Posted on January 20, 2009

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Sixstep: New World Order Blues 22:29:21
Everyone so CRANKY! 15:17:37
Mother Jailed on Terrorism Charges for Spanking Kids on Plane 10:51:40
The Sun Never Sets on the Daily Paul 15:17:38
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Interesting times, but deadly times. 23:41:09
Off topic. Video I enjoyed. 23:19:50
Government gone Insane! 23:16:17
Audacity of Hype 22:46:05
Quote: "But we now know that Saddam has resumed his efforts to acquire nuclear weapons... 21:42:59
Best critique of Obama's speech 21:20:43
I Was Moved to Regularity By Obama's Address 20:49:57
Who Runs America?AIPAC 20:47:14
Better retake that oath 20:46:32
fun with photoshop 20:37:10
CNN says its amazing how no one was arrested today in D.C. because everyone ... 20:34:01
Inaugural 'Pall' 20:16:59
BhO Stops all Pending Rules & Regulations - News 19:57:01
Bush Live on FOX: " I fought HIV AIDS in Malaria!" 19:47:47
The first official lie 19:33:43
Nothing To See Here...(just go back to sleep) 19:23:02
A call From Within~ Israeli Citizens Speak Out 19:07:15
if i got paid for the hours i've been here i could retire! 19:05:48
Iceland Bankrupt - Implodes - Protesters Quite Polite 19:03:36
glad the market tanked today. 18:46:04
British Banks are Technically Bankrupt as BOE Prints Money in Secret 18:41:20
YouTube: Dollar is "Absolutely Doomed" 18:37:22
Nationalization of banks "Creeping" into mainstream news 18:35:16
U.S. Stocks Slide in Dow Average’s Worst Inauguration Day Drop 18:33:32
GOOD NEWS! ~ Cynthia McKinney joins the Honest Money movement! 18:21:02
Alex Jones on Russia today ( Obama inauguration ) 18:15:56
anyone want to crash a chat room full of 17:52:28
New flouride study "Does NOT prevent tooth decay ?" what the hell !! 17:47:44
BofA to cut 4000 jobs this week. 17:41:13
Racist crap-agree or disagree 17:24:09
Will the stock market crash this week? 17:20:07
Obama ABSOLUTELY did NOT say the oath properly!!! 17:14:53
Smiling at Socialism & Scorning the Bible 17:14:53
Crisis on the 21st... 16:55:36
Lost Texas Clout 16:54:38
So now are we going to see the market drops everyone has expected. 16:49:13
i got this email from a friend today... 16:49:04
Derry Brownfield on the Inauguration 16:31:49
UK bankrupt? 16:27:28
Feeling pretty good today.. 16:25:59
Inauguration Day Notes 16:20:52
Obama's Bio 16:07:22
Senators dropping like flies at the presidential luncheon. 16:04:56
T.A.R.P. 16:00:38
The Politics of Anti-Zionism 15:42:34
Suspicious Package 15:36:52
Roubini: U.S. Banking System Insolvent, Another $2.5T of Losses Coming 15:32:28
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More people have government jobs than manufacturing jobs. 15:06:45
Liquidate Malinvestment....but what happens to the Unemployed 14:53:42
Is Obama resurecting the Civilian Conservation Corps 14:49:52
DOW Close 7,949.09 down -332.13 -4.01% 1/20/09 14:48:39
Silver..... Don't miss the boat! 14:40:54
Hit the road jack and don't cha come back no more no more 14:40:01
Smugglers of truth by Naomi Wolf 14:38:36
George W. Bush is no longer President (Cheney too!) 14:37:33
*What The BIBLE Says about This Inauguration Day...* 14:22:24
The Elephant is Dead!!! -Bill Hicks 14:21:35
Enough of the "end of the USA" dungpile already! Please. 14:14:28
Entire Obama speech script: Your Analysis and Feedback 13:57:05
Ron Paul's on Alex Jones right now 12:41 est 13:42:05
Just so everyone knows 13:38:45
John Adams snubbed Jefferson - great minds not always alike 13:33:29
8,081.55 down -199.67 -2.41% 12:28 eastern 1/20/09 13:29:37
Anyone got a membership they want to share? 13:24:09
RP on AJ today at 12:40 e.s.t.! 13:12:07
The presidency of the United States of America is dead ! 13:09:11
A story you won't see today 12:53:35
Just to stay informed ~Interesting lights in the night skies around the world 12:45:58
Boycott Obama coverage 12:45:30
Spam alert !!!! 12:39:59
GE is screwing you right now 12:38:10
Dollar is "Absolutely Doomed" (video) 12:36:28
The stock market is down 185 for Obama's inauguration 12:29:52
Gunny G: Go Tell It To The Marines - America Is At The Mall.... 12:26:57
The way that both G. Bush, Sr. and his wife are hobbling when ... 12:17:08
Is anyone else watching this debacle on c-span? 12:03:15
Celebrities Pledge Cult-Like Service To Obama Government 11:54:27
Think about THIS!!!!! 11:42:45
Do You Want Obama to Succeed or Fail? 11:32:04
Some kids in California are out of school for inauguration 11:26:14
For all you who want to leave the country 11:13:03
Founding Fathers: Communitarian or Libertarian? 11:08:00
Berg's 2nd Letter To Oprah About Obama 11:04:09
Sharing The Pain Plan 11:03:11
Are any of you torn today ? 10:57:39
Passport Cards 10:40:21
If you allow a 5% chance that almost anything is possible... 10:06:57
One of the best things about Obama! 09:52:45
Remember Ron Paul's Message 09:49:58
Young Americans for Liberty hold Anti-Obama Rallies !!! 09:39:29
A good article from James Turk " another great depression " 09:02:42
Unconstitutional & Illegal National Firearm Licensing Program Proposed. 08:34:51
Circuit City would like to thank all of the customers who have shopped with us over the past 60 years. Unfortunately, 08:06:52
Democrat President Inauguration Day – only one thing seems to have changed 07:55:47
President Obama has called for sacrifice and sharing. I wholeheartedly agree. 07:47:24
On the lighter side, and to thank Dr. Ron Paul! 07:08:18
Rahm Emanuel's Compulsary Circle Of Love 06:23:10
FOOLS RUSH IN… By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D. 05:35:17
"Very few sources in the mainstream media picked up this story" 05:26:52
Dictator Obama 04:39:51
On compassion and Inflation 04:06:58
Good and Bad strategies 02:25:23
2 more Banks Failed!! 01:26:22
Ready for $17 a barrel OIL?? 01:23:25
Here come the Squadrists! 01:16:39
The DOLLAR IS DOOMED!!!! Got Gold? 01:04:13
MUST SEE VIDEO HERE >>>--->CODEX. What is it? Watch and see. 00:56:56
The Rise of American Czarism 00:53:37
The Money Masters (Video) 00:27:00
Former Ron Paul State Coordinator on Blog Talk Radio: Where to go from here. 00:19:22
Has Anyone Seen This Amnesty Bill??? 00:17:50