Posted on January 6, 2009

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Inside the Rebellion in Greece 20:04:18
*Ron Paul on HEMP* 19:18:50
Fed predicts economy will get worse 17:20:58
Cheney: "Bush's Actions Legal If Not Impeached" 16:24:18
Did You Know 200,000 Vets Are Sleeping on the Streets? 12:44:00
"It's NOT my Debt" 12:28:55
F**k The Fed 09:04:01
Ron Paul: Opportunities for Peace and Nonintervention 10:53:36
Ron Paul on Peace and Non-Intervention 09:41:57
Henry Kissinger on the market floor states now a new world order can be created. 04:51:21
Why not take over the Democrat Party? Why the GOP? 10:53:37
Must Listen: Gerald Celente on the Coming Revolution 01:17:05
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The real truth about Israel and Palestine and the USA I have laid out a time line for all of you! 23:43:08
Ron Paul Publicity 23:42:09
UPDATE: Obama supporters must be stunned that SCOTUS is reviewing eligibility again!!!!! 23:34:08
England's gun crimes rose at 40% after the British politicians instituted a gun ban 23:22:59
Thomas Paine wrote a book in a French Prison 1793. Can you guess what it was about? 23:14:52
Debunking the Gold Bears Main Argument 22:28:45
Attention Daily Paulers 22:20:17
Raw Aftermath : 40 Palestinians Killed In IAF Strike On UN School. 22:13:43
What's worse a nuclear bomb or depleted uranium ? you decide. 22:09:38
Homeland Security USA: Premiere -This is your car on drugs 22:08:18
Keith Olbermann lets loose on Cheney video 21:58:10
The British called - They want their guns back! 21:47:07
Donations for Inaugural Over $27 million 21:46:48
"THE ECONOMY" Billionaire Merckle throws himself under a train. 21:45:25
Right now on the Daily Show 21:29:52
does anyone know these people obama selected 20:57:25
Trans-Texas Corridor is dead, TxDOT chief says 20:56:53
Ron Paul on the Martial Law 20:56:15
I am contemplating becoming an organ donor. 20:51:27
Americans in the gulag: US citizens trying to escape the Depression 20:46:58
*10 Major Threats Facing The Dollar in 2009* 20:46:34
Amazing Libertarian / End the Fed Organization - in cognito! 20:29:27
"Inauguration Tickets List Kept Secret" 20:16:45
No! Double NO! to "term limits" 20:05:58
You meet the nicest people on the Daily Paul! 19:48:45
What does this WTC 7 video show you? 19:43:39
Where you decide to start the clock determines how you define the crisis 19:12:48
i just got a great calvin and hobbes cartoon... 18:58:50
Top 5 Lies About Israel’s Assault on Gaza 18:57:22
*Doctor Decries Israeli Attacks* 18:57:09
CIA Preparing To Install Military Government In Greece? 18:11:57
Dane County,Wisconsin Libertarian leader dies in plane crash 18:05:45
Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land 18:05:35
China warns exporters against foreign banks welching on their debts 17:53:31
Finally! Some good news; Jeb won't run. 17:51:07
NEW VIDEO of a young man getting shot by cops while laying on ground! jan 5 2009 17:48:09
A Little Peak at the Green Party 17:44:23
*Patriots in the MSM* 17:39:38
*Meat Ad Stays Funds Liberty Drive* 17:32:07
Great News! Obama will help strengthen "the War on Terror"! 17:21:54
*End The Fed* 17:18:22
Holocaust in Gaza 17:01:59
TAX PROTEST idea - safe, legal, easy 16:41:53
Israel Forces Target UN Shelter in Gaza 16:41:37
Water again 16:07:31
Pay phone bill? Pay Israel! They bill you and listen in, too 16:01:50
Madoff fraud and the failure of the SEC to uncover and deal with the scam years earlier 15:49:21
"Inauguration Tickets List Kept Secret" 15:09:10
Creating a nation of zombies 15:04:07
Bob Barr's National Field Director slamming Ron Paul again 14:44:44
A new television show featuring "Homeland Security"! 14:39:28
UPDATE — Dr. Paul's Comments on Market Intervention Part 2 14:36:50
More evidence CO2 global warming theory is flawed. 14:36:24
Moldy Corn made into Dog Food Kills 1300 Shelter Pups in Taiwan 14:30:26
Russia cuts gas flow to Europe 14:21:11
Kissinger Says Obama's Task Is To Create A "New World Order" 14:16:15
German billionaire (Merckle) kills himself 14:12:21
fbi is hiring 14:11:24
Lakota Bank Update 14:10:33
Is Bank of America behind Blagojevich's problems? 14:00:19
Al Franken certified winner: 'I work for you now' 13:59:14
No Accountability here! 13:51:17
Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind 13:37:04
Henry Kissinger on CNBC calling for a New World Order 1-5-09 13:35:51
I've been doing a little earthquake counting this morning... 13:33:30
Trans Texas Corridor is dead, TxDOT says 13:01:43
Paul Krugman is at it again 13:01:05
Young Americans For Liberty. 12:57:50
Rhino: Naked shorts ... A contrarian perspective 12:46:20
"Hillary's Back" by Naomi Wolf 12:44:04
The Credit Crunch that Isn't -- Another Political Fast One 12:36:34
More Americans getting multiple chronic illnesses 12:28:37
'40 killed at UN school' in Gaza 12:28:36
Visualization (combining 2 other comments) 12:26:56
Speaking of China... 12:15:01
Exactly What IS a Natural Born Citizen? 12:13:35
Ron Paul at Madhoff hearing 12:13:24
Mortgage rates at 37 year lows. How much lower will they go? 12:09:53
2012 and OUR CHANGING PLANET 12:04:06
How to kill the Keynesian theory 11:36:31
I have an ignorant question about the Israel/Palestine conflict 11:22:53
QUESTION: how many lawsuits are now pending for Obama? 11:16:19
Care for some salt with that prophecy? 10:43:56
Ron Paul PressTV Interview 1/5/09 10:29:47
Times(UK) November 9, 1917 Article: Palestine for Jews 10:08:24
$8,000,000,000,000 09:40:59
1990 Ron Paul Interview Message Still Applies Today 09:00:39
Ron on Peace & Non-Intervention 08:36:00
6 countries see halt in Russian gas-(i smell a battle coming) 07:48:53
DPers STAND IN! Taking action. Fax/call/email bomb! 06:22:05
Would this interview be real reason behind Ann Coulter's ban for life? 06:21:24
I bet you could use some Ron Paul Nostalgia? 05:15:17
Tarpley video about puppet Obama and the coming nightmare. 04:39:41
Amish farmer charged for not registering animals 04:31:18
Toyota to suspend production for 11 days in Japan 04:22:08
An idea to spur the Liberty movement 04:01:18
Precious Metals Buying Opportunity Approaches. 03:48:00
Ron Paul PressTV Video 03:38:46
Real Change Requires R3volution 03:24:11
Obama Acceptance Speech is a **COMPUTER VIRUS** 03:23:49
Absolute Proof Bush is NOT a Reptilian. 02:25:41
"You Ron Paul-ed Kenny. You Bastards" 02:07:28
Bumper Sticker makes one wish they'd voted Ron Paul 02:05:55
webcomics featuring ron paul 01:48:42
Willem Buiter warns of massive dollar collapse -- Telegraph News in UK 01:45:49
"They are Bombing 1.5 million People in a Cage" 01:43:08
Revenge! 01:27:46
NWO alert! Did CNN's John King just say what I think he said?! *VIDEO* 01:20:06
J.P. Morgan Said Bankrupt Within 48 Hours 01:12:10
Description of Gaza from 1933 Encylopedia 01:07:20
It's all Israel's fault? 01:04:37
The Myspace profiles of DailyPaul 00:42:13
Now Here is Some News from Gaza 00:41:49
Wanna Pay an Extra Dollar for Gas??????? 00:41:46
If it looks like a duck, it must be a duck! 00:34:59
Ron Paul Stresses Neutrality in Foreign Affairs and Gaza in PressTV Interview 1/5/09 00:28:58
Israel attacks Gaza - USA does nothing 00:25:01