Posted on January 5, 2009

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Turbo-Capitalism In Shanghai - Part II 22:11:32
"Chinese yuan set to replace dollar" 21:57:19
Ron Paul Question asked at RNC Debate!---LIVE ON CSPAN!! VIDEO CLIP HERE!! WATCH IT --DIGG IT!! 19:40:01
The C4L litmus test. Candidate qualification questions. What would you ask? 19:56:41
Dr. Paul's Comments on Market Intervention 19:40:02
RNC Chairmanship Hopefuls Debate on C-Span 1PM EST 13:16:49
Chrysler wasting more money full page ads in USA today - NY Times and Wall Street Journal thanking you for giving them money. 11:49:14
Politico: Paulites Keep Rolling 11:53:16
Orange drinks with 300 times more pesticide than tap water 10:31:42
Mental Preparedness 09:18:16
The Gatekeepers: Foundations Fund Phony 'Left' Media 08:49:11
Bulk Food Supplier List + Tips On How to Prepare 04:31:15
Pat Robertson’s NWO God: U.S. Will Embrace Socialism 02:41:54
Dr. Paul on the Travesty in Gaza 11:53:15
ACTION ALERT: Help Remind National Republican Party Leadership about Ron Paul! 11:53:14
Ron Paul 2009 Calendar 08:49:12
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ABC NEWS desperate to ignore Homeland Security blimp, claims UFO over Salt Lake City 23:59:15
FBI is gearing up. 23:53:55
Why do Christians say the founding father were Christian, when its well documented from their OWN letters that 23:49:27
So much for biometrics and immigration security: 23:35:00
How can the federal government be prevented from usurping powers that the Constitution doesn’t grant to it? 23:11:20
Choreographic Propoganda 22:54:02
After The Fall … 22:44:33
"U.S. Government Sanctioned Gold Price Manipulation" 22:39:16
Waterford Wedgwood goes out of business. 22:20:33
RE: LIST of Dual-Citizenship of So-Called Leaders. 22:01:42
Can we please get rid of this post that is a LIE? It has been going on for a week and has been nothing but a LIE! 21:28:48
The Game of Politics 21:11:07
Obama: It's NOT a tax cut! 21:08:57
Digg This for the Decriminalization of Weed 20:13:17
WSJ-Blog: Ron Paul–Finally–Gets His Due 20:00:16
*Vote Ron Paul in this Poll!* 19:56:58
DHS surveillance blimp deployed over NorthCom military district - ABC NEWS says don't look! 19:54:32
Food Dehydrating 19:26:17
Craig Paul Roberts on the Israel Invasion 19:09:59
New Kissinger NWO : New World Order & Obama Worship 19:08:32
YouTube: Bush Regime gets Bashing on Celebrity Big Brother 19:00:00
Land Taking Clarified 18:54:22
Israeli Propaganda hits a new low: Don't pity the Palestinians 18:51:27
IMPEACH OBAMA? By: Devvy 18:43:11
NBC bans Coulter for life ! Execs change mind, let her back. 18:15:56
KNOW YOUR HISTORY, OR DIE by Alan Stang 18:08:58
ED ANGER RETURNS (Eastwood's Gran Torino…) 17:57:21
Are you prepared if the internet goes down? 17:40:25
Site acting weird 17:30:51
Obama DID have contact with Blago 17:23:28
MSM continues to ignore effects of War on Drugs: violence in Juarez, MX. 17:23:26
Did you know about Wal-Mart in Chile? 17:21:19
California Taxpayers Due Refunds May Get IOUs 17:12:12
*70,000 Volunteers to fight Israel* 17:08:13
Foreigners sold $89 billion in U.S. securities in the final quarter of 2008, the largest quarterly pull-back since 1960 16:57:55
Commercial properties face bursting bubble 16:53:49
NBC: Obama picks Panetta (no experience) for CIA director 16:47:29
States Fund Budgets With Contents Of Safety Deposit Boxes???!!! 16:46:30
Inland 100 Miles = The Constitution FREE Zone 16:45:24
*Obama The Face Of New Amero* 16:44:14
Ad from Redding, CA newspaper re chemtrails 16:40:53
NAZI Economic Policy by David Gordon 16:40:17
CAFR reports - has Ron Paul ever talked about this?? 16:36:45
Republican Chairman Possible Blackwell- Supporting The Patriot Act! 16:25:00
A Constitutional Question? 16:19:15
Michigan: Public questions proposed rules on medical marijuana 16:16:05
US opens world's largest foreign mission in Iraq 16:15:01
Vote Ron Paul for RNC Chairman 15:59:28
Need help from a fellow patriot in the Orlando area 15:52:57
*I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore* 15:46:19
Next RNC Chairman 15:32:59
Pelosi reverses House fairness rules 15:32:55
The Financial Crisis and Business Loans: The "Credit Crunch" That Isn't 15:23:20
Rationalizing Gaza by Justin Raimondo 14:59:37
Economic Alert For 2009 14:40:55
This could mean the end of Israel 14:36:30
Yellowstone watchers, please comment on this anomoly 14:35:10
Ron Paul Revolution has got the Juice, but does it have the Man? 14:31:32
Ron Paul Supporters Stage Internet Coup Today 13:28:58
New World Order Being Taught In Schools! 13:26:46
Do the banksters print "funny money" too? 13:08:00
The Back Story 13:02:10
Cool Graph -- $$$ Multiplier < 1.0 shows Fed about to crash & burn! 12:28:25
Hmmm... smells like chicken dung to me 12:10:56
The Iraq War has Been a Resounding Success (sarcasm) - Fat Kid Runs the Block Iraq funny 11:29:51
Lake County, OH - GOP Meeting - Getting Conservative Message Heard 10:34:31
"Learning from America" by Naomi Wolf 10:34:16
Seriously would like to hear any reasonable argument for presence of ETs 10:06:40
Role Models 08:20:10
Million Dollar Border Security Machines Fooled with Ten Cent Tape 06:20:19
I call 'em how I see 'em 04:50:47
The Unofficial Rally For The Republic Documentary 04:49:04
The 2009 Freedom Movement Dragster 04:37:14
Put Sugar in your Soda instead of high-fructose corn syrup = Lawsuit 03:52:30
Great Video From Past - imagine What It Would Be Like Having Breakfast With Ron Paul 02:33:09
I live in *******. 02:17:59
1/5/09 Majestic 12 and the Secret Government--Off Topic 02:11:43
Richardson withdraws as Commerce nominee 01:25:53
Globalization and its Contribution to America's Economic Catastrophe 01:25:43
Isaac Newton Temple at the center of time! 01:24:21
Conspiracy Files - Oklahoma Bombing 00:35:09
Ads that have EYES. 00:28:40
Dr William Pierce Democracy Government & the NWO 00:14:07
Top conservatives back Ken Blackwell for RNC Chairman 00:01:04