Posted on October 7, 2009

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Have we entered a Libertarian era? by Charleston Ron Paul Examiner! 21:06:47
Dylan Ratigan: Corporate Communism - Video 19:38:00
US getting ready to bomb Iran? ABC News 17:11:45
WSJ: Ron Paul Calls for Delay in Bernanke Confirmation 17:11:29
Dr. and Mrs. Paul on the red carpet last night 12:04:14
Chris Simcox interview: the liberty candidate who wants to replace John McCain 10:34:52
Jake Towne: Bernanke's Great Lie - The 'Gold Standard' and the Great Depression 09:30:46
A Golden Opportunity to Declaw PATRIOT Act 08:56:58
What our children are dying for in Afghanistan 04:19:15
Southern Avenger says: "Iran Iran So far away" - "Our Government is full of crap" 09:27:39
MA S. 2028 - Swine Flu Martial Law Bill - Moves THURSDAY! Help Needed in Mass! 21:06:47
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WOW! YouTube Sheriff Joe Arpaio holds news conference reacting 2 DHS's decision 2 strip deputies of ICE agent status. 23:33:01
Depressed soldiers in Afghanistan just want to get back to their families 23:31:36
Great YouTube Video - Rise of Fascism! 23:13:45
The Top 10 Liberty Candidates for 2010 23:09:37
Lou Dobbs: "Bring our troops home" 23:07:28
Conspiracy theories, War, Socialism, Birth Certificate, and all that is wrong with the US Government and the Federal Reserve 22:45:45
MUST LISTEN new interview with Joan Veon 22:42:46
Republicans caving on Healthcare 22:39:08
ALERT from Heritage: Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare - CONFIRMED 22:28:29
Chris Martenson: It's Time To Prepare (the guy who made the crash course presentation) 22:22:09
Inspirational & Articulate! What is this almost mystical link between Conservatism & The US Constitution? 21:41:52
Gold just broke through $1050 - another high has been made. 21:27:31
the real patriot act 21:26:32
Educational Opportunity at Huffington Post 21:25:33
4 Days To the National Equality March: Map with Route 21:23:14
Obama gives away free money in Detroit - Very Scary 21:06:10
Ron Paul Calls for Delay in Bernanke Confirmational Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke 21:04:55
Ron & Grayson Want Answers --- OR ELSE - No renom for Bernanke 21:04:16
Silver up big in aftermarket today 20:57:25
Senate Health Care Plan will save 81 Billion Dollars over the next 10 years; This is a game changer!!! 20:37:22
Silver 20:36:24
Glenn Beck Praises New Muse Album – Muse Asks For Retraction 20:32:14
Presidential Eligibility Trial Date Set 20:15:08
Gold: 1,500? This is the lead story on the Drudge Report.... 20:01:59
Beck talking about Hardin Montana, anyone else see this? 20:01:00
Video: Peter Schiff Calls Himself a Vampire Hunter 19:58:30
Somali pirates attack wrong ship 19:44:13
Dylan Ratigan: The Cost of Corporate Communism 19:40:43
C4L in the LA area: G. Edward Griffin is guest speaker on Oct. 22nd 2009! 19:37:45
Barry Cooper For Texas Attorney General 19:25:51
YAL! OLE MISS Chapter, will have James Lark, the former chair of National Libertarian Party speaking, Oct 16th 2009 18:49:31
The Death Of America? 18:48:09
Internet game awards points for spotting real crime on CCTV 18:33:27
Pentagon Contracts Funding The Taliban 18:13:03
Elliot Wave 17:59:00
James Quinn: It Started With Ron Paul 17:52:17
Judge Confirms Eligibility Trial to Proceed 17:31:20
Hyperinflation Nations 17:27:11
redacted 17:25:45
Winter Soldiers 17:08:28
Why don't we just - Abolish The Federal Government! 17:07:58
School Says Boy Can't Dress Like Girl 15:49:20
Israel, media pushing us into war with Iran 15:40:35
Charlie Rangel retains gavel 15:03:04
Judge Carter Denies Motion to Dismiss in Barnett v.s. Obama: Trial will go forward!!!! 14:59:52
VOTE - Obama's Job Approval Rises in AP Poll ?? 14:59:14
50k line-up for homeless-help requests in Detroit 14:55:58
Obama is tanking in poll! 14:24:25
RFID bracelet - Must see video 14:11:01
The World of Wild Edibles 13:57:27
Dillard’s Closing Sarasota Store 13:55:23
2 ron interviews today 2:00 & 2:30 EST 13:50:00
Out of the blue, its the intranasal vaccine, now with live virus! 13:44:36
Rand Paul's poll Numbers Continue To Impress 13:29:37
HELP! i want to pay my dentist with junk silver 13:05:26
SWAT raid on food storehouse heading to trial 13:03:59
Trial Postponed: Manna Storehouse vs. SWAT Team 12:52:59
Travis Bishop-Conscientious Objector Denied Right to Legal Counsel 12:21:01
Bad Guys Blocking HR 1207 are Shooting Themselves in the Foot 12:12:54
Monsanto reports wider fourth-quarter loss; Couldn't happen to a nicer company... 12:06:32
Interesting Spam Email Today: Rothschild "Philanthropy" Foundation 11:58:41
Gulf Arab states will maintain their 2010 deadline for a single currency 11:39:18
Help Rand and Schiff get an endorsement 11:32:03
Senate Passes Huge $636 billion Defense Bill - 93 to 7. 11:22:21
Citizens Police Academy 11:13:58
Jim Rogers-Abolish the Federal Reserve - Buy Silver 11:00:30
Pakistan's military concerned over US aid bill 10:57:17
I have a question? 10:56:24
Another Sign of the Crashing Economy 10:53:44
Max Keiser - China and Russia don't want to finance the American military 10:52:58
The World of Wild Edibles 10:50:10
America First Party anyone know about this party? 10:22:54
Bombing a city makes it better but liberalism makes it worse 10:11:40
Deserter says he is "not a patriot." What do you think? 09:18:15
Trying to spread the love. Would appreciate your help 09:15:32
DHS Video Portrays Average Americans As Terrorists 09:05:47
Fruit Loops for breakfast? 08:52:50
Michelle Obama has 26 underlings 08:47:15
This is Awsome! Getting the Message Out in Missouri 08:40:41
Ron Paul's Fed Stance is Invigorating-Marketwatch 08:13:46
FLAT TAX not flat....FAIR TAX not fair- Mises 07:44:21
Well done DP! Hardin deal on hold, wave of resignations & Becky Shay still in denial 06:37:31
4409 -- Possibly the Dumbest Mayor in America! - 1-877-NWK-GUNS 05:39:18
Being the world's policeman makes limited government impossible 05:15:11
VETO AB962 (Gun control legislation) in California! 05:05:33
Goldman Sachs Attacks Ayn Rand 03:57:06
Anyone else like Muse? 03:43:57
congresional medal of honor 03:40:19
American Police Forces linked to United Nations contract 03:30:45
How illegals and multiculturalism destroyed Detroit 02:19:53
No Shots / No Health care, Mom Upset By Clinic's Vaccination Policy 01:55:20
Just in case you thought the Tea Parties haven't been hijacked by neo-cons 01:27:45
Arizona Sheriff's Powers Cut by Homeland Security 01:27:11
One Nation Under God 01:23:47
Have you heard of the Fair Tax plan? 00:53:23
Homeschool Graduation-Dr Paul possibly a speaker? 00:24:54
NWO Seed Vault Looks Like Rockefeller and Rothschild are Planning Something 00:10:48