Posted on October 12, 2009

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Are You Fed Up Too!? 16:09:06
Video: Federal Reserve Exposed on Real Time w/ Bill Maher 16:09:05
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Daughter drops dime on Mom 23:41:49
Oh Canada: Our Bought And Sold Out Land 23:38:54
Secret State Monitors Protest, Represses Dissent 23:23:43
Vaccines, autism, and XMRV virus 23:07:58
Arnold has thrown our 2nd Amendment rights in the trash.... 22:46:37
Libertarian Candidate left off La. Senate Race poll... 22:35:46
The most accurate account of moon bombing, Vid. LOL 22:25:57
whew... what a relief... the recession is over. 22:24:11
Chastising the Fed on Bill Moyers' Journal 22:15:57
We're all in criminal line-ups now 21:53:20
Corporate Communism/Oligarchical collectivism - Hijacking America 21:39:05
A few notes regarding my trip to Boston, Massachusetts 21:28:44
Check out this drawing of Ron Paul using the Facebook Grafitti Application. 21:11:46
Napolitano Says Al-Qaeda-Style Terrorists Are in U.S. -Bloomberg 20:09:48
Reid Faltering in Re-Election Bid 19:53:36
we will not have inflation until all of the debt in this graphic is destroyed... 19:42:40
The FED increased their SDR balance by 500% in last week of August 19:21:01
America faces dairy shortage! 19:04:23
Lets Talk Live! 7PM EST Hosted By Movement Radio 18:38:05
We need to create our own economic system and distribution network 18:36:04
Should I buy The Gold Krugerrand? 18:34:36
Obama Haters Protest in NJ 17:42:48
The REAL Battle Over America's Banking System 17:31:19
Why We Must Keep Fighting 17:27:04
3 heroes from 9-11 die in 5 days 17:06:27
What happened to America? 16:54:33
Senate Finance Cmte votes tomorrow on $829B Healthcare Bill 16:10:08
Obama's Uncle: He's Using Buchenwald for Political Purpose 15:55:43
If John McCain had won the Election? 15:53:07
Take America back from the banks 15:44:54
I have a question about the Nobel Prize 15:25:16's lighthearted take on the Peace Price Winner 15:11:36
Complete HR 1207 Hearing 15:00:18
Audit the FED Bill Status...? 14:53:43
"The rally will soon be over, the only one place to be and that is in gold and silver related assets . . ." 14:49:59
GLOBAL POLICE: Interpol to help UN in 'peacekeeping missions'... 14:27:21
In control 14:25:45
Has anyone here taken the H1N1 shot/spray? Are they collecting information? 14:07:03
Here Come Da Judge..... Napolitano at the Tucson Tea Party 13:13:42
Shulamit Aloni Interviewed By Amy Goodman On Democracy Now! 13:12:03
"Your dollars are just monopoly money" - MSN front page 13:10:31
A Dollar Rout or More Bernanke Trickery? 13:03:49
Ayn Rand - In Defense of Capitalism 13:01:54
Israel Connected to 9/11 12:48:24
Homeland Security May Use Wii Balance Boards to Test if You're Nervous 12:47:11
Jim Rogers videos: inflation inevitable & "quite sure" gold will hit $2000 12:45:32
Dept. of Education to buy School Loans from Sallie Mae 12:35:09
Concise explanation (pulled off Craigslist) 12:02:25
Bill Gates: How to Fix Capitalism 11:41:06
Law Of The Sea Treaty Remember? 60 Million Anglers To Lose Right To Fish 12/9/09 11:01:19
HUGE Regional Media Contact List for Press Releases, Event Notices, etc. 10:46:32
Daring to Question Al Gore 10:46:28
Ports to Plains Corridor- New name for NAFTA highway 10:45:51
Soldier's weapons malfunction in face of enemy.... 10:45:44
Congress Works on Financial Aid for Dairy Farmers 10:30:10
Arab Dollar Shock 10:27:30
Jim Rogers on gold and FOOD 09:06:49
School districts now have authority to raise property tax in Wisconsin 08:48:35
Remember the rEVOLution? The same group is fighting MANDATORY vaccinations. 08:47:13
What makes Limbaugh, Palin, Beck conservative? 08:45:15
Texas State Town Hall w/ Debra Medina - 10/29 08:19:01
Krugman: Worrying About The Weak Dollar Will Kill Us 08:05:29
CINO Lindsey Graham joins Kerry in climate bill support 08:05:22
You people are shooting Blanks, as long as you remain a 14th amendment citizen! 07:37:14
Can anyone help me find gold data for my homework? 00:43:10
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