Posted on October 13, 2009

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Articles from a 1915 "alternative" publication 22:58:12
John Dennis Campaign Update 20:31:31
It's Happened: Dollar Loses Reserve Status 20:06:04
Will This be the Death of the Daily Paul? GOP launches new website (to appeal to younger voters) 12:16:36
The Nobel Police Prize - Southern Avenger 11:58:58
Senate Health Care Debate / Vote: LIVE Stream Here 10:03:42
Vitamin D May Save Your Life 09:46:56
My Apologies. Wow, I blew it big-time - sort of... 06:19:58
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Gold just jumped to $1070, Silver to $18 23:18:47
Gold and Silver - Real money buys more funny money 23:10:17
(PIC) RFID Dust in vaccine? Some have been speculating about the RFID chip being in the Swine flu vaccine 23:08:57
Orly Taitz on CNN 22:41:44
Apparently The Best Way To Celebrate Liberty is... 8) 22:38:14
Jon Stewart shamelessly shills for vaccine with Janet Napolitano 22:25:00
Halo Cloud Spotted In Russia 22:22:57
History of Peace Prize to War Criminals 22:18:07
OT need help! how can I download video clips from YouTube? 22:09:37
Pity the Imperialists 21:53:46
Robert Wexler(D)-Boca Raton to resign tomorrow 21:20:13
Obama wins Norman Rockwell Self-Portrait Award 21:14:52
Our new "Made in America" TV campaign - Henry Rifles 21:12:56
Possible Events of 2012 21:10:22
Little Green Footballs comments section terrified of Paulites taking over new GOP website. 20:59:10
Please help me find out who voted what in Senate Finance Committee today 20:45:13
Dept. of Justice dismisses Felony Tax Prosecution with prejudice, after Paper Reduction Act Defense was raised. 20:31:49
Freedom Candidates Everyone Should Know About 20:19:29
Dan Carter for Congress Connecticut 5th District 19:56:37
GOP Blog 19:52:43
While CA is banning ammo, look what Texas just passed!! 19:12:07
Tonight: America's Sovereignty 19:07:49
Political Quiz: 10 questions 18:06:16
Debunking the "Too Big To Fail" Myth 17:44:09
Ron Paul: Saving Face in Afghanistan 17:25:59
Maybe Dec. 21, 2012, is really the day the Fed gets audited 17:22:32
I have the flu..... maybe swine? 17:04:43
Debate Over H1N1 Vaccine? There shouldn't be one!!! Take your shot!!!! 17:04:30
Jim Traficant - The Thread 16:45:47
German Soldiers Get Additive Free Swine Flu Shot 16:39:51
I Made It on the Front Page of Prison Planet and Climate Depot Today 16:23:35
The 9/11 Cover Up Continues 16:23:14
Activists Arrested for Planting Industrial Hemp at DEA HQ 16:17:42
BREAKING! Senate panel OKs middle-of-the-road health plan 16:15:38
Is this woman insane? Napolitano wants illegal aliens called “newly-arrived asylum seekers”! 15:46:03
Another Prez who thinks he's King: Rise of Sarkozy Junior whips up nepotism storm for 'Papa' 15:27:21
IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Dollar loses reserve status to Yen & Euro 14:59:24
These (RIGHTS) are not negotiable By Chuck Baldwin 14:46:01
Universal Circumcision? 14:39:47
Appealing to the Masses. 14:38:53
Arizona Sheriff Vows to Enforce Immigration Law Whether ‘Feds’ Like It or Not 14:31:28
Barack Obama, Elinor Ostrum, and the Nobel Prize (2-PART Special!) 14:13:25
New Liberty Candidate in NJ!!! - 14:09:42
Dollar declines to weakest level since 9/15/2008 13:55:57
Ask Arnold where he got the power to regulate ammo? 13:52:23
snowe votes yes to health care bill... 13:31:38
Nader on Obama: "cheapened the peace prize" - "no consumer advocate" 13:22:27
Agenda 21: The Death Knell of Liberty 13:11:20
Guilt by Association: The Southern Poverty Law Center Hurls a Punch 12:56:16
Are there Trolls in our midst? 12:34:40
Taxpayer Watchdog Group Names Nine Texas Reps “Taxpayer Heroes” 12:33:14
"I (swastika) Obama" carved into golf course green 12:27:12
Nader calls out the Fed video: "Consumer Rights Under Siege" 11:47:05
6 yr. old suspended for 45 days for taking a camping tool to school 11:45:08
Gold pushes to another record high Tuesday: $1,069.70 11:33:18
Interesting Conversation 11:08:35
GRAPH: Does More Federal Spending = Better Education? (You might be surprised...) 10:51:59
Federal Reserve Exposed by Richard Belzer on Bill Maher 10:03:25
Alex Jones' Charlie Sheen Thing- How's That Going? 09:32:49
NC Drivers License - FBI Facial Recognition Checks 09:20:38
Does anyone know how that "Ron Paul Community" in Texas is doing? 09:20:31
Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur voices her frustration, says stay home, mortgage papers lost, be squatters in your own home. 06:56:54
Mediocracy & The Censorship of the Internet 05:11:50
Throw The Bums Out 04:33:51
Local Brewery Slams media propaganda 03:43:35
'O,' say can you see Obama's face on U.S. flag? 02:48:19
My Wall. 02:23:40
One of the Cruelest Things They Have Ever Done to Us! 02:18:15
Kentucky pastor drops flock for his Glock 00:46:11
Just a few Inspiring songs... 00:40:59
OLE MISS Young Americans for LIBERTY "Professor James Lark and Economist Jack Criss will be speaking" 00:17:20