Posted on January 30, 2009

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Weekend Listening: Ron Paul - End the Fed 21:58:03
FBI Saw Mortgage Fraud Early, Did Nothing 11:11:12
U.S. GDP Shrank 3.8% Last Quarter, Most Since 1982 10:04:52
DEA Robs Man at Airport. 09:56:03
Peter Schiff Rebuttal- A Response to My Critics 15:42:28
How Long Will Canned Foods Last? 01:27:48
Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference in St. Louis 15:42:27
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Must Watch-60mins video on Palestinian-Israeli state 23:57:38
VIDEO: 14th Mountain Oompa Loompa Brigade! 23:43:33
Turkish PM Storms Out of the World Economic Forum 23:43:20
Must Read at mises!!! 23:35:14
Stimulus Cheque when it comes - Smart, meaningful ideas, anyone???? 23:33:37
The Dark Roots of the EU 23:27:14
Politicians get tax relief as part of their compensation for following the elitist agenda 23:10:03
Gunny G: What If We Had A Ron Paul War Room And Nobody Showed Up? 23:07:43
HBO film "Taking Chance" scheduled to air Feb 21 21:57:18
Time for a New World Order 21:50:06
Nadler: If Rove won't testify, he's ‘presumably’ jail-bound. 21:32:58
Friday or ANY Night R3volution! What's it Gonna Take?? 21:31:44
The American Communist Organizing and Recruiting Network gets 5.2 BILLION DOLLARS!! 21:13:30
Stimulus bill would give payments to illegal aliens 21:10:22
BBCNews: US army suicides hit record high 21:05:55
Obama wants my gun ! He can try to come and take it from my cold dead hands !!! 20:46:05
No More War No More Killing Shut Down The Military Industrial Complex 20:14:50
FBS Will Be Onsite for Super Bowl...Get Flagged? Get Interrogated. 19:53:19
Georack W. Obamush bumper sticker! 19:31:00
Michael Savage: Bilderberg Group Not Important 19:29:38
Is Auburn, Alabama Ron Paul Country? 19:28:59
Blew my mind 19:26:48
Dr. Paul to be on FoxBusiness Tonight! 19:26:15
Biden's new Middle Class Task Force could be an opportunity to expand the RP revolution! 19:20:19
Some people of Influence 'Still Get It' 19:17:06
Emperor Septimus Severus 19:03:16
Geithner, Bernanke Work on $700B Bailout Overhaul 18:43:53
BREAKING: 3rd Rock From The Sun Files For Bankruptcy 18:42:45
The Financial Crisis Is Driving Hordes of Americans to Suicide 18:35:39
Geithner, Bernanke work on $700B bailout overhaul- could cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars beyond the $700 Billion 18:35:00
Stimulus Bill That's Not All Stimulating 18:28:51
DOD civilian expeditionary workforce ??? 18:25:48
Jury Nullification - Right and Duty of Citizen Jurors. 18:00:09
Meet the new RNC Chair, Michael Steel 17:54:31
W-W-W-W-WHAT??? Obama tosses Karzai under the bus???? 17:30:41
Beware of Calls to Return to a Gold Standard 17:10:09
**APMEX HELP - Anyone have a promotional code? 17:07:32
Move over Ron Paul, bulldog Congressman Alan Grayson grills the FED 17:07:21
DOW close 1/30/09 8,000.86 down -148.15 -1.82% 17:06:44
Why are people obsessed with how "cool" it is to kill other countries military during war time??? 16:57:58
You aren't paranoid, they are watching 16:55:08
Why Canada's Banks Don't Need Help 16:44:48
State of Arizona has 90 to 120 days before they completely run out of money 16:35:46
Could a Ron Paul-friendly RNC Chair be in our midst..Michael Steele, RNC Chair? 16:21:52
You know what really ticks me off 16:04:08
"I pledge of allegience to....Obama?" 16:02:29
Anyone got a link to those funny spoof "Change" bumper stickers that someone posted on here? 15:58:45
The Social Non-Contract 15:57:55
CENSORSHIP: TIME's Man of Year Votes... I Hand Counted Them..! 15:53:44
Building Empire; a very informative video 15:51:39
Am I just paranoid??? 15:46:13
"Money Bomb" by Flo Whites from upcoming album PITCH BLACK (2009) 15:37:49
Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame 15:27:59
Who Owns Who? 14:59:46
Professional run on banks has begun ... Bob Chapman update 14:49:48
For those of you who liked the video "An Overview of America" 14:34:40
HR 45 - Universal Gun Licensing 14:32:37
Question for the Truth Movement Re: Pre-work of the towers 14:10:48
Obama's 'Buy American' Plan Blasted 14:02:43
Jimmy Carter Supports a New 9/11 Investigation 13:58:20
Washington Is Where Principles Go to Die 13:55:42
China Considering Dropping U.S. Treasuries for Gold 13:52:09
HR 645 Let's kill it in committee! 13:51:56
Well, I just got stimulated, but that was not my "economy" (no vaseline even!) 13:36:48
Who Owns Who? 13:22:13
Would boycotting any businesses recieving bailout money work? 13:19:40
we've been robbed 13:12:41
Our Divided America - Misc Rambling 13:12:06
What's Wrong with Libertarianism 13:11:09
Glenn Beck Libertarian 12:53:31
Turkish PM Stands Up to Israel 12:48:29
More Smiles!!!! 12:42:52
Wake Up The Unemployed... Now!!!!! 12:33:13
Spanish judge opens war crimes case against Israeli officials 12:29:28
'Gold Bill' introduced in Colorado 12:07:55
US Stimulus Plans raise concerns for Global Economy 11:57:41
Dow 40 pts from 7999 at 9:50 central 11:51:48
It is time to draft a contract (Similar to the one Ron Paul signed with the third party candidates) between WE THE PEOPLE and .. 11:07:27
Alaska Volcano Eruption 'Imminent' 10:32:44
What crisis? Guess who made a RECORD profit? 09:47:09
U.S. Interest Expense on the Debt Outstanding... amazing! 08:55:31
Critical Thinking Challenge: This one might require xanax - Constitution at risk... 08:13:23
On second thought, never mind about that bailout 08:08:59
Ron Paul has taught Glenn Beck well | Part II (Penn Gillette) 06:20:06
I want to move my money out of Bank of America. Need help choosing wisely 04:42:00
The Argument for ALL American to have Assault Rifles 04:15:34
Wait...WHAT??? Iraqi shoe-thrower gets his own... 03:58:37
Iceland to join EU by 2011, and adopt the Euro! 03:51:24
SA@Takimag - A Republican Realignment? 03:44:25
Why The Aggregator Bank Will Fail 03:43:33
Ron Paul VIDEO!!!! 02:48:26
On LewRockwell: “Kleptocrats of the World, Unite!” 02:39:21
Global Crisis Destroys 40% of World Wealth; Bailout to Hit $4 Trillion 02:30:19
The wave has started! Gold!! 01:58:33
McCain-Palin 2012 01:34:15
Avoiding Activist Burnout- Advice from the ACLU 01:16:47
Liberty and Freedom 01:11:56
Who has prepared for the worse case scenario? 01:05:31
Mortgage Loan 00:54:53
I think it is time to CELEBRATE!! 00:07:18