Posted on January 21, 2009

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Dr. Paul was just the answer to a daily double Jeopardy question 20:52:06
Turley: Most People Abroad Will View Bush as a War Criminal 18:07:09
Ron Paul Discusses Geithner On Bloomberg TV 01/21/2009 13:47:10
Obama's Speech - Freedom Opportunity... I know, it sounds crazy 20:52:07
What Will Happen NOW? - Protecting Your Freedoms 10:19:30
Future of the GOP? 10:00:47
The $64,000 Question... 09:49:27
Cody Willard - Fight the Power! 06:12:55
Any guesses about what the generated crisis might be tomorrow or the next day? 10:23:46
Dr. Paul on Obama's Inauguration Speech 10:00:48
Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show: "Opportunity for True Liberty in 2012" 10:00:49
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Something to lighten the mood 23:55:51
Being anti-OBAMA Policies seen as anti-AMERICAN...CNN reports...It has begun! 23:48:18
RP / Glen Beck segment on yahoo news page 23:23:46
Obama retakes oath - no tv cameras, photographers, or Bible!!! 23:23:06
Drop the Obama birth issue 22:56:30
Unpardonable: Holder’s Marc Rich Shuffle 22:45:33
Should Israel be charged with War Crimes? 22:29:09
can i get your opinion on a gold backed international currency? 22:27:32
Celebrating the Bush Era ( This is anti-Bush ) 22:22:44
anyone watching LOST? 22:13:31
*Building in China Burns 4 Hours; "Doesn't Collapse"* 22:10:02
How the Obama Campaign shot itself in the Foot 22:05:58
Glen Beck asks RP to comment amidst all the inauguration hypnosis 22:02:22
Obamas Fainting Women Travelling Circus Act 21:53:09
People's Awareness Coalition Internet Broadcast 25 Feb 09 8:00pm Central 21:50:59
Off Topic: Out of the mouths of one of MY babes... 21:40:50
FLASH: Obama was just re-sworn in. Roberts readministered the oath in the White House map room. 21:01:19
Obama retakes oath of office a day after Roberts flub 20:56:54
"Beware of Obama's Groundhog Day" 20:51:58
Are We Failing? I say, YES! 20:45:27
Vote and Post these Ron Paul posters up! Submit your own too. 20:45:07
Constitutional Usurpations and the First Amendment Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances 20:30:24
Am I Missing Something? 20:30:15
Video: Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 1-21-09 (High Quality Stream) 20:26:50
New Gov for Arizona, Yes! 20:19:27
Does The Constitution Call For A Public Banking System? 20:08:39
constitution , Chris Wallace say's not president ! 20:05:50
"There is somebody that fainted.." 19:45:21
Warmest greetings, Mister or Lady American Taxpayer... 19:38:01
I met a die hard Obama supporter today . 19:26:41
"Take Action" Help Undo the Unconstitutional Act's the Bush/Chaney years have placed against the American People/Constitution 19:21:51
"For a long time now there's been too much secrecy in this city," Mr. Obama said. 19:12:13
Supreme Court deals death blow to antiporn law 19:08:15
A Rothschild dies, Sob Sob 19:07:41
My absolute FAVORITE moment of the inauguration 19:01:20
Submit Questions to John Boehner for the next Digg Dialogue 19:00:26
obamas website asks"is israel getting too much aid?" 19:00:07
Kissinger details plan for WORLD DOMINATION (NWO) on Inagauration Day. Must Read!!! 18:44:48
Inaugural Blues ???? This Will Fix You Up... 18:43:06
U.N. special rapporteur on torture calls on U.S. to prosecute Bush and Rumsfeld. 18:40:01
Making Extra Money In Hard Times ala' Ebay, Flea Markets etc. 18:39:05
It struck me this morning..... 18:26:21
*I don't know if someone caught this but... Latvia, Iceland and Bulgaria are pissed!* 18:20:35
Fleeced! Obama's blanket 'stolen' 18:03:19
So what happened to the PPT? 18:01:46
Canada Will Not Commit Again to War in Afghanistan - Troops Scheduled to Leave 17:43:38
The View from Arabia re Abuses of Bush Administration. 17:31:24
44% drop ... 1 year ... $587,500 then .... $330,000 now ... San Fran housing prices 17:31:04
Israeli Government Fear War Crime Prosecutions! 17:27:14
Video Animation of: "Atlas Shrugged" 17:21:31
Illegal Immigrants Line Up For ID Cards 16:48:23
Home Based Business 16:44:24
YAL: Real Change Requires R3volution, at UW-Madison 16:34:53
Obama freezes salaries of some White House aides 16:29:18
Calvin and Hobbes Explain Auto Bailout 16:18:56
Obama freezes pay 15:48:01
Israel to probe phosphorus claims 15:42:23
Jill Biden let's it slip about Biden's "choices" 15:30:57
First Continental Congress since the first Revolution Money BOMB 15:22:20
Matthews Message on the Inauguration 15:02:46
Obama freezes salaries of some White House aides 14:44:35
Gold Forecast through 2014 14:41:55
PJB: Is the GOP still a national party? 14:38:41
The History of the Rothschild Family 14:31:00
President Obama’s Rise Due to “Blue Blood” Ancestry or power of American Dream? 14:30:59
Will there be a RP republican candidate for PA governor ? 14:16:26
New "Naturally Raised" Rules 14:05:26
RP supporter runs for mayor. 13:31:46
Breaking News, 13 envelopes of white power substance mailed to 13:20:06
Obama Day 1 Point by point 13:15:47
Has anyone tried exchanging their currencies at Chase? 13:09:07
Rise Of The Students: This Is Real Rebellion! 13:06:12
Blind and burnt: young victim of banned white phosphorus shelling 13:02:57
I educated people too MUCH!! 12:45:40
Okay Day 1 Obama does Good?? YES!! Updated 12:29:56
What's up with all this dual citizenship with Isreal about? 12:10:12
Would it actually be good for the taxpayer if we nationalized the entire financial system? 12:01:56
A bosses letter. 11:59:31
I am so pissed off!!! UPDATE 11:57:30
What really happened yesterday... 11:55:25
Belgian court petitioned to arrest Livni upon arrival in Brussels 11:49:58
As scummy as they come... 11:37:52
Breaking News: "America Has Arrived" 11:25:14
Peter Schiff on Kudlow - U.S. Banks Are Worthless - 'Flush them down the toilet!" 01-20-09 11:16:26
Young Americans for Liberty Stage Obama Protest (NEWS) 11:13:45
Ed de Rothschild is dead 11:00:45
Is there suffering in Gaza? 10:40:25
I need help 10:38:50
THIS is a real step in the right direction 10:37:16
Word cloud Analysis Obama's Inaugural Speech Compared to Bush,Clinton,Reagan,Lincoln 10:35:15
More financial uncertainty for the avr. person 10:26:37
Ron Paul Revolution Post Mortem 09:05:47
FED rate going lower than 0... 08:34:10
Britain at the edge of bankruptcy 07:43:14
I should NOT be writing letters after only 2 hours sleep 07:38:58
What do you think of these bills? 06:18:26
If the NWO got away with 911 and made tons of $$$ in the process, will they try it again? 06:14:03
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State 05:41:46
Ron Pauls Response to Obamas Inauguration Speech (Audio Fix) 05:16:41
Off topic in a sense..This should be Obama's theme song.. 04:42:54
What's your pledge? 04:28:19
I Have a Question on the Banks... 03:17:05
Peter Schiff - Gold is King - "Prices will Rise as Fast as they Fell" 03:04:48
Oath not only muddled, but different from that taken by Biden. What's up with that? 03:01:40
Peter Schiff pulling no punches now - US BANKS are WORTHLESS! - "Flush them down the Toilet!" 02:57:00
Cholesterol lowering drugs... statins 02:51:29
*I'm AGAINST It!* 02:40:51
`People are going to hate Obama` 02:30:54
Icelandic revolution begun 20.01 2009 02:27:55
What will happen on Jan 21 or 22 ?.. This is TOTALLY crazy,... BUT WHAT IF.. 01:37:26
Can Ron Paul make a legit run in 2012? 01:30:42
Biblical debt jubilee may be the only answer 01:26:48
Media Madness? 01:12:58
This is who is playing at the inauguration ball... one of americas worst examples for teens 00:53:43
**Heard anything from the PILOT yet?**** 00:41:28
NEW! IU Students for Liberty video: Real Change Requires R3volution Event 00:11:21