Posted on January 22, 2009

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Can we please stop propagating the fake Jefferson quote about "PRIVATE BANKS"? 21:22:36
Live Free or Drown! 21:22:37
Whistleblower: NSA spied on everyone. 05:32:12
Riots in Iceland as Citizens Demand Government Stand Down 01:57:38
Obama = Bush... And John Stewart Gets It 01:46:19
What Home School Programs Would You Recommend? 10:09:59
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 1-21-09 21:22:37
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Geithner at it again! 23:51:53
"A Day with Sheriff Mack" in Wood County ,Texas 23:45:45
Barack and Michelle DO WHAAAAT??? 23:22:29
Obama Appoints Yet Another "New World Order" Globalist 23:08:59
Unlimited Term for Obama? 23:05:01
Sovereign Integral 23:01:26
Digg Dialogg: John Boehner 22:33:30
Has America Entered the Fullness of Time 22:28:04
RON PAUL republican may run for governor of Pennsylvania! 22:22:41
WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part III) 22:18:44
The Militarization Of Law Enforcement Continues: See the latest toys 22:08:29
Why do you pay taxes? Please DIGG. 22:00:49
Broken China, More Deflation 21:43:02
TARP.....taxpayer assisted rape and pillage! 21:05:12
I need help from the great minds @ Daily Paul 21:04:47
Continental Congress 2009 Update 21:03:54
What if Uncle sam takes over your bank! 20:57:43
So the village idiot has returned home... 20:27:43
What to do now...? 20:09:59
FYI!...... We do not know what is going on behind the Scenes! 20:06:06
★ Join our National/Regional Conference Call ★ 19:51:44
Say Goodbye to Bush your OWN way!! 19:24:25
Who is legally the 44th president of the United States ...Joe Biden ! 19:13:05
Want to solve the problem of fractional banking? 19:11:34
41 Student Groups Ask For Real Change on Colleges Across the Country 19:08:14
Obama Shuttering CIA Prisons 19:07:12
Govt. Skirts Law, Inflates Obama Crowd 19:02:50
Breaking: Bush Pardons Osama bin Laden 18:41:03
★ President Barack OBAMA 2009 Inauguration and Address★ 18:36:07
Word on Street for this Friday ---take it for what it is worth! 18:18:28
Rise Of The Students: This Is Real Rebellion! 18:09:24
Demand from your elected offical that a law 17:47:12
TAKE ACTION!! "Has anyone heard of "Bill S.9" introduced by Harry Reid the other day? 17:44:16
Give this a chance to sink in: Who invests government funds? 17:42:47
What “Bank Nationalization” Means For You 17:37:40
Golden Sanity Amid Fits of Fiscal Madness 17:35:57
*Great Questions No Answers!* 17:33:17
Nationalizing the Bank Problem 17:31:38
Over 1 Trillion and Not One Job 17:27:15
Chems and Black hellicopters 17:17:56
Death Sentences Given in Chinese Milk Scandal 17:13:09
Did anyone listen to Alex Jones today? 17:09:30
U.K. Gun Control Effects 17:03:45
GOOD NEWS - Canada Expects Speedy Economic Rebound 17:03:19
BREAKING NEWS: Obama will be allowed to keep his Blackberry 16:49:15
Cody Willard Rips the Fed on FBN 16:27:52
Don't Believe the Hype 16:21:41
Bush - So despicable, even a cave-man could've beat him! 16:19:40
Why waste money on F-16's 16:18:43
Protests for Liberty in Britain, a reminider of what may come 16:10:41
Blair Pledges New Approach to Counterterrorism 16:08:48
JFK jr. murder or accident , nice short version 16:05:25
Where is the thread about 15:58:21
Gold & The newly discovered 1961 Confidential Fed. Report 15:56:08
Obama signs executive order to clse Guantanamo Bay within 1 year 15:53:31
The Obama Agenda - The Looters Are Coming 15:48:36
Obama's Communist Ties in Chicago and Hawaii 15:47:45
Obama Overturns Bush's Order on Presidential Records 15:25:07
Barack Hussein Obama is not a Muslim... 14:57:29
Video: Chemtrails, Mind Control in SMS Ad 14:51:48
Coming to a CITY NEAR YOU! 14:41:04
Tony Blair Must Not be Denied Credit for His Part in Destroying Britain 14:03:22
Thomas Jefferson on the House floor 1-22-09 13:49:15
Bush’s Final Executive Order Opens the Way for Citizens to see Obama Citizenship Proof 13:36:25
No, we don't have a new president 13:17:31
Barack Obama inauguration: this Emperor has no clothes it will all end in tears 13:17:01
Ron Paul House Speeches from 1997 To Current 13:05:24
★ ★ Daddy Warbucks: "Can You Spare $4.50?" ★ ★ 12:52:51
DOW Close 1/22/09 8,122.80 down -105.30 -1.28% 12:42:18
Goldman Sachs got billions in bailout money... then they buy 12:36:11
"That Was No Mistake" 12:23:45
Obama opening up Bush's secrets 12:12:20
an alternative inaugural address 12:10:22
Are we failing, I say no! 12:00:06
RFK Jr Masonic hand gestures 11:53:57
The Day the Dollar Goes Chernobyl: A Natural Reaction or Man-made Catastrophe? 11:51:29
"Bring the Guard Home! It's the law." 11:37:40
Ten Quotes from Mr. Jefferson that still ring true 200 years later! 11:28:37
Deflation?? who's statistics do you believe are correct? 11:04:45
I have a question 10:44:25
Two new executive orders by the new POTUS, read the content here 10:44:06
Schumer: Bailout could cost "three to four Trillion Dollars 10:21:49
Forced unionization? 10:15:16
Video: Hannity Interviews Limbaugh 10:09:20
did obama do this? 09:38:32
The Gathering Storm Against the Second Amendment 09:27:56
Barack Obama: A Special Report in PDF 09:23:05
Ron Paul on House Floor Wednesday Evening 08:45:09
Can Paulites use THIS Propaganda software in good conscience? 07:06:04
A working model of Anarchy? 04:33:02
British Pound Panic Selling, Counting Down to Bankrupt Britain 03:43:37
Ron Paul Fiat dollar standard evolved after Bretton Woods 1971 has ended! 03:31:34
Who Wants to Listen to a Good Sermon Tonight? 03:24:52
911 speech you haven't seen. 03:20:17
1.22.09: 'Why I Am A Panarchist' by Michael Rozeff 03:18:13
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck on Fox News Channel 01/21/09 03:13:13
Rev Manning is ON FIRE this week 03:05:53
Who is Ron Paul? - Jeopardy! 02:53:09
Is texting, organization key to defeating abortion? 02:35:39
Having fun now 02:09:27
I did great revolution work this week 01:11:12
The "racism" of some Obama supporters 00:50:55
Ron Paul/Glenn Beck interview on YAHOO page 00:35:32
Theres another Ron Paul out there!!! 00:34:15