " to invade inauguration. 19:11:53
Don't give into HATE! 18:40:54
Did anyone see this?? UK cops running from angry muslim mob! 18:37:49
Comcast Lauches Obama TV Channel 18:21:43
1/14/09 5:20 EST: Discussing deflation on CNBC 18:19:14
'Obama, Biden to Visit Supreme Court,' Today, says CBS News 18:17:16
"Obama To Send 30,000 More Troops To Afghanistan" 17:58:26
'Citizen government' has become an oxymoron ! 17:41:47
Depression 2009 The Largest Train Wreck in Economic History 17:33:11
Did anybody see PBS, "The Ascent of Money"? 17:30:03
9/11 Truth Featured In Hit TV Show Rescue Me 17:16:37
Tennessee GOP 17:04:03
Use Time Tested Bankruptcy - Christopher Walen 17:00:31
The People Draw the Line in the Sand 16:41:17
U.S. Plans Border ‘Surge’ Against Any Drug Wars 16:11:47
My clueless senator from Florida answer to Obama's eligibility 16:11:14
I love money! 16:11:02
The Newest Obama....ooops... Osama alert!!!!!!!!! 16:04:21
Elected Officials From Both Parties Unwilling To Protect America 16:00:22
'Obama, Biden to Visit Supreme Court,' Today, says CBS News 15:24:14
*Shipping Rates Hit Zero As Trade Sinks* 15:17:08
"Democratic" Goldstandard in India? 15:16:23
Camera or Ron Paul supporter needed 14:55:23
What should G.W's and Dick's new job's be? 14:54:21
The Supreme Court Is Just Digging Themselves A Hole Over Obama's Eligibility 14:47:44
ALERT - 'Hate Bill' Introduced in House - Free Speech Threat!!!! 14:41:58
Have you guys seen this? martial law for inaguration "in that area" 14:39:59
ATTN: Photoshop (or Gimp) Wizzes give this contest a try: 14:21:38
Thomas Harriot: A Telescopic Astronomer Before Galileo 14:12:30
What does NIST say about all the news reports of WTC 7 "about to collapse"? 14:05:57
M1 Money Multiplier below 1 13:31:37
Bush declares state of emergency in Washington to free up funds 13:17:12
Gunny G: Today's Toons.... 12:59:50
Ex-BART officer arrested for killing of Oscar Grant 12:56:53
San Francisco Housing Authority must "allow" tenants to own guns 12:51:30
The Unavoidable Face Of Hyperinflation! 12:49:56
H. Res 34: Israel's Right to Defend & My letter to my Congressman 12:35:05
"Common Sense Revisited - America' at a New Crossroads" 12:08:04 , a new social network for those who are speaking up 11:55:51
Campaign For Liberty turning corporate? Just look at Texas. UPDATED. 11:48:32
America En Route To Military Rule 11:31:13
Obama says good things 11:29:53
The government just released the "complete" 9/11 commission report 11:28:27
Dow 1/14/09 Close 8,200.22 down -248.34 -2.94% 11:11:29
"F.B.I Launches Tip-Sharing For Inauguration' 10:43:15
VIDEO - Continuing the Revolution 10:33:12
Gunny G: Best of Today's Articles... 10:27:37
Euro Pacific- your experience 10:07:52
Olmert Says He Made Rice Change Vote 09:48:57
Removing Fathers from Families Makes Govt. Control So Much Easier 09:11:11
Ban Bottled Water!!!!!! 08:22:16
Zionist "tourists" watch bombs drop on Gaza 08:20:52
BART officer arrested after fleeing to NV on murder warrant-(Finally) 07:30:33
A MUST SEE!! 05:32:58
RJ Harris 2010 for US Congress build the website fundraiser 03:31:07
PBS - The Ascent of Money 03:20:01
Virginia Takes Con-Con Stage 03:16:22
NEED HELP! Do we know WHO got the first bailout money and HOW much? 02:54:13
Monopoly Men, The story of the Federal Reserve 02:51:32
MLK Tribute Part One - The Philosophy of Anti-War 02:41:31
Massive Taxpayer Backlash Over Pension Crisis Is Coming 01:51:13
"Drew Carey" Welcome to the Nanny State Nation!" On the lighter side 01:45:51
What do Constitutionalists believe? 01:43:44
Bernanke calls for banking clean-up 01:38:36
Gone for an afternoon and ??? 01:36:56
"Frightening" Global Downturn 01:29:38
Off topic: I am...a carpet swatch 01:17:46
Ron Paul on Russia Today 01-10-09 00:55:20
ConCon alert: Globalists 'salivating' over collapse of U.S. 00:30:56
Any bets on how long until Obama's nickname is O-Bombya? 00:08:14
Debunking Human Shields 00:04:45
Video Interview: John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 00:03:54