Posted on October 14, 2009

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Video: Ron Paul 10/14 on Freedom Watch 13:33:12
WSJ: Ron Paul vs. Lindsey Graham on the Future of the GOP 20:54:54
American Tent Cities Proliferate as Second Great Depression Deepens; Dow Hits 10K 11:43:28
Dow Pushes 10,000 as Dollar Slide Continues 11:43:27
Schiff called it right last week: The carry trade is on; the dollar will fall 09:10:38
Bad Economy: Military Meets Recruiting Goals for 1st Time in Over 35 Years 06:17:30
American Flags Banned At Apartment Complex 02:46:23
Lindsey Graham Slams Ron Paul Again Last Night in Greenville! 09:10:39
Microchip Implant to Link Your Health Records, Credit History, Social Security 13:33:13
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MC Karl Rove dancing and rapping 23:59:21
US Lawmakers Invested in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars 23:51:08
C4L: Ron Paul Responds to Lindsey Graham and asks us to contact CNN Situation Room 23:40:37
New American Graham-Paul Dispute Highlights GOP Fissure 23:41:54
The President of the Czech Republic Klaus has no intention of signing the Lisbon treaty 23:39:38
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 10-14-09 23:27:28
UK: US to send 'up to 45,000 more troops to Afghanistan 23:25:06
Right Side News - How Crazy are those Birthers? 23:00:41
New Ron Paul column "Saving Face and Losing Lives " 22:48:30
Am I a natural born citizen? 22:24:54
Moderates Weaken GOP 22:10:01
14th Amendment Citizenship: Citizen or citizen? BIG DIFFERENCE! 21:54:49
Anyone else get a call tonight from C4L? 21:40:51
Barack Obama and State of Hawaii on the ropes 21:17:06
Tell Me What You Think of This 21:16:20
Obama (IN HIS OWN WORDS) saying His Health Care Plan will "ELIMINATE" private insurance 20:51:34
Ron Paul on the Ed Show 20:40:25
Women Takes Flu Jab-She is Disabled For Life 20:39:10
Obama's unrestrained FBI: Is this America? He couldn't even pass background check!! 20:30:17
FLASHBACK Obama says The US Constitution is Flawed 20:27:52
Come out and Protest the Atlanta Federal Reserve this Sunday (18th) 20:05:45
June 2004 headline: "Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate" 18:59:16
Mike Gravel endorses Adam Kokesh for Congress 18:20:09
Peter Schiff Vlog-Dow 10,000-So What! 17:54:14
OurDearLeader's accomplishment list by LameCherry (blog) 17:46:12
Lindsey Graham hates Ron Paul and Glenn Beck. They must be doing something right. 17:33:41
Chris Matthews MSNBC - S.C & Florida Tea Party "Leaders" 17:33:15
Why would Hawaii aid a known illegal? Fact is there is hundreds of thousands of “Barack Obamas” registered in Hawaii. 17:07:06
2 swine flu vaccine doses for kids under 10 likely 16:56:41 to overtake the the National Review in terms of traffic? 16:45:18
Anti-Paparazzi Law 16:04:39
Amazon purchases benefit the Daily Paul 15:40:16
Please Help - Need info on Squalene adjuvants 15:44:04
As Lew Rockwell just said in his blog.... GO, Vlad, GO 15:02:45
I know it's been covered many times but, I would like to know where is the best place to purchase silver bullion coins. 14:06:25
Redacted! 14:04:06
Expand the Oathkeepers' numbers! Help Educate Our Troops with Constitutional Care 13:58:33
Ron Paul on CNN 6PM Eastern 10/14 13:32:28
Woman Disabled by Flu Shot Reaction 13:30:09
The orchestrated destruction of the US dollar is soon to culminate in the introduction of "the North American Union" 13:18:45
Inflation: The Fed says they will withdraw the money when needed 13:06:23
Local Currencies - Anyone Working With This? 13:06:15
Don’t think Obama deserved the Nobel? You’re a terrorist, according to DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse 12:57:56
Want to give me fifteen bucks? 12:48:34
Off Topic: New 4409 video -- Funny 12:47:28
Showdown in Phoenix: Arpaio defies DHS 12:40:07
'Silver has more possibilities to appreciate than gold' 12:38:16
Ron Paul Responds to Lindsey Graham on Today’s Freedom Watch 11:52:02
Bachmann Money Bomb TODAY! 11:31:15
Mussolini paid well as a British agent during WWI 11:21:36
Folks are starting to believe us now. About the dollar & Inflation and the coming lower standard of living. 11:05:16
Russia Rejects US Threats for Iran Sanctions 11:03:57
Saving Face and Losing Lives ~by Ron Paul 10:56:57
Inflation as a Racial Weapon 10:54:04
Feel good at this version of the Star Spangled Banner 10:43:32
Trey Grayson to release his fundraising? 10:27:11
Present Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Shocking Vaccine Cover Up 09:22:36
Grade Congress 09:22:14
Reason # 1 to dislike Obamatons.... 09:19:51
tax free 15th - take a Sabbath tomorrow! 09:15:40
OMG now its dogs getting flu vaccine 08:33:58
Attorney General Drops Investigation Into APF 08:26:39
Back to school: 7 Year Old Forced To Bark Like A Dog For Punishment 04:53:27
Another reframe the debate topic - THEY ARE NOT DOLLARS!! 03:10:07
Open Letter from Alex Jones to Glenn Beck 02:38:59
Financial Crisis Will Crush Ruling Parties 02:37:56
These are the people who want socialized medicine 02:36:06
Go.USA.Gov! Our Taxpayer Money Hard At Work Shortening URLs. 01:37:39
100 Best Professors Who Blog 01:12:52
Let's re-frame the debate! 00:57:50
Drug wars: Big Pharma, Afghan, Mexican cartels: Paul Farrell 00:55:52
Hope you caught Jerome Corsi on Hannity tonight 00:52:32
WSJ: The Baucus HC Bill Is a Tax Bill 00:07:17
Good alternative to ObamaCare 00:00:34