Posted on January 18, 2009

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Fascism: Socialism with Shareholders 23:58:39
Occupation 101: Must See Documentary on the Situation Over in Israel 23:57:55
DIGG: Ron Paul, John Culberson, Adam Kokesh. Houston TX, Jan 24 23:56:35
Pentagon clears itself of spreading BS propaganda 23:50:29
See Ron Paul, John Culberson, Adam Kokesh: Jan 24, Houston TX 23:38:18
Secret List of U.S Military Base to Replace Gitmo" 23:24:48
I bet this guy never gets to talk on CNBC again! 23:08:03
Mainstream media mentions the Illuminati 23:05:50
#1 Gun salesman of the year?? the award goes to..... BARRACK THE KENYAN OBAMA! 23:01:22
Internet Traffic Rankings: How Libertarian Sites Compare 22:21:37
Partnership for Protection" Destruction of Liberty and, Possibly, of You 22:20:48
No Title Is Good Enough To Convey Its Message 22:03:10
Reader Report: Breaking From South Korea - S Korean Tanks Heading North 21:45:04
Guess how much the coming inaugural event will cost us tax payers- considering the economic spiral, you may be shocked!! 21:43:05
Palestine is still the issue 21:36:52
Raising Healthy Vaccine Drug- Free Children 21:27:50
Monetary union has left half of Europe trapped in depression 21:20:48
My addition to preamble the constitution of the United States Of America. Read at your own risk! 21:11:30
Constitutionalist Beats Seat Belt Ticket In CA 20:42:45
Despite war crimes.... 20:29:34
Michael Ruppert - A man whose voice needs to be heard! 20:06:02
Is Constitutionalism Good for Freedom? 20:04:34
Obama's Fainting Women Travelling Circus Act 20:04:24
*Arabs investors lost $2.5 trillion from credit crunch* 19:54:27
The Obama wrecking crew agenda for Afghanistan & the secret deal between Pakistan and the US regarding drone attacks 19:35:44
Blogger From Gaza Speaks 19:28:30
WTF, Fake Video About the Iranian President and Mr. Rockwell is falling for it 19:06:24
Iran Switches Its Reserves to Gold ~ Reuters Report 18:33:50
FEDERAL TROOPS IN DOMESTIC DISTURBANCES (Martial Law) By Major George S. Patton, Jr., Cavalry 18:24:56
1932 Bonus March - Re Patton; MacArthur; Eisenhower, etc. 18:22:02
How many last minute pardons will Bush make? 17:56:38
Obama calls for "new declaration of independence" 17:51:16
I just unsubscribed to Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel 17:31:05
It has begun! 17:16:49
'Tungsten bombs' leave Israel's victims with mystery wounds 17:07:36
Al Qaeda Doesn't exist 16:52:22
*Melkizidek A Special "Gift" For You* 16:45:54
Link to my Thoughts on Ecuador Trip 16:10:14
Ron Paul on pre-emptive war 15:59:55
2009: Riots and revolts in Eastern Europe? 15:06:23
Korean Peninsula is becoming a ticking timebomb 14:56:31
Meet The Federal Reserve 14:50:05
Critique of Mathematically Perfected Economy 14:46:54
Natural Gas off Gaza 14:44:52
GREECE: Weapons shipment in Greece bound for Israel blockaded 14:41:33
Grand Old Party Blues 14:33:14
See how much $ you or your friends gave Ron Paul or Others! 13:40:45
Photo of Israel's use of White Phosphorous chemical weapons 13:16:26
Our beautiful day has been ruined with chemicals 13:03:05
Emergency Alert: Stop EPA From Further Regulating Colloidal Silver 13:00:54
The Truth About Hamas Rockets Onto Israel 12:59:38
Gaza doctor's tragedy caught on Israeli TV - heartbreaking 12:39:15
Peter Schiff 1/15/09 - Wall Street Journal (High Quality) 11:52:34
Matt Towery author of Paranoid Nation-The Ron Paul Factor 11:47:51
Petition to End the Middle East OIL Wars 11:46:24
Ron Paul on FOX: Obama Is Confused 01/16/2009 11:14:31
Hey ! I heard that a half-black guy is moving into a white house 10:09:39
OBAMA WATCH CENTRAL - Eligibility battle rages on 3 fronts Court, Congress and college challenged on constitutionality 08:57:49
Jewish MP UK speaking in the Houses of Parliament Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza" 06:57:04
Videos showing Hamas using Children as Shields 06:14:13
Poor poor Palestine 06:00:39
Webster Tarpley slams the Austrian school of economics 05:31:27
Why should this be the most watched youtube in the last 30 days? 04:21:48
U.S. Citizenship Never Been Easier: Apply Online Now! 03:20:37
Even More Reason to Close our Borders Now. 02:58:17
Assassination By Plane Crash’ Of Top American Bankers Fails In US 02:57:07
Neat color video of options of govts 02:30:52
Are You Ready? What Have You Done To Prepare? 02:30:30
David Lynch and Werner Herzog on the DailyPaul? 02:17:58
California controller to suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants 01:03:16
Dear Fellow Americans, 00:43:57
Make a statement about ENDING THE FED 00:03:17
Make a statement about ENDING THE FED 00:03:17