Posted on October 3, 2009

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SC Senator Jim DeMint Being Blackmailed 23:57:54
Update: I was taking to a cop last night 23:47:51
Immortal Technique - Hardcore rap against the NWO, did you think we were alone? lol. 23:43:23
Vote On October 10th - Continental Congress 2009 23:19:17
Old video - Bill Maher plugs Ron Paul, Scarborough agrees 23:16:09
VIDEO - Judge Andrew Napolitano at C4L Valley Forge, PA Conference 23:12:34
A Free-Market Guide to Fixing Healthcare Ludwig von Mises Institute 23:10:46
Liberty Coalition 22:57:31
Top 25 Censored Stories for 2010 22:44:27
Ireland votes YES on Lisbon tready 21:56:11
Why there will be no recovery....excellent read 21:52:45
Important Question: Lupus versus Flu vaccinations. 20:59:48
WWII vet still feels pain from rough arrest by sheriff 20:41:14
Alex Jones Falsely ACCUSED by Youtube and Obamanators 20:40:20
Criminal Charge Filed Against UN + Obama For Flu Genocide 20:27:26
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past 20:21:55
Ron Paul From FDR to Britton Woods Gold Standard 19:58:44
Mortgage Securitization Scheme - How To Hide Trillions a Year. 19:50:47
Sorry guy's and Ladies-- I don't watch much 19:23:33
Cheap Tomatoes 19:21:59
2009 G20 Summit Protests Montage 18:37:32
Debra Medina On Protecting Texas – Gun Ownership 18:30:41
Probably The Best Freedom News Website On The Net 18:26:21
Man injured while in courthouse/ police custody 18:21:47
Chemtrail Zombies. Are you one? :-) 18:15:47
American Police FARCE!! 16:50:51
Is this video relating to events in 1994 or 2009... You Tell Me... 16:36:24
TSA aint all bad.... 16:16:19
The Perfect Prison (Video 4:51) 16:09:31
CNN: YouTube credit card rant gets results 15:54:45
Peter Schiff - The Recovery That Isn't 15:42:35
In the spirit of diversity! Americans United for Justice! 15:11:07
APF is flim-flamming the world 14:59:35
Is Obama like Gorbachev? 14:51:14
Is H.R. 1207 Constitutional? 14:41:53
The Vapor Bill – Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare - Update 14:03:17
Nuclear Iran: 7 Weapons to Combat Disinformation 13:57:54
LiveLeak VIDEO: Police Scanner Recordings dubbed over attack on Pitts. Students. 13:45:08
Remember, Remember, The 5th of November! (2009!) 13:43:18
Scott Ritter on Phony Claims of an Iran Nuclear Program 13:39:44
Iran’s nuclear threat is a lie 13:33:00
Sane Parenting--"Free Range Kids" 12:59:33
Grayson apologizes to the ADL 12:49:15
FORMER FBI CHIEF SAYS 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB 12:48:09 is LIVE and needs your feedback 12:30:33
Broader Unemployment Rate Hits 17% in September 12:18:34
Marc Faber and Nouriel Roubini - THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ECONOMY SERIES 12:08:21
Why All the Fuss over Rare Earths? 12:06:18
Sesame Street wants to see the Birth Certificate 11:30:10
NC senator R.C.Soles, anti 2nd Amendment activist, shot intruder 11:28:45
Ireland caves to NWO 11:16:07
Hold on Tight, Here we go again! 11:05:55
THE EU WILL HAVE A PRESIDENT Irish poll breaks months-long Lisbon Treaty deadlock 10:57:12
On the Edge with Max Keiser – The U.S. Dollar is Collapsing! 10:48:35
450 Mayors Petition Obama To Adopt Broad Gun Reform 10:35:53
Glenn Beck uses Vicks cry on cue 10:34:43
Audit the Fed Bill Reaches 300 Mark 10:30:42
John F. McManus: Dollars and Sense 10:07:36 launches the new website. 10:04:14
SchiffForSenate website is down in NC 09:51:55
Mises Study guides 09:40:54
What If Everyone in the World Wanted a 1-ounce Gold Coin? 09:33:56
Shoe thrown at IMF chief in Turkey (video) 09:31:07
The Conscience of a Capitalist: WSJ interview Whole Foods CEO John Mackey: Excellent Article! 09:30:43
Podcast: Alex Jones in Hardin 09:10:09
September Job Report is Brutal 08:00:31
Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past 07:58:42
Watch out! Obama administration is looking to implement VAT tax 07:41:19
WOW! Right in your face!! 07:40:33
Voluntaryism is the way to go! 06:52:36
Devvy-EconomicRecovery-A Cruel Deception 04:37:41
A bit corny. But my song for Ron Paul 04:20:24
Ross Perot on NAFTA 1993 interview 02:43:13
Ron Paul doesn't want to be our president 02:10:40
For Liberty: Coming to a Screen Near You! 02:10:37
What's going on with Baja CA.? 01:24:11
Who are freedom/liberty candidates? Need Your Help Please! 00:53:11
Home-schooled students in Allegheny County required to be vaccinated 00:20:55