Posted on October 1, 2009

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Ron Paul Warns of Dollar Crash, Violence, de facto State Secessions 20:43:30
Ideas for This November 5th 21:39:56
What's the deal DP are you scared of privatization? 20:43:28
Ron Paul on Fox & Friends 10/01/09 15:28:38
Riz Khan- The US Role on the World Stage - 30 Sept 09 12:02:27
Russia Today Interviews Ron Paul about HR 1207 11:40:56
Bernanke To Testify -9:00AM EDT- 10:59:34
Washington Post: Ron Paul's Money Machine Churns for Others 07:20:18
Ron Paul vs. the Federal Reserve. One congressman fights to open the books on our not-so public bank. 01:38:02
Video: Ron Paul on The Daily Show / Jon Stewart - Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:22:06
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Does America submit to Islamic law regarding free speech? 23:53:31
Against the Tide 23:28:52
is land tax legal? 23:24:05
IMPORTANT! MORE INFO COMING OUT OF Hardin, Montana 23:22:41 has Montana police story on front page! 22:11:30
The IMF Catapults From Shunned Agency to Global Central Bank 21:30:23
Rome burns, Obama fiddles! 21:20:35
Anyone ever subscribed to the Federal Election Commission email updates? 21:01:53
Obama’s – Yes We Can – played backward – Thank You Satan 20:58:46
Is there a good side to the Fed and to fractional reserve banking? 20:54:33
News Letter Advice Needed 20:46:59
How does the Fed create money? 20:46:46
My Guest Column on Audit The Fed. 20:44:27
Tired of illegal property tax? read this 20:33:28
Hardin, Montana town officials hornswoggled by American Police Force 20:27:25
Denver Newspaper - Pot Critic Wanted 20:08:12
Ron Paul vs. the Federal Reserve 20:06:21
An AP Spin? Hardin Montana- A Conspiracy of ‘Twitter’ Proportions Revealed 20:01:34
rhino: dailypaul bottom, I called it in July. PROOF!!!! The end of a new conspiracy theory site, the beginning of a movement. 19:57:06
rhino: Chicago has just just been awarded the 2016 Olympics 19:35:43
Did We Stop The Attack On Iran? 19:23:21
Somebody's selling Common Sense Revisited & For Liberty DVD for $5 total! 19:17:17
Michael Hollingsworth on Alex Jones Tv Parts 1 & 2: Hardin's APF 19:11:04
smile for the day 19:06:03
Need advice on my campaign website 19:01:14
Detroit too broke to bury the dead--very depressing story 18:57:02
More lessons from Hardin, Montana ( part 3 of series) 18:45:48
Contest: Become a pundit !?!? 18:39:35
Wikipedia: 20 articles earmarked for deletion 18:22:19
gun rights or second amendment alert 18:19:07
Gold advice? Stockbroker sent me this email 18:18:33
Should women vote? 18:13:46
Run From The Cure **Must See** 17:39:56
Carl Cameron "CAUGHT ON TAPE" 17:39:16
Just got a call from NRA wanting my support 17:30:27
Ron Paul on Beck's radio program Wednesday 17:26:05
dayton family faces prosecution for child endangerment after home birth 17:17:17
Leo Donofrio Part3 of the TerriK Investigation! Hawaii AG Bennett approved that Obama is Natuaral Born Citizen! 17:15:49
Let's have some folks from the Antiwar movement on Freedom Watch! 17:14:05
Let's have some folks from the Antiwar movement on Freedom Watch! 17:12:45
I sense an awakening! 17:11:44
Norad: Exercise Flights Planned over Washington D.C Oct 3rd 2009 17:09:19
Love Tweets! 17:00:14
RP has bad veterans treatment record?!?! 16:55:52
Brave Indian Girl 2, Terrorists 0 16:50:08
If you feel depressed cause of the NWO, no problemo ! 16:30:41
ALEX JONES show audio live from Hardin, Montana discussing "American Police Force" 16:25:07
Have any of you heard of "The Hundredth-Monkey Effect"? 16:25:00
Ron says "Read this email, please" 16:06:58
HELP WANTED! 15:52:25
Meanwhile, back at the stock market (UPDATE) 15:35:06
Kokesh: Embrace Resistance of Tyranny 15:32:03
Need some help with this. Co worker is telling me unemployment is a lagging indicator 15:31:43
Dow Close 9,501.88 down -210.40 -2.17%...............10/1/09 15:25:21
Frederick Douglass on Slavery & the US Constitution 15:11:00
Bernanke Says No Thanks To More Power 14:59:39
EDITORIAL: The USA PATRIOT Act: the Sunset which never arrives 14:25:13
Woot! 13:31:55
Empire State Building lit for China, drawing ire 13:17:37
Only 3 Banks Fail (This Week) FDIC Failed banklist 12:47:59
Ron Paul Warns of Violence from Pending Dollar Crisis; Says Israel Strike on Iran the Trigger 12:26:51
Alex Jones was in Hardin, MT. 12:23:26
Hardin, Montana, the rest of the story... 12:21:23
Ron Paul and the ultimate unifier 12:19:21
Riz Khan- The US role on the world stage - 30 Sept 09 - Pt1 11:59:23
Jeff Sessions wants government to seize library records without a warrant. 11:57:08
MO I-70 Obama nation billboard 11:39:52
Ron Paul interview Al Jazeera September 30 , 2009 11:32:59
Exposed: American Police Force Is A Blackwater Front Group 11:17:14
President of European Union : Lisbon treaty, take 2 11:11:37
what does hardin montana have to do with clearwater fla? 10:43:31
Don't "hate" the Glenn Beck folks 10:36:35
LIVE: Bernanke Testifies b4 House Financial Services Committee - 10:07:05
Swine Flu PDF: MAKE COPIES and spread around! 09:49:55
Benanke at house financial services now. 09:27:28
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck radio - End The Fed 08:46:42
What historical examples - loss of capitalism 08:25:05
Peter Schiff at the FCTO 08:23:23
Michael Moore's sarcasm 08:20:31
28 Minutes: What stalls LIBERTY 08:11:57
Forgive me for posting this from Glenn Becks website but its an interview with Ron Paul 08:08:16
US Faces Retro 70s Inflation due to The Fed: Jim Rogers 07:39:21
The Fed appeals court order to reveal bailout details 07:28:57
China's National Day Military Parade 2009 07:21:06
Fascist->English Dictionary (22nd edition) 07:05:52
►Fred Tries to Wake the Sheep 06:05:31
Congressman in waiting Jim Traficant on Hannity 05:36:13
Dr. Paul scheduled for interview 20:30 ET Thursday 10/1 on Al Jazeera English 05:23:13
American Police Force Corporation Takes Over Small Town Police Force and Prisoner-Less Jail 04:10:41
Bernanke Backing Down???? 03:50:59
N.Y. Health Care Workers Revolt Over H1N1 Vaccine 03:24:26
White House: No pensions for World War II vets 02:57:40
Partial state government shutdown, no budget in Michigan 01:42:21
Ron Paul: Obama Czars Are Unconstitutional 00:52:30
Ron Paul mini-headline on Google News now! 00:47:30
Ron Paul Pics..... 00:42:27
Ladies check this out.....As a Mom - Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots... 00:34:53
Rand Paul raises over $1 Million this quarter and rising. 00:27:18
Adam Kokesh "This is what a real townhall looks like" 00:16:58 00:17:00