Posted on January 31, 2009

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Well, Is It Time For A New Party? 16:37:31
GOP realizes they need to change! Reading this article just makes me want to SCREAM THIS... 05:35:26
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This is for all you Christians, very important...and of course for the non-believers... 23:46:34
“Congress Sued to Remove Prez from White House” 23:46:00
“Second Amendment Book Bomb” 22:42:03
Action Alert - Stop FEMA Camp and Gun Control Legislation Now! 21:12:19
Kuwaiti bank reimburses Madoff losses 20:54:16
Appointing pro-Israeli hawks isn't change we can believe in 20:33:53
Where We Are, Where We're Heading (2009) 19:59:06
Aussie PM: Time for a New World Order... 19:51:29
Off Topic: Cool Stuff 19:39:40
Get a copy of "Secret Freedom Fighter - How to fight tyranny without terrorizing the innocent" 19:26:54
Rahm Emanuel, if you are on No Fly List, No Gun! 19:22:34
SC GOV Mark Sanford Stands Firmly Against Stimulus... 19:04:26
Gaza...and now Sri Lanka 30,000 Protest in Toronto 19:01:50
More banks hit the skids ! Florida, Maryland, and Utah. 18:44:32
Updated: Putin's speech at Davos, Sounds like Dr. Paul 18:27:18
Why didn't the founders........ 18:18:22
THE NWO on youtube - CNBC from Davos 18:13:10
Corporatocracy and How America Is Used to Build A Global Empire 17:40:57
Mullins on the Federal Reserve - Possibly the most authoritative video on the FED! 17:33:18
When Bankers Attack....What a Criminal Cartel Looks Like in Action!!! 17:32:18
Video: Obama a "cruel hoax" 17:31:07
converting neocons? 17:20:26
Get this: French rioters call Americans, wimps 17:19:51
9/11's a lie 17:06:34
Casualties of War - At Least 128 American Soldiers Committed Suicide 16:49:18
For those wanting info on the gold and silver markets! 16:47:02
Forgive my ignorance but I have a question and would like an answer.. 16:43:28
If I were the NWO and wanted to create a panic. . . 16:33:45
The Founders’ Great Mistake (the Presidency) 16:23:36
Google 'error' labels websites as harmful 16:22:01
-Video- Recommended Viewing 16:21:14
Are people familiar with? 16:21:13
*Feds apologize but insist birds had to be poisoned* 16:13:10
Zimbabwe Prints a $100 Trilion Note and Abandons Currency 16:07:14
are China and Russia pushing for a gold standard? 15:44:45
George Ure is Officially My Hero 15:32:10
Has Anybody Ever Tried? 15:30:11
NUKE IT! 15:25:18
With This Being Super Bowl Weekend: Get Grounded! 15:01:29
How the Rockefellers control the Medical Industry 14:50:23
Ok---a couple of minutes out just for enjoyment 14:32:25
Missouri 51st Civilian Militia 14:23:52
Congress sued to remove prez from White House 14:23:19
Money Banking and the Federal Reserve 14:14:27
Obama's half-brother arrested for Marijuana!!! 14:05:57
Please take this USA Today poll 14:01:38
For all you Trolls... This one's for you! 13:50:43
Eustace Mullins - Leading Historian on the NWO - 6 videos! 13:34:30
Governments across Europe tremble as angry people take to the streets 13:25:41
What is a conspiracy? Here's the answer. 13:20:49
Claims of "google censorship" on Sat 1/31/09 13:01:48
This is just plain wrong! 12:40:21
We The People 12:16:38
Walter Williams is chairman of economics dept George Mason U....Why Socialism is Evil 12:02:21
MRSA Found in Raw Pork 11:55:34
Iran says Obama's Offer to Talk Shows US Failure 11:55:03
Precious Metal Advice Please 11:52:11
Go get yourself an Obama bumper sticker, put it on your car and then... 11:40:47 search engine 11:23:36
jobless rate is l0% higher than the government is reporting 11:09:18
Mafia meets in Davos 10:49:32
Time for a real discussion on NWO 10:29:05
This guy has had it with his city 10:16:05
Congress Sued To Remove prez From White House 10:15:41
Obama's brother could expose the truth 10:01:28
**Biden Sees Higher Toll From War in Afghanistan** 09:47:37
Quote for the day: 09:35:21
Single mother of .... 14 kids !! 09:22:41
Just The Early Stages of Economic and Financial Collapse 09:08:51
Video: Congressman Explains Hijacking of the US Economy by the Federal Reserve & Treasury. 09:00:03
Davos Delegates in ‘Denial’ as $25 Trillion of Wealth Vanishes 08:24:50
With the economy teetering on the brink, the timing is ripe for a new attack! - (Superbowl)? 08:01:12
Ted Nugent Ready to Battle Antigunners for the NRA 07:28:07
Congress sued to remove prez from White House 'Defendants had to ensure the Constitution is upheld' 07:17:33
The election of Michael Steele: Is it time to BOYCOTT the GOP? 06:55:32 worth exploring 06:50:42
Military 'pledge for Obama' a hoax 06:45:34
America Beware! We Have To Make A Stand NOW! 06:24:55
Backup when having power outages 03:28:16
Here's what you can do with your Unstimulating bill! 03:16:38
Tax issues emerge in Daschle nomination 03:10:19
Should the Government Start Following the Constitution? 02:48:49
Democracy is not freedom (video) 02:46:53
The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals 02:38:38
Do We Need a Separation of Business and State? 02:13:21
Gary North weighs in on inflation/deflation discussion 02:10:26
Chicken Little Science: Part Two 00:47:22
Glenn Beck on The Federal Reserve: An Inconvenient Debt 00:46:20
Glenn Beck on The Federal Reserve: An Inconvenient Debt 00:45:29
America Beware! We Have To Make A Stand NOW! 00:43:13
I am a born again American, nice song 00:27:23
Mobsters for Obama! This is too funny! 00:08:25
Bailout money being used for lobbying 11:59:48