Posted on October 17, 2009

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Politico: The Ron Paul Revolutionaries 06:12:29
Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty? 04:27:39
URGENT! Obama's intent to end the USA becomes clear. Upcoming Climate Change Treaty Would End National Sovereignty 09:42:01
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Daily Paul on Internet Radio Show Live 10.22.2009 23:55:51
Barack Obama becomes U.S. Mikhail Gorbachev 22:28:53
Antiwar radio: GOP trying to stop CAIR from influencing congress. Glen Greenwald. 22:26:07
Antiwar radio: Cindy Sheehan’s take on Obama’s surge strategy. 22:24:12
Scott Horton Interviews Glenn Greenwald: some GOP congressman want to stop Muslim advocacy group called CAIR from lobbying gov. 22:03:02
What's In your Fall/Winter Garden? (or do you have one?) 21:58:35
Youtube of my YAL chapter handing out Constitutions/literature this week 21:42:19
All I did was take a nap 21:16:40
Geithner: U.S. must live within its means! 21:03:48
Updated 10/8/09: Cop attempts to intimidate Open Carry Gun Owner, Fails 20:56:24
1 million new foreclosure claims as the bailout boyz from Goldman Sachs etc.are still paying top bonuses 19:18:18
Good Rallying Song 19:12:40
RED ALERT!!! Make this go viral! 19:01:24
Another "Kenyan-Born Senator" Article 18:50:40
War criminal confronted repeatedly at U of Chicago 18:36:38
Iran to completely drop dollar from foreign exchange 18:18:58
To the over-zealous moderator who deleted the "Rhino" thread... 17:51:08
Recall & Arrest Senators in Iowa Petition Draft Online 17:43:04
You Want My Money Pig? WORK FOR IT (How To Beat A Stop Sign Ticket- CA) 17:37:57
Urgent must watch this video before its too late! 17:36:53
Obama Declares Continuing "State of Emergency" - Media Ignores 17:13:12
Google’s archive shows Obama’s birth story has changed 17:04:19
swine flu jab for NY health care--temp halted 16:57:48
swine flu vaccine requirement for NY health care--temp halted 16:56:48
Secret Treaty Could Land Americans in Jail 16:50:04
Dr. Paul Interview (10/17/09) 7:00 PM EST 16:35:20
a brief history of the real "conspiracy". 16:08:15
Betrayal of “We the People” 15:59:59
ruckman on obama and world government 15:43:07
Can We Really BEAT Rhino? The odds are.... 15:38:49
Over One Hundred Protesters Demonstrate Against St. Petersburg Times 15:15:27
Coming soon to your town: Pop-up stores! 14:38:39
Free all US prisoners? 14:17:36
IMF SDRs - Dollar Devaluation - The Other Shoe 13:41:52
Dissent Is Patriotic 13:40:20
Flu Shot Permanently Disables Washington Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings 13:32:08
The Business of The Counter Production Industry 13:20:42
60 Minutes-1979 Swine Flu 12:58:57
US hiding the truth about Iran 12:50:57
Manners..... from 12:50:22
The Monkey Trap 12:07:52
French "economist" think Ron Paul is a dangerous man 11:05:02
The Reverse-Midas Effect 10:20:16
In February of 2009 Ron Paul warned of a US Dollar collapse when China stops buying out debt in this video. 10:16:12
US State Dept wants Goldstone report quashed 10:09:09
From Dollar to Sucre... 10:02:44
SHOCK! WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING? Is Our Favorite Judge (Andrew Napolitano) A Con-Con Supporter? 09:57:16
Tax payer bill of rights maine needs help!! 08:37:46
Max Keiser – Face Off – “Is the Crisis Over?” 08:29:58
Another (cheap) method for getting Ron Paul's name out that I use 03:54:55
Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate 2004 02:21:00
Video: Middle Class America Now Living In Tent Cities 01:34:17
Video: Police Cars Repossessed Due To Falling Tax Revenues 01:32:35
Stefan Molyneux: the case against spanking 01:27:44
Spiritual Revolution 01:21:06
Meet Ron Paul in Arlington, VA on October 28 01:18:28
Meet Ron Paul in Arlington, VA on October 28 01:15:34
Marc Emery Is Not In Jail For Just Selling Seeds - Its Far More Explosive Than That! 00:59:48
Who is Mr. Blue in Cleveland? 00:21:10
Charles Goyette speaks about the real debt 00:13:01
Obama & Bush Sr ... Serve Your Communities 00:12:15
What if HR 1207 passes and the prez vetoes. what then? 00:02:18