Posted on October 5, 2009

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Email from Trevor Lyman on This November 5th & 'For Liberty' 22:23:47
Rand Paul Within Striking Distance! 21:50:17
Audit the Fed Hits 300 Co-Sponsors 17:17:26
Don’t like Government Health Care? You’ve Already Got It! 23:15:47
Police State Expands in NYC 16:33:05
Bet you won't see this in a US paper 13:07:57
Video: Ron Paul on Fox News 10/4/09 11:03:51
Video: Ron Paul "End the Fed" on C-SPAN2 - October 4 08:06:21
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TUESDAY. US Dollar may be dumped by oil trade 23:52:34
Devvy Kidd ... Where Are All The Jobs Congressman? I'll Tell You Where 23:47:32
Rand Paul; A Legacy of Freedom 23:42:08
Cargill Hamburger Tainted with E.Coli Leaves Woman, 22, Paralyzed 23:28:47
Where's the best place to buy silver? Please share your experiences. 23:27:56
Ted Nugent 2A - "...shall not be infringed." 23:26:45
Method Man busted on tax rap 22:37:48
Changemakers at 21:59:46
Where Have All the Ron Paul Bumper Stickers Gone? 21:42:23
Apple resign from the United States Chamber of Commerce over climate policy. 21:36:17
From ruin in Iraq, a new Minnesota life begins 21:31:43
Ron Paul's Popular Vote 21:30:59
UK: Can we withdraw from an unwinnable war? 21:14:25
Gold loans starting to take place in India 21:14:05
Peter Schiff On Fast Money - Oct 5, 2009 21:13:01
The Cost of Israel to US Taxpayers 21:12:08
Reviving Capitalism on Campus: My Shot at Entrepreneurship 21:07:55
Just silliness, but OHHH, I want one! 20:58:11
Marc Emery Has Been Taken Into Custody In Canada For Extradition To U.S. 20:51:24
What has ever become of Iceland? 20:50:09
No Afganistan Pullout - White House says 20:37:46
HUGE AP report: Montana city's jail deal delayed amid controversy 20:28:28
The Demise of the Dollar: October 6, 2009 20:21:12
739 Now Online on DP 20:16:19
Latest Tea Party is Neocon Nuttery - Operation Can You Hear Us Now, Tea Party to Protest Bias Media is a Fox News lead operation 19:19:25
Live broadcast about H1N1 from Fort Wayne In. 19:09:36
Video: NEW Pittsburgh G-20 DOCUMENTARY! 18:59:15
URGENT! Live Chat: H1N1 Flu with Doctor who is for the vaccine to answer questions 18:52:12
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin: Global warming or politicians the greater threat, ask Libertarians 18:38:47
How do you feel about the H1N1 flu vaccine? Vote in this POLL please! 18:31:21
Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815 18:15:40
Update Drudge: The Demise of the Dollar: Link included 18:12:24
WeAreChangeOklahoma - Swine Flu Pandemic Report 18:00:29
New book - The Dollar meltdown 17:38:03
Obama cancels meeting with Dalai Lama 'to keep China happy' 17:27:56
Paul 43%, Mongiardo 38%; Conway 42%, Paul 38% 17:01:58
Got a note from Senator Cornhole 17:00:43
Dr Ron Paul on the House floor re pakistan 16:48:34
Unknown Ron Paul Song Takes The World By Storm? 16:38:33
The Day ObamaCare Died - Sung by Barack Obama 16:24:45
I need help getting out of the forced flu shot for ny healthcare workers 16:06:01
WashTimes: "Bernanke, Paulson misled public" 16:02:17
CLASSIC AUDIO: Dr. Stuart Crane explained banking with the analogy of Wheat Receipts in 1971. 15:47:39
No to Gov't Healthcare - RP asks us to get involved again. 15:47:19
UPDATE! Oh You Didn't Know There Was An Office of Civilian Police and Rule of Law Programs? 15:31:30
Yet another video of kids praising dear leader; How many of these videos are out there? 15:23:26
"When You Own Gold You’re Fighting Every Central Bank in the World" 15:12:06
Video: CNN: Time Ripe For Communist Party in U.S. 15:12:06
What god my earthly life was sacrificed to? 14:43:31
Failure to comply with quarantines results in.... 2 years prison. 14:20:14
Peter Schiff - STOP Borrowing from China!!! 14:03:01
World March for Peace and Nonviolence 14:02:21
Take the Poll! Your choice for 2012 President 13:56:35
Reverand Paul4won, at your service. Confessions heard here... 13:55:37
I need help educating a local blogger 13:53:42
I need help educating a local blogger 13:43:06
Profits for Buyout Firms as Company Debt Soared -- NY Times 13:40:11
Denninger on fractured reserve banking 13:25:19
The buck stops - where? 13:18:01
Worst nightmare confirmed: Obama's COLB lacks legal veracity. What now? 12:59:35
Michael Moore Wants to End the Fed 12:46:01
Ron Paul said, I believe it and that settles it! 12:43:28
The Irish Government ran a fraudulent and illegal campaign for the Lisbon Treaty 12:33:36
Air Force, Boeing test laser weapon 12:30:10
Howard Buffett (Warren's dad): A Man of the Old Right 12:09:58
Great Inflation vs Deflation video with Peter Schiff 12:09:35
Leasing Co says APPF's DC office application never completed 12:06:33
Michael Gaddy: It’s Not the People, It’s the Machine 11:56:19
Is Dan Brown Really An Intrepid Writer? I Don't Think So. 11:53:48
The Real Reason the Giant, Insolvent Banks Aren't Being Broken Up 11:43:54
What Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Alan Grayson should say about the Federal Reserve today 11:30:40
What you need to know about Max Baucus of Montana 11:29:51
Secession movement spreads well beyond Texas 11:23:50
Krugman: Conservative Movement "Has The Emotional Maturity Of A Bratty 13-Year-Old" 11:21:13
Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame 11:03:45
Entering the Greatest Depression in History 10:54:25
Alan Greenspan: Economy Doesn't Need a Second Stimulus 10:42:17
Carl Cameron Supports Questioning 9/11 10:39:28
NY Times Book Review: "The Fed Fighter" interview with Ron Paul 10:27:16
Directed Energy Weapons no longer Science Fiction- Video of New Air Force Laser Weapon in Action 10:22:12
Sovereignty help for active duty DP'er 10:12:00
What's Going On Here? 10:11:18
Health? Ineffectiveness and Dangers of Flu Shots 10:02:13
U.S. storms troops into Phillippines 09:48:35
Billions in US Aid Never Reach Pakistan’s Military 09:44:54
Youtube spammer uses Ron Paul' as a tag 09:32:18
Reminder: Orly Taitz goes to court today 09:27:19
GOP senators: US, not Israel, should attack Iran ‘if necessary’ 09:20:25
Israeli Exceptionalism 09:17:23
Goldman to be paid $1bn if CIT fails 08:53:55
Bank Beat 97, 98 and 99 of the year 08:53:11
3 yrs later cops fired but not yet locked up 08:42:21
Brazil joins emerging-nation boost to IMF funds 08:07:31
Study: Bernanke, Paulson misled public on bailouts 07:30:10
Peter Schiff in Philadelphia 07:29:39
Black Vandy law Prof: "Rather than monitoring hate groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center has become one." 07:05:57
Is it just me, or does Caroline Kennedy look like a hostage? 07:01:14
For Liberty: A very bias movie review - Digg it 06:38:42
Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession - Huffpost 04:30:33
Do you think the White House will listen? 03:35:30
Congress Criminals Ready to Legalize Millions of Illegals 01:54:47
New Eustace Mullins Interview! 01:39:49
UFO chase 01:12:03
The Dangers of Fiat Money: 'End the Fed,' by Ron Paul 00:53:14
Ten Reasons for an Imminent Stock Market Crash 00:51:33