Posted on January 26, 2009

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Geithner accuses China of manipulating their currency - What about the US FED? 17:17:03
So how are things in your neck of the woods? Here in 12:53:59
Comments Please: Is Google Making Us Stoopid? 12:03:50
Four of Our Soldiers Died Today in Iraq 1/26/09 01:23:07
Peter Schiff was Wrong 09:42:10
Ron Paul on Obama's Foreign Policy 1-25-09 01:23:08
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The Daily show compares Obama speech to Bush rhetoric... 23:59:53
Obomba... Expect Higher Casualties In Afghanistan 23:45:16
PELOSI: has there ever been anyone more stupid? 23:40:27
Karl Rove, Mr. Slimeball himself has to testify... 23:28:29
Bush The Revelator - Depeche Mode - [Music Vid] 23:25:03
Madman Across The Water? 23:21:34
Obama's YouTube Video. Great Place to Educate? 23:20:31
Peter Schiff Oblivious to the Bilderberg Group and NWO? 23:17:06
Change has come- so has the New World Order 23:12:25
Just got this on my email just now. Another one of those cool Videos 23:04:10
"Bible Code" Torah predicted Obama Presidency and War... 22:48:47
Crack down on political dissent 22:46:43
Tom McClintock 1/23/09 speech against bailout in Congress 22:21:50
I Quit Being a “Prepper” 22:12:47
Geraldo Rivera explodes on Cavuto 1-26 21:52:03
State Worship 21:49:35
International Property Maintenance Code = Pure Horror 21:44:52
Mullins on The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb! - Will blow your mind! 21:39:34
Eustace Mullins on foreign policy and the CIA! This guy is the bomb! 21:17:53
A little humor! 21:03:37
The Three Family Tiers Of The NWO! 21:03:25
Google plans to make PCs history 21:02:34
Lawyers sucking life out of people 21:01:28
How many times has Obama contradicted himself so far? 20:57:32
Mr. Motherload - Eustace Mullins on the New World Order! 20:43:22
Dennis Kucinich States His Intention To Put The Federal Reserve Under Government Control 20:37:07
Epoch Times Joins Ron Paul Revolution 20:29:23
Eustace Mullins on the Medical Industrial Monopoly! 20:28:30
Workers urged: Go home and multiply 20:28:01
Mich. Man, 93, Froze to Death INDOORS after Utility limited his electricity use 20:26:06
Republican Senate Leadership Survey 20:16:35
Conyers Subpoena's Rove , Says "It's time to Talk" 20:08:03
Seeking federal Grand Juries to investigate Obama eligibility to be POTUS 19:43:25
The power of a book. 19:31:58
Brown: Crisis is "birth pangs of new global order" 19:28:48
Dell in Nashville shutting down in 18 months 19:23:07
Let's Make it About YOU...Can We Stop the Slaughter Now ? 19:17:07
Fooled by Globalization 19:11:23
Wall street's psychology of entitlement 19:05:03
Mexico on the verge of Chaos! 19:02:28
Dennis Kucinich Rails Against the FEDERAL RESERVE Banking 18:50:50
*Peter Schiff Was Right* 18:46:34
schiff for congress! 18:30:17
Obama Appoints Top Notch CFR, Bilderberg Members 17:56:57
Kuwait orders nuclear emergency pills 17:52:33
The temptation of dollar seigniorage 17:48:00
Oprah considered for Obama seat 17:44:51
Hyperinflation Will begin In China And It Will Destroy The Dollar 17:26:50
Can anyone got the bill # for the bill on gun control? Thanks 17:15:51
CFL poor website? 17:12:07
"How The Government Dealt With Past Recessions" 17:03:34
State of Emergency in DETROIT 16:42:12
Billions In Recovery Bill For Fraud-Infested ACORN 16:36:24
For SC Residents--I reduced my SC Cherokee County vehicle PROPERTY TAX BILL by $150 Today! 16:28:08
BO's first week 16:03:03
Stimulus for Who? Ron Pauls Texas Straight Talk! 15:52:23
Iceland says coalition government collapses 15:37:10
The Coming Civil War 15:35:12
How do you buy land without a SSN? 15:31:43
Pakistan Poses a Growing Challenge for the Obama Administration 15:31:31
The Obama Deception (Trailer) - A New Film by Alex Jones 14:33:53
I told you so................ 14:08:25
As Time Goes by! 14:06:21
This Doesn't Sound Good....or Sound 13:40:56
Are there NEO-dems? 13:30:15
Report: Rescued Citigroup Shelling Out $50M for Corporate Jet... WTF 13:23:24
Senate to vote today for U.S. Secetary of the treasury at 4:00 p.m. Please help by sending emails to the Senate 13:16:13
Katyn:The story hollywood won't tell 13:14:17
Iceland collapse and disarray, harbinger for America? 12:49:41
About that Ron Paul Meeting in Harrisburg 12:14:34
House Republican leader "We can't borrow and spend our way back to prosperity." 12:13:39
Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Eustice Mullins 1952 12:05:45
Free Market Capitalism in...China? 11:44:29
Review - Barack H. Obama:The Unauthorized Biography -Robert D. Steele 11:20:04
We are doomed. This recession is turning into a real depression very quickly. 11:08:51
Market Thread - Monday - 1/26/08 10:20:11
Michigan House Bill 4117 09:58:53
We're all equal unless we're illegal 09:47:31
***The Missing Hope Inside Obama’s Foreign Policy*** 09:37:22
In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, 09:32:36
Humpty Dumpty on Inflation 09:27:30
Peter Schiff Was Wrong 08:52:02
Front page story---A MUST READ 08:32:31
Free Documentaries ( is back) 07:09:03
"Bones" in the Money Pit 05:54:16
FOX News on the coming events of 2012 05:35:31
So What is RP's Ideal Monetary System? 05:26:19
T. BearSachs Financial Commercial parody 04:24:13
Dow Jones Futures Down Nearly 100 Points, 02:29:04
Lindsay Williams' Predictions Continue To Stand True!! 02:23:01
American Exporters in last-ditch attempt to stop Obama raising Trade barriers 02:19:46
An arrogant media delivers Orwellian thought control 02:18:50
Police Brutality: Can't We Get Along? 01:50:45
Carpavel: They called the cops on me again! 01:50:13
Well, I'm a little hesitant to post this, but some hints for "Looters" like me... 01:21:07
I told you so 01:17:43
Drug Waste From America-Bound Medications Produced In India: Shocking! 01:04:10
Healthy Living Tips On A Tight Budget 00:20:21
Ron Paul: Don't Expect a Real Change in Foreign Policy 00:19:19
Many States Placing Their Bets On Gambling To Balance Budgets 00:05:13