Posted on October 15, 2009

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Rand Paul 2010 commercial contest entry 13:29:37
Arianna Huffington: Why Joe Biden Should Resign 11:04:21
United States to send 'up to 45,000 more troops to Afghanistan' 07:02:09
Rachel Maddow Video: Republican Family Feud! 09:22:04
Trouble Brewing in San Francisco 14:04:34
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Detecting Thoughtcrime: DHS FAST Technology, Orwellian Fantasy Made Reality 23:30:18
State Constitutions and other stuff 23:23:16
Charles Goyette on CNBC The Dollar Meltdown 23:06:18
Are they coming for the tv's? 22:59:19
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 10/14 by Judge Andrew Napolitano 22:19:11
Obama @ Texas A&M tomorrow Bryan College Station 21:13:59
SCRUBBED!! Yet another article claiming Obama is a foreigner 21:13:46
State worker upset over health care increase 21:06:10
*****URGENT*****You guys know what to do! 20:42:21
The Pakistani Taliban Keep Getting Stronger 20:35:47
Off Topic: Alpacas For Business 19:57:11
REALITY REPORT 23 - Vaccine Revolt, Global Databases, Michael Nystrom, Excluding Candidates, and more! 19:44:25
The difference between Local MSM and My videos Lindsey Graham! 19:30:14
Vote For Debra Medina In This Poll !!! 19:25:29
White House To Propagandize Television Shows 19:22:41
What the demise of the dollar means for you 19:11:19
McChrystal involved in Tillman death coverup?? 19:03:47
UK: Average salary at Goldman-Sachs: 700k/employee 18:46:30
"Stormtroopers' 9/11" collegehumor does 9/11 truth!! Must see!! 18:35:31
Amnesty For Illegals Around The Corner 18:18:42
Peter Schiff on FreedomWatch 10/15 18:12:58
russia to abandon dollar on oil..gas trades...the real deal with..putin 18:09:24
Dollar VS. Federal Reserve note 17:39:56
rhino: For all the Traficant supporters out there 17:29:02
***Rand Paul Wins Q3 Fundraising Race by Large Margin***** 17:18:39
I challenge the DailyPaul for viral activity!! 17:15:48
MSM: Healthy woman develops severe neurological disorder after receiving Flu Shot. 17:13:35
CA Terrorist Cell Caught Making 17:12:10
Trey Grayson says he raised more than $640,000 17:03:52
Reviving the Local Economy With Publicly-Owned Banks (Ellen Brown) 16:29:00
Rand Paul Doing Well In New Poll 15:58:43
STEWART RHODES (Oath keepers) on ALEX JONES Radio OCT 15 09 15:43:49
Obama advisor tells the truth about health care 15:40:33
Boy is found, not in balloon after all 15:33:21
There’s Another One?...(Rand Paul) =) 15:03:48
Simple steps to protect yourself from the Flu 15:02:57
Rand Paul destroys Trey Grayson in Q3 fund raising 15:00:17
Bring home the troops, circle the wagons! 14:57:11
An Interview with Government 14:40:37
Japanese Primary Dealer: Sayonara Federal Reserve Notes formerly known as US-Dollar 14:25:11
Should the "free market" create Electronic Medical Records? 14:07:17
Is anyone having trouble logging in with firefox? 14:03:59
Anyone hear the new Megadeth song 'Endgame'? 13:42:44
Leaked Memo: Obama controlling your TV 13:30:09
Whole Foods CEO: "I wanted Ron Paul to be President" 13:28:51
Health Care Bill Passed Tuesday 13:19:21
Hold your nose and VOTE Randy Brogdon for Oklahoma Gov. =) 13:08:32
New jobless claims drop unexpectedly to (only) 514k 13:01:49
LEAKED NETWORK MEMO REVEALS: Obama Controls Your Television Set 12:33:40
Hollywood Conditioning America for Martial Law Under a Black president 12:24:11
The Right of We The People to Form Militias 12:22:01
Young woman takes flu shot and gets disabled for life! 12:21:28
What More is There to Say? 12:07:15
Abandoning the USS Dollar 12:02:29
U.S. Stock Markets Disconnected from Reality 11:06:04
Martin Armstrong: A 3 year old with a pocket calculator can figure out we're screwed... 11:02:51
Military ad, Navy a "Global Force for..."? 11:02:18
Killing Innocent Afghan Civilians to "Save Our Troops" 11:00:17
Israel and the Goldstone Report 10:59:16
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is Holding Up HR 1207 10:56:44
USA Today 2nd Amendment poll 10:35:24
Micheal Johns: Release the Documents 10:29:31
How Wild Edibles May Save Your Life 10:12:46
The Explosion of Tent Cities is Creating Unexpected Problems 08:33:55
Goldman Sachs Profits Soar 08:30:18
Obama's Endless War -Michael Scheuer 08:23:07
I can not image what is going through Obama's mind with........ 08:20:18
CNN wants to know what WE think 08:03:45
Ron Paul: The only bright star in the sky of the Republic 07:44:06
2004 Obama Article - missed before and Just now scrubbed 07:39:29
Interesting interview with Ron Paul's foreign policy advisor, Chuck Peña 05:04:48
Unmarked police vehicles 04:54:36
Why Ayn Rand is Hot Again 04:52:47
Devvy ... Can't End The IRS One Prison Sentence At A Time 04:00:53
Jesus said "Swear No Oaths" 03:45:15
House passes 414-6 sanction bill HR 1327 against Iran! 02:27:20
The death or the triumph of our movement... 01:52:08
California Code doesnt allow communism! 01:21:03