Posted on January 17, 2009

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Bailed-Out Firms Have Tax Havens, GAO Finds 23:47:02
Falling Prices are the Antidote to Deflation 16:02:34
Tobbaco Users (and others against unfair burden and regulation)... Take note 11:04:49
State of California Continues Downward Spiral 00:23:10
Atlas Shrugged Is Coming True 00:15:24
Dr. Paul's Walls I - German Hyperinflation 01:23:18
The Most Important Investment Report You'll Read in 2009 01:23:19
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Breaking: Israel declares unilateral Gaza cease-fire 23:47:25
Chavez: Obama has the "stench" of Bush 23:34:16
Building a new city state! Liberty City! Constitution City! 23:17:05
Clinton, Quigley, and the New World Order 23:06:11
Peter Schiff Interviewed on 22:53:01
Just Saw My First Obama TV Commercial For Community Service - In English and In Spanish 22:48:59
Weekend reading? Trade or Business Scam. GREAT explanation 22:48:28
A "trick" to help protect your assets. 22:11:59
Real ID update - HR140 used to penalize states 21:57:09
Amazing inventor to provide FREE WIRELESS ELECTRICITY to the world - Stopped by the NWO 21:16:51
Why Obama’s Presidency Will Fail 20:59:53
Smoke Tobacco Tax Free Forever... 20:55:06
Capitalism and the Poverty Fiction 20:30:49
Why Arab states are unmoved by plight of Hamas 20:27:37
From the movie "Good will hunting" must see video on NSA protocal 19:38:27
Ron Paul on Fox with Neil Cavuto 01-17-09 19:31:00
Take it or leave it! 19:26:28
UN says Israel 'may have committed war crimes' 19:11:19
For the Love of God ~ Breathtaking Video ~ Steve Vai 18:47:27
This video should be shown to all the brainwashed Obama supporters 18:33:43
Awesome Infographics- The US Government Bureaucracy and Military Spending 18:13:48
Lithuanian Airlines will file for bankruptcy 17:45:20
*Andrea Corr - Shame On You*anti-war song I dedicate to Ron &Carol 17:42:49
Another bankster "missing" - and lots of money, too 16:54:52
PBS on the NSA with video link,, 16:44:10
Slavery Nation TV Brainwashing into Overdrive 16:32:43
Ron Paul On Fox wih Neil Cavuto 01-17-09 16:32:35
Best News in 65 Years, gets reported as "bad news" (for the bankers) 16:28:38
This will be the most important Post you will READ IN 2009! 16:20:44
Calling Mass. DP'ers: Money as Debt & Freedom To Fascism To Be Shown In Ashland, MA 16:10:17
Courage to Resist: Army of None 16:03:22
Can you cure Cancer or Bird Flu yourself ? 15:56:59
Cutting the Gordian Knot of GE Theory 15:08:52
Indiana State Senator Files Gold Money Bill Senate Bill 453, The Indiana Honest Money Act 14:47:11
UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza 14:30:34
What is this Con Con I am just now hearing about? 14:21:04
"Dad, I'm Dying" 14:20:42
Dr. Akram Habeeb Who Is Responsible for Gaza blight? 14:12:06
Israel's dirty war for Natural gas!! 14:04:10
Embedded with Gaza medics 13:59:19
The Genocide of a Nation, With the Full Support of the US Government 13:04:10
Stop the Genocide! - Boycott Israeli goods! 12:51:32
Peter Schiff vs. Steven Leeb: Round 3 12:37:32
When did the World Trade Center get built back? 12:34:19
Crazy Conspiracy Theories - have a look, see what you think 12:28:25
4 year old girl eaten by Israeli dogs in front of her parents 12:12:39
11:10am - RP on Fox News after the break 12:12:22
Truman Show 12:10:27
child support, title IV-D agency, subset of social security act, radio podcast 11:57:24
The Symbolic overthrow of the Illuminati begins RIGHT HERE 10:39:35
The "Born Again American" organization - your thoughts? 09:54:10
Obama calls for a "new declaration of independence" 09:05:18
Over 8 in 10 corporations have tax havens - Citigroup, Bank of America and News Corp etc. 08:59:24
I thought Hank said there will be no more bank failures... LOL. 08:43:14
Also On Fox Business News This Saturday Morning 08:42:27
Is this constitutional? 08:35:53
A disturbing warning from beyond the grave 08:35:23
Now the Lithuanians are angry 08:26:14
Greenspan's body count 08:10:08
Radio Airways Idiot 07:48:00
Gunny G: "Produce a birth certificate and end all questions" 07:35:19
Core of Corruption 06:56:34
Merkley On Progressive Pressure, Pushing the White House & Backing Bankruptcy Reform 06:02:21
The New World Order is Here! Abc News - Introduction Of The Microchip 06:01:19
Ron Paul's Clone???? 05:30:56
DHS Checkpoint Blog Entry 14: Obedience Training 05:05:43
Beware! Man Arrested in Obama Threat 04:58:46
Did Obomba Answer a Question on 1/16 ... What Was It? 04:31:28
Wow - Ron Paul on Fox Bizyness News 1/16 04:29:22
Symbolism In the Hudson Plane Crash 04:16:50
Act NOW to Stop the Official "Changing" of Your Constitution 04:14:28
Federal Reserve Doesn't Tell Us Where's Our Money 03:58:21
Somebody please explain to me how giving up your SSN, Driver's License, or other documents will change your life 03:56:23
Rep. Alan Grayson against the Federal Reserve 03:19:41
Silver ETF Reaches New Inventory High 02:55:45
Communities making their own currencies 02:28:46
Letter to General Motors from Supplier re GM Bailout Support 02:00:05
9/11 Truth Written into Script for "Rescue Me" TV Show 01:26:29
New World Order - Our Leaders Are Ready. Are You? 01:24:09
Ten Forecasts For 2009 00:55:34
Dr. David Manning asking to "Boycott the Obama Money Machine" ... 00:44:01
This just came in on youtube alert! 00:41:52
Money is Dead - Long Live Barter 00:32:14
Inauguration Day Security :Is a Police State Necessary? 00:16:31
Systemic Economic Crisis: The Sequence of Global Insolvency Begins 00:03:03
Analog To Digital "The Shocking Truth Revealed About Haarp"? 00:00:25