Posted on January 28, 2009

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Washington Times: Ron Paul leading opposition to bailout. 22:15:11
Not looking too great here 20:17:08
House Passes 'Stimulus' 244-188 21:40:58
Committees of Safety Weekly Conference Wednesday Nights 15:04:16
Operation Melt the Phones in DC going on now!!! 12:27:13
James Turk: Restoring Sound Money in America 11:35:21
The Lost Philosopher 12:53:19
Your Favorite Patriot - Your Most Despised American Traitor 12:45:43
Ron Paul LRC Podcast: The Biggest Bubble in the History of the World 01:59:11
Ron Paul on CNN 1/27/09: Bin Laden Mocks Economy 12:27:14
Warning: Mega-banks Could Fail Despite Federal Bailouts 01:49:23
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An Obama Secret... revealed! 23:35:04
Gold backed money help 23:22:04
VIDEO: Bank Run! 23:21:21
Obama Seeks Space Weapon Ban 23:20:18
How to Survive Total Economic Collapse 23:13:22
"Outside the box" employment idea 23:11:36
Billions more needed for financial rescue 23:09:48
Give credit where credit is due - Obama has done some things this week 22:47:22
Borg leading the Blind starring Stevie Wonder 22:07:35
Lynyrd Skynyrd Pianist Billy Powell Dead at age 56 22:04:59
CNBC Poll: Will a "bad bank" fix the problems? 21:40:50
I Need your help 21:33:34
Patriot Act Used in the GA Peanutbutter Salmonella Case 21:29:49
Why is the media giving more airtime to Ron Paul and Peter Schiff? 21:24:21
IT PASSED. 21:07:10
Do you ever just get tired of it all ? 21:05:16
Putins interview to Bloomberg 20:57:16
Just so we're all on the same page... 20:14:31
A bit of fun: "Al Gore's warning to Obama" (digg it) 19:34:19
Unity 19:32:11
They're terrified in DC, says Ron Paul 19:14:54
In Defense of Sweatshops 19:13:00
More Government Coruption in MI.: Kilpatricks, Conyers among 8 named in FBI bribery probe 18:47:27
Anyone ever heard of Bill Fleckenstein? He was just on CNBC 18:36:24
Controversial Bestseller Shakes the Foundation of the Israeli State 18:29:34
“There Will Be NO Property Rights If..........” 18:16:49
DARPA wants to electronically RFID tag US combat soldiers 18:14:35
Mass Action Day This Friday 01/30 18:14:04
Can the President rescind the Patriot Act? 18:05:09
Ron Paul War Room Up-n-Running! 18:03:48
Bad news for food eaters 17:55:12
American Spirit 17:46:00
Since the ballot box isn't working - how about the Jury Box ? 17:43:41
CIA Chief in Algeria accused of rapes 17:38:51
Uh oh! Postmaster General: Mail days may need to be cut 17:30:49
"The Spy Factory" The story behind who is spying on you VIDEO 17:25:52
FEMA Camp bill introduced 17:24:34
Anyone else finding themselves getting addicted to C-SPAN? 17:14:51
Ron Paul: "I Think It's Gonna Take The Collapse of The Dollar To Get A New Mentality" 17:06:13
Republicans chew on DeMint 17:04:37
VIDEO: Dear Religion: leave science and education to the rest of us.... 16:51:43
FDA report finds multiple problems at peanut plant 16:49:08
Children being indoctrinated to Obama in Nevada 16:41:11
Media Averts Eyes from Subpoenas to Obamas Top Staff 16:35:54
NOVA Investigates the N.S.A 16:22:42
Propane Home Generators 16:09:50
Bleeding banks prompt talk of new big U.S. bailout 15:57:38
Propaganda in Amerika 15:53:55
Ron Paul: The Biggest Bubble in the History of the World (Podcast). 15:49:52
How realistic is a North American currency? 15:41:28
US-Mexico border fence almost complete 15:31:24
Money and Our Future 15:24:56
FREE BIRD! Lynyrd Skynyrd Keyboardist Billy Powell Dead at 56 14:50:59
Video: Judge arrested for DWI uses race card 14:48:12
Disinfo Dissection: Shedlock vs. Schiff 14:45:42
Lysander Spooner: Libertarian Hero 14:41:14
*Want To Have Some Fun?* 14:31:15
Constitutional voting 14:30:54
Rush Limbaugh and Barack Obama... 14:22:12
McClintock (R-CA) kicked butt on KQED Forum this morning 14:21:28
The Devolution of Music and the Degeneration of Popular Culture 14:18:43
Finally another wakes up! 14:17:00
Storm of global riots on the horizon 13:50:33
Senator Warns White House Will 'Create Crisis' and 'Panic' to Push Stimulus 13:40:21
Porn Part Of Job At U.S. Agency 13:33:23
Where's a Safe haven... 13:30:01
"We stand with $11T Debt Fed quietly issued $7T Loans + $1 TRILLION to WALL STREET" Brad Sherman 13:28:52
Hedging Your Investment Portfolio by Buying Firearms 13:25:50
There is a clear consensus among attendees that the worst is yet to come 13:17:16
SCHIFF2010.COM Site Has New Look! 13:14:12
Gold and Silver Lifeboats for Sinking Titanic U.S. Economy 12:59:06
Did you hear what Glenn Beck said about RON PAUL? 12:56:38
Can Jihadis Be Rehabilitated? (not my title) 12:56:07 12:53:16
Call you Representives TODAY! 12:52:19
Get ready here it comes - H.R. 645 12:32:58 Front Page: "Paying In Ameros" 12:32:08
Mercury in vaccines replaced by aluminum 12:29:19
OBAMA & Iraq: Adam Kokesh on Russian main TV channel 12:21:30
Did Machiavelli have a hand in events of 9/11? 12:16:37
US envoy calls for end to Hamas weapons smuggling 11:59:34
Critical thinking challenge for the day - anybody up for it? 11:48:51
The Latest Signs of Complete Economic Meltdown 11:42:54
Congressional Switchboard Numbers: Call Your Congressman To Vote Against Stimulus Package! 11:27:57
Here Is Where 825 Billion$ Is Going 11:27:21
We the People" Restore Our Constitution March in DC May 30th, 11:22:37
"Ask GRANNY" Radio Show 11:10:45
STUPID IN AMERICA! 11:02:45 , only takes a minute to give it to Congress! 10:58:35
Court: Christian school can expel lesbian students 10:17:10
Letter to my congressman 09:38:05
Banker Tells Me Federal Reserve IS Government, Mentions 9/11 09:34:45
Putting our debt and the FED into perspective 09:14:54
George Soros Says TARP Is Poison; It's Worse Than 1930s 08:56:53
Interactive Map: Job Losses Increase-A State-by-State Look at Unemployment 08:47:05
Ron Paul: "They're Terrified in DC" 08:37:31
"The US Banking System is Insolvent": Dr. Doom 08:21:03
Prescription for disaster? 07:54:15
Tax cheat Geithner to hunt tax cheats 07:14:20
Texas Republicans assail Obama stimulus plan 07:09:22
Stimulating Our Way to Rock-Bottom by Ron Paul 06:50:25
The Southern Avenger-- Revolt for LIberty--> Young Americans For Liberty--NOW DIGG IT HARD!! 05:53:10
A VERY REAL NEW WORLD ORDER (Chuck Baldwin) 05:07:01
~ World Welfare ~ 1.35 T. 04:31:45
Chicken Little Science: The Power of Panic 04:22:25
57 States? 03:52:57
VIDEO - Secrets of American History 03:25:47
Obama Shows He's Truly Just a Puppet...Roast of Rahm Emanuel 03:25:36
Economic stimulus? Feds want your medical records 03:20:14
Ron Paul: Weekly Radio Address From 1-26-09 03:14:02
Questions for you gold bugs from a guy who's new to this 02:56:18
SWAT raid for underage drinking at Washington State University 02:52:34
Foreigners Puking Up U.S. Treasury Bonds 02:48:37
taxes and morality 02:35:39
Judge Uses Vulgar Language As She Is Charged 02:29:34
God save the IRS????? SERIOUSLY! 02:27:09
Gravity: Horizontal or Vertical Force? Comments are on now! 02:01:50
Education 02:01:19
Mickey Rourke vs Chris Jericho 02:01:17
Now I'm Scared - War with China? 00:39:00
"Who's Your Daddy?" Rahm Emanuel Rudely Cracks his Knuckles in Obama's Ear - Twice!! 00:36:04
How long do we have 00:17:11