Posted on January 25, 2009

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Land of the Free: Prisoners make "wonderful neighbors." 21:48:02
America on Inauguration Day: High Res Panoramic Photo 00:26:58
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A poem on taxes 23:48:31
★ "It's Time To Store-up---NOW" ★ 23:47:35
Video: Obama & Economy : Gun Sales On The Rise - CBS Nightly News 23:33:40
Trailer - The Obama Deception - COMING March 15 23:24:07
Obama administration warns public to expect rise in US casualties 23:20:56
Anyone here ever write movie scripts? 23:04:21
Outrageous Facts About the Drug Companies 22:57:57
Why Health Care Is So Expensive In America 22:55:35
British Banks Were Hours Away From Closing 22:44:51
9/11 Coincidence? Warning Very Graphic 22:31:48
Bad News: were back to 1931. Good News it's not 1933! 22:24:09
Constancy of government’s intrusion unlikely to change 22:11:54
Where is the Best Summary of Violations of the Constitution? 21:52:28
The Little Red Hen: REVISITED 21:44:38
Sen. Lindsey Graham: A lot of lobbyists can serve the country well 21:31:47
The Truth About the 2009 Gaza Massacre 21:22:06
Gaza 2009: We Will Never Forget 21:02:23
Greenspan Stock Chart 20:44:57
Dems leak gun ban list!! Got this in email... 20:39:44
Talking Heads of the First Depression 20:23:08
StJoeNews.Net: Ron Paul-inspired movement takes root 19:58:31
Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner 19:50:35
What Have We Learned? 19:40:51
Tony Benn on air accusing the BBC of siding with Israel! 19:06:02
Obituary of the Too Much Economy 18:57:03
*Love Unity Togetherness Against Evil* 18:53:50
KRS One: Speaks on Barack 18:39:58
Russia Today `People are going to hate Obama` 18:30:07
My kind of gun control! 18:28:21
Chinese HYPERINFLATION to destroy our currency? 18:23:03
Norwegian Daily: Terrorists Working for Western Countries 17:45:10
-false fears of deflation in dangerous inflationary waters 17:34:56
John Stewart~The Daily Show~Strip Maul 17:22:36
Great TV for all your websites and Myspace 17:22:14
U S Census Bureau visit 17:12:21
Check out this new revolutionary cable news show - The Matrix News Network! 16:23:27
"Pres pushes responsibility, except about sex" article 16:20:02
Should there be any regulations in a free market domestically or globally? 15:48:41
At the core.. 15:20:11
Off subject but this is what I do. 14:48:47
'Shut up,' he explained 14:29:11
Wait ! What ? Mccain say's NO to Bailouts now ? 14:28:43
Schumer backing Pelosi On charges against Bush Officials ! 14:26:26
WOW......I learned a NEW word.....and it is BAD! 14:20:12
To be or not to be in the GOP 14:13:27
Our latest approach to C4L grassroots footwork in heavily "blue" communities: 14:01:09
Who is Obama's boses and to what end is he working? 13:37:30
Brace yourself THIS WEEK! 13:04:56
What TV does to your brain… 12:39:20
Another Irishman in the White House 12:33:24
The Pentagon's War on the Internet By Mike Whitney 12:27:54
PLEASE VOTE! 12:00:19
Here is a good video to distribute to your Obama friends. (if you have any) 11:54:22
How the FDA keeps us safe 11:08:29
Peter Schiff: Oh, he saw it coming 10:20:05
Afghan Prez say US killed 16 civilians. 10:09:23
The new stimulus/recovery bill is online 09:23:42
The Pope reinstates four bishops, including one Holocaust denier 07:55:16
Freddie asks for another $35 billion 07:52:08
6 INCHES... 06:28:10
Should Banks Be Under Public or Private Control? 05:16:04
VOTE in this POLL!! We need to widen the gap here!! 03:29:28
Ron Paul-inspired movement takes root 03:10:46
Late night Off Topic: Anyone want to help me name a new bubble gum? 02:54:53
Good article critiquing Noam Chomsky's views on private business 02:46:53
Yo FANNIE! It's me FREDDIE! 02:14:15
Iceland's government collapses... 01:03:21
President Obama's First (As President) Weekly Youtube Address 00:52:32
Obama and abortion 00:47:08
I can see it now. 00:38:27
How I learned to stop worrying and love the promises of Obama 00:28:23
Reagan wouldn't recognize this GOP 00:17:34