Posted on January 16, 2009

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Rangel to Reintroduce Military Draft Measure 14:23:20
Bob "The Dandelion" MaGovern 11:49:38
RealClearPolitics Posts a Dr. Paul "Texas Straight Talk" 08:24:30
Cynthia McKinney Doing What She Does Best 11:58:08
Ron Paul Supporter Explains the Bailout on Local News 03:48:41
Peter Schiff to Grassroots Senate Movement,"I am certainly NOT discouraging you! 11:58:07
Food, Shelter, and Clothing updated 1-16-09 12:08:08
Ways to End the Federal Reserve 11:01:20
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First two bank failures of 2009! 23:49:53
Bernanke and his trip to Switzerland. 23:33:19
Embedded with Gaza medics! Hospital so full in Gaza that they are laying the injured on the floors 23:14:35
Peace Movement goes into high gear on MLK day 23:00:42
Gerald Celente Trend Alert® - Israel War To Ignite Terror 23:00:36
I paid 450.00 dollars for one class online. 22:56:55
NOW - 9:42 EST - Constitutional Lawyer Dr. Edwin Vieira On Air 22:42:10
Discussion about Homeland Security 22:34:53
Our Future Has Been Stolen From Us 22:34:05
Any thoughts on this. 21:35:22
Need some Financial Advice 21:34:50
Shocking: Offshore tax havens of the US corporate elite 21:32:23
"Truth has a ring to it which is unmistakable to those in search of it." 21:12:41
*Video shows evidence of phosphorus bombs in Gaza* 21:05:27
"Bring the Guard Home - It's the law." 21:00:18
DC is crazy today 20:55:58
Offshore Tax Havens 20:54:13
Iraqi Shoe Thrower Beaten, Denied Family visits 20:52:51
Just got an email from the American Red Cross 20:51:52
Bank of America-Bad for America 20:26:29
DOJ considering commutation for Ramos, Compean 20:25:29
Interesting call to the Social Security Administration today 20:22:50
ONLY THE BEGINNING.. People standing in line for food! 20:18:40
A Depression is in the process of developing in the United States. 20:08:08
California Goes Broke - to issue IOU's 19:46:39
Joe the plumber gets his pipes cleaned! SNAP! 19:42:37
So much for circuit city , just another american company closing ! 19:16:56
Provocative Speculations about the Supreme Court's Considerations of the Eligibility Challenges 19:10:49
Could Uruguay have the answer we've been looking for? 18:56:40
The Confusion Of Terms in American Politics and Economics 18:36:12
A Case Against Universal Service 18:33:26
Self Ownership and The Second Amendment 18:31:55
Peter Schiff “Obama’s Govt Will Unleash Worse CrisisThan We Have Now” 18:29:55
How do you stop a deflationary spiral? 18:25:40
Steven Heuer of Cocoon Nutrition Detained by FDA 18:24:14
Escape From North Korea!!! 18:24:07
$2.3 TRILLION Missing From Pentagon Day Before 9/11 18:23:01
FDA Hides Bayer Selling AIDS!!! 18:21:28
The U.S. Economy W/ Ron Paul Peter Schiff: The Philosopher’s Stone 18:19:54
*Love is the only Salvation* 18:05:45
Update: MLK day=International Peace Day 18:05:08
Ex-officer pleads NOT guilty in BART shooting 17:57:48
*200,000 war veterans homeless in US* 17:55:27
401k theft? or coincidence? Did this happen to you? 17:27:23
Ohh no not the Beer!! 16:49:25
Could I Get Some Help On This? 16:25:38
Israel using “DIME” weapons on civilian population in Gaza 16:03:43
Petiton to End the Wars and Foreign Intervention that Suports War 15:37:58
Newsweek: Beijing's crackdown on obscenity online may be a cover for a broader suppression of dissent. 15:23:35
Tommy Cryer defeated the IRS Great Seminar Jan 31+32 15:04:27
Where has Republicae been? 14:58:04
Fla. Univ. Pays Terrorist Thousands, Bans Protestors 14:48:04
Israel Issues False Propaganda to Cover Up War Crimes 14:37:00
Deflation : 14:05:10
Dow 1/16/09 8,156.97 down -55.52 -0.68% 1:00 Eastern 14:00:15
Mind control - detailed information available 13:18:15
Investigations? - Bring it on 13:13:37
Diversity 13:13:02
*Gold vs Dollar* 13:12:18
The real reason for the invasion of Gaza-Natural Gas? 13:08:43
The U.S. Economy is being Marched to the Gallows 12:44:26
V.A. settles for $350,000. 12:42:24
Bank of America Threatens Fed, Demands More Cash From Taxpayers 12:37:12
Money Masters which control this world. 11:59:52
What happened to Mike lawson's conspiracy thread? 11:50:15
Rahm and Obama Plans for Community Service for ALL 11:48:02
Bailed out Wall Street Paying for the elaborate coronation 11:47:58
I want my money back with interest 11:22:54
Need advice: Got cow? 11:10:10 soapbox on the air 10-11 EST friday 11:04:04
Chemtrails over Val D'isere, France 10:54:20
The 37% Booosh Approval people have been found 10:52:17
there are only two things that are inevitable in this life 10:38:59
We must keep in mind the businesses, corporations, etc. are not all bad. 10:27:43
I dare you to put your tongue on that metal light pole "true story" 09:56:59
Miracle on the Hudson-More to this story ? 09:47:01
"The reality is that journalism is alive and well – outside the mainstream media" 09:34:21
The testing of a god, the sacrifice for a Union: Gaza's tale 09:23:40
BUSH LEGACY: SELLOUT By Jon Christian Ryter 08:55:21
AT&T’s ‘American Idol’ Spam Stunt Backfires 08:14:43
Video: Pres of CFR on Colbert Nation 07:59:17
That PETA Ad on the Front Page Links to a Tough Watch 06:36:58
What the Hell Just Happened? A Timeline of the Bush Years 05:49:43
Net neutrality rules sneaked into 'stimulus' bill 05:15:29
Mark these words! 04:42:31
Starbucks launches first China-sourced coffee 04:24:26
Picture of the Flag inside 04:21:33
John F. Kennedy: statist 03:54:54
They stole tens of thousands of dollars from each one of us 03:46:18
Bank of America Threatens Fed, Demands More Cash From Taxpayers 03:18:32
The End of an Error 03:05:17
Vancouver 2010 Olympics Not?: Protesters and Bankruptcy Issues. 03:01:00
Merrill Lynch Says Rich Turning To Gold Bars For Safety 02:37:43
Meet NASHI. The Russian version of Obama's "Civilian National Security Force" 02:31:20
NEW!! "We The People!! 01:46:57
The New Gods Of Finance Will Crush The Middle Class 01:22:07
OCCUPATION 101 00:32:20
Obama Makes Himself at Home, at the Supreme Court 00:28:31