Posted on October 16, 2009

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Rand Paul Outraises Grayson in Kentucky Senate Race 11:07:43
Ron Paul Interview on 09:42:30
Good Use for Ron Paul 2008 Slim Jims 08:53:29
Mass. Court Ruling Could Undo 1,000s of Foreclosures 07:46:01
Southern Avenger: Lindsey Graham vs. Ron Paul 15:26:51
In the Battle of Wits Graham Comes Unarmed 10:07:01
Ron Paul - More Popular than Lindsey Graham: CNN/MSNBC 10:06:16
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Please Digg! Rand_ Paul_ presents_ Grayson_ with_ some_ problems 23:31:22
Marc Emery's Prison 'Pot'cast - Episode #2 23:18:59
y'all got your mop? lmao. 23:08:04
A Call to Christians. 22:50:53
Did you all see this this latest clip from Max Keise? Banks are commiting Larceny 22:32:51
Tea-Party Activists Complicate Republican Comeback Strategy 22:24:05
Big Breaking News!!!! 22:11:51
This is not good folks: Obama is about to sign away our Sovereignty Forever! 21:55:58
Prop 8 redox: Maine May Be First State To Reject Gay Marriage Ban 21:49:53
Jimmy Justice: How the video revolution has leveled the playing field. 21:40:03
One MOVEMENT 21:13:18
Creating a Local Economy 21:11:14
Rove and Gingrich read Mao. McCain quoted Mao during campaign. 21:08:57
Peter Schiff On Freedom Watch 10-15-09 - The Dollar,China,Inflation 21:05:23
GOP 2012: Huckabee 29% Romney 24% Palin 18% 20:54:53
LeBron James: The one person I’d most like to dunk on is… 20:53:39
Can someone smart answer this economics question? 20:52:39
F.D.I.C wby no failed banks for 2 weeks 20:49:17
Woody Guthrie- "All You Fascists Bound to Lose"- I feel like we've been singing this tune for some time. 20:38:41
Together We Can Make a Difference 20:22:57
FDA boosts Big Pharma: Gardisil now for boys & new Cervarix for girls 20:14:22
Breaking Good news ! Judge orders a stay on mandatory vaccines for healthcare workers in NY 20:06:06
Peter Schiff: Ignorance Is Bliss 19:52:54
Liberty Candidate Website - Please Give Advice 19:22:38
Wishful Thinking, American Style 19:18:11
Must See: Anti-Gore Film to Stream Live, for Free 19:10:56
Ron Paul 7/2003 floor speech calls out neo-cons 19:02:49
Are you ready for a draft? Gen. McChrystal Now Seeking 80,000 Additional Troops for Afghanistan 18:58:22
UN Human RIghts Council approves Goldstone Report - media igonores it 18:47:34
Forced shots in NYC halted :) 18:38:29
Any tax protest 15th stories? 18:36:21
Foreclosures hit (another) all-time high: 938k 18:27:34
If the Chinese print their own money to buy our debt, then isn't it just a global printing war! 18:18:25
Neal Fox Music Video "Take Out the Trash" 18:14:22
POLL - How well are Obama's efforts measuring up with you? 18:07:09
Republicans need to be educated about the root caus of the economic crisis. 18:00:59
DING DING DING! New sign Ron Paul may run for President in 2012! 18:00:44
Why doesn't Glen Beck support 17:56:25
must watch video 17:49:57
Alleged Hezb’Allah “Rocket”… A Sliding Door! 17:26:08
This is Islam 17:08:35
Ayn Rand-Inspired Investment Fund Backed by Goldman-Sachs? 16:50:09
Silver Under Priced - Gold Spot On - ShadowStats corroborated 16:37:16
Are these people just daft 16:28:52
Not a joke: SEC Taps Goldman Sachs Exec. For Enforcement role 16:25:54
U.S. air force sacks commander for nuke mismanagement 16:19:51
It's the unemployment numbers, stupid! 15:50:34
China’s control over rare minerals troubles Pentagon 15:49:13
Interesting video (Esoteric, Theosophy, Luciferianism, Mystery Babylon) 15:19:43
US pays $400 per gallon for gas in Afghanistan 14:55:18
Light In His Loafers by Jack Hunter AKA. Southern Avenger 14:54:09
The FBI Deputizes Business~Infraguard 14:32:47
Blood from Obama's war 14:30:30
Amazing New Book Series: The Anastasia Books, Ringing Cedars. Talk about a Paradigm Shifter!!! 13:52:30
Brawl at city hall 13:46:52
This really is an excellent video. Please take a few minutes to enjoy. 13:43:55
Dollar to Hit 50 Yen, Cease as Reserve, Sumitomo Says 13:03:48
The Dollar in Your Wallet Is Only Worth 18¢ 12:57:00
Leaked Hollywood Memo: Obama controls your TV. 12:52:41
Hidden tax on the poor and middle class? 12:49:08
Bill Moyers discusses Bank Bailouts 12:23:24
FDIC training NE Florida employees to close failed banks 12:14:06
Attention Reno, NV! Biden/Reid in Reno this morning discussing stimulus package! 12:10:05
State Constitutions and other stuff 12:01:33
Attn Dr. Paul - legislation idea 11:50:21
Seeding snow clouds in Moscow 11:47:48
What is with the new posts having to be screened? 11:41:51
Groups Rise to Graham’s Defense 11:32:11
IN GOLDMAN WE TRUST? New Wall Street Top Cop Is 29-Year-Old Goldman Sachs Exec 11:19:01
FBI raids home over use of Twitter at G20 summit 11:15:35
Bank of America loses $2.24B as loan losses rise 11:01:15
An Unconstitutional Nobel 10:47:44
White House helped create corporate-backed health care campaign 10:18:32
Bank America Should Be Bankrupt 10:11:55
Alan Grayson's New Website 09:25:07
Thomas Paine : The Broken Common Bond 09:12:43
wonderin' about......... B F Interviewing.. 08:52:58
What is the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) and why do we have it? 07:44:39
Lindsey Graham Becoming the New McCain and Chuckie Schumer Praises Graham 07:43:18
The Hill: Honest-to-God primaries in Kentucky 07:42:17
Obama articles are being scrubbed even today 07:25:53
Rep. Grayson calls on American public to unmask the FED 05:02:07
Revolution Questions the Media in Las Vegas 04:10:38
"Climate Chains" video - Exposes Cap and Trade, saying ... 02:03:50
Russia ready to drop dollar in energy trade with China, Putin says 00:28:50
Ron Paul Supporters Voted David William Hedrick On To The Nov 5 Money Bomb 00:02:28