Posted on January 27, 2009

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Senator Warns White House Will 'Create Crisis' and 'Panic' to Push Stimulus 20:40:16
HR 645: Congress Seeks to Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camps 19:05:46
Caught About 5 Minutes of that "Blowhard" Limbaugh's Show Today 16:40:59
Looks like the Canadians are having a little tax revolt 16:21:10
Ron Paul: Stimulus for Who? 12:39:29
Police State Creep: SCOTUS Rules Passenger Searches OK 12:12:08
Ron Paul Cage Match Against Three Keynesian "Morning Joeys" 1/27/09 20:40:18
Dennis Kucinich Discusses Taking Back the FED 09:57:26
Ron Paul CNN American Morning 01-27-2009 12:12:09
Want Liberty? Move to Qatar or the UAE 10:40:27
Electronic Voting Simplified 20:40:17
House Judiciary Chairman Subpoenas Karl Rove (Again) 00:24:15
Have You Signed the Petition for Ron Paul's HR 2755? 20:40:17
Boston Tea Party 2008 DVD Now Shipping! 00:18:14
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Monetary Velocity Explained 23:53:24
The Obama body count has begun . 23:40:31
House passes act to make pay-discrimination suits easier 23:37:58
We Need Constitutional, Not Just Economic, Recovery 22:59:51
Uncommon Sense Equals Activism 22:28:18
Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss. 22:16:55
Gates: Missile strikes in Pakistan to continue 22:12:20
Bailout Recipients Hosted Call To Defeat Key Labor Bill 22:05:47
Pirates get a taste of the L-RAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) 20:48:56
Obomba's new advisor states that we will be in Afghanistan for more than 14 years! ("truth must be told to Americans") 20:38:56
Has anyone on the board ever built a waterwheel for power generation? 20:22:05
Ron Paul Is Right Once Again About Obomba's Foreign Policy! 20:20:40
*Off Topic* Patriot Soap Bundles..and a Thank You! 20:14:57
Ron Paul: Your Taxes Subsidize China 20:08:07
911 truth finally/Suddenly getting acknowleded by the FBI ? Say's is it ! 19:56:51
UK de facto bankrupt - Prediction of Bond Market Collapse in April 19:54:36
Gloom deepens as 76,000 jobs go in a day 1/27 19:47:37
The income tax ends 19:25:03
PBS Questions NSA on 911 although forgot to mention N.O.R.A.D. deliberately told to "stand down" 19:22:32
BAILED-OUT EXECS Plot Against Labor Bill 19:06:58
Glenn Beck discusses stimulus package with...Dennis Kucinich! 18:37:54
Ron Paul Spoke About The Economy Today (January 27/2009) 18:28:47
Doug Kass Sees The "End" of Warren Buffett 18:21:09
Police: LA man kills wife, 5 children, himself (because of job situation) 18:20:42
Time to change the game: No more B.S. 18:12:51
***BART POLICE*** Assault Video*** 17:34:34
SC Senator pushes to outlaw profanity 17:26:03
What is your money worth? 17:14:02
"Tax Protest 2009" 17:04:52
George W Bush should be prosecuted for torture says UN official 17:04:49
Congressman Introduces New Bill Requiring Cameraphones to "Click" 17:03:25
Davos Delegates Gather to Shape "New World" 16:58:36
David Gordon: the Bernanke/Friedman approach vs. Rothbard's 15:57:50
What I learned from Bigfoot. 15:38:49
Treasuries bond "bubble" slowly bursting 15:35:53
D-I-V-O-R-C-E 15:32:20
Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury 15:19:49
Abraham Lincoln and the Road to War 15:18:34
Grand Theft America: "All Your Wealth Are Belong to Us"* 15:14:39
AOL Poll: Prosecuting Bush for War Cimes 15:07:07
Forget Google - check out ixquick 14:39:47
Shifty marketing and fantasy numbers. 14:37:32
Kucinich "Economy is Unravelling" 14:20:14
Bailout hard at work: Citigroup's new jet 14:09:55
Not Combat Related? 13:56:38
Economic Stimulus Plan Explained 13:31:53
The Next Catastrophe 13:27:58
Army Recruiters miss leading our Youth into war. ( VIDEOS ) 12:58:05
LIBERTYSPAMMER.COM Add your opinion today 12:56:31
Copernicus Studied Coinage Along With Heavens 12:40:44
Forget the Joneses, this is someone worth emulating 12:23:01
Kenyan Parliament Claims Obama as their own 11:25:36
Money and our Future..... Lew Rockwell..... TERRIFIC article 11:19:08
Ron Paul Talks About the Economy on Morning Joe 1-27-09 11:13:23
Fighting 11-year old student tasered in school *Video*... 10:52:24
Republican vs Democrat = Pharisees vs Sadducees 10:18:34
Holocaust victim testimony complete with media spin 10:04:33
absolutely MUST SEE video 09:48:02
Drug Dealers High on Inauguration Get your Obama Smack 09:38:40
Alex Jones' The Obama Deception 08:26:30
A CFL Bank? Using digital dollars as a new independent currency? 06:32:44
Twenty-five people at the heart of the meltdown ... 05:35:39
93 year old found freeze death after utility limiter installed 05:19:38
The Fourth Branch of Government 05:04:23
To those in financial distress, more advice 04:29:27
We've taken over Minneapolis City Committee !!! 03:54:09
Anti-Military Conservatives 03:03:30
We all need to learn something, A new skill, that we didnt know last year! 02:54:04
A Little Levity for my DP Friends 02:13:36
NH bill establishing Jeffersonian Rights. 02:12:21
★ Bush & Cheney =____?★ 01:59:37
Gary North Goes From Deflation to Inflation Point of view 01:59:06
Excellent LIBERTY EXPLAINED Flash Animation 01:56:41
New world order map of 1942 01:23:59
TIMMY!!!! 01:18:47
Nursery Water - With Added Fluoride! 00:55:58
Nations turn to barter deals to secure food 00:54:01
Political Cartoons by Kevin Tuma, February 2009 00:52:13
9/11 Revisited: Were explosives used? 00:48:23
I found these videos...Obama & Rockefeller and the Dutch beating the NWO! 00:40:17
Small victories 00:30:35
Timothy Geithner - The More Things Change....... 00:27:23
Ron Paul's Last Ride 00:21:28
Gloom Deepens as 76,000 Global Jobs Go 00:18:13
CNN is the worst person in the world today!!!! 00:12:06