Posted on October 18, 2009

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Let's Recruit 14 Million Ron Paul Supporters! 22:34:20
Rand Paul Speech Garrard County Courthouse 10/17/09 17:49:18
Pentagon paying $400 per gallon to deliver gasoline to Afghanistan 07:40:26
Whole Foods Founder One of Us 02:10:52
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The U.S. Navy- A GLOBAL force, for good 23:53:42
McCain-Graham-Lieberman Push New Law To Try To Require Violation of the Constitution 23:42:59
Man running for Adjutant General letting woman and kids shoot machine guns on 10/24/2009 in South Carolina 23:23:03
Mass Media Disinformation On Gold And The Dollar 20:56:09
“There’s not enough money in the world for Ron Paul to convince people he represents mainstream conservatism,” Graham said! 20:52:10
Are Facebook, Myspace, social networking sites, and the NSA making a "Real" library of our lives? 20:22:45
Halloween Activism? 20:20:24
Can you imagine Ron Paul 2012? 19:59:23
The truth goes on trial 19:47:56
FHA still making bad loans 19:46:27
Are you liable for income tax? 19:45:32
CNN: Jobless flock to sign up for the military 19:23:49
Climate Change Socialized Medicine and Population Control 19:11:22
The Surveillance State Threatens All of Us 18:36:54
Do you want Ron Paul to Run again? Be prepared to rehash some slander 18:24:19
Rand Paul on Cavuto 10/16/09 18:14:32
Rand Paul Gets Positive Coverage 17:37:13
Videos From Nationwide Media Protests 17:11:19
Hearing on AIG bonuses 10/14/09 - Kucinich hints at ending the Federal Reserve 16:57:05
We need our own hybrid satellite/cable news channel serving Liberty 16:43:37
Community Currencies on the Rise 16:42:19
Online Worldwide Premiere of Documentary Challenging Global Warming Hsyteria 15:04:53
- 14:57:14
Lithuanian Man That Shot and Killed a Judge and Senior Politician That Molested His Three Year Old Daughter Becomes A HERO 14:53:06
What it means to be alive! 14:22:47
Rick Perry is running his poll-bot again... watch the numbers change. 14:15:59
Lindsey Graham's Reign of Terror in South Carolina 14:12:33
The Secret War Against Iran 14:07:26
3,500,000 pinks slips to Congress 12:53:51
Scrubbing Bubbles; Google’s Archive Shows Obama’s Birth Story Has Changed 12:21:33
Boycott Jim Irsay 12:19:08
Please trust your Government... Why would they Lie? 11:48:05
US wealth distribution: 10% of US citizens own 70.9% of all US assets 11:45:25
Peter Schiff to appear on Connecticut TV 11:42:57
Insurance companies already funded 2010 GOP Campaign by $ 59,000,000.00 11:26:39
U.S. ignored warnings before deadly Afghan attack 10:10:24
"Paul won't save us from terror" at Galveston Daily News -his district 09:09:16
The educational crisis is not with the American youth, but with the American adults! 08:35:52
At least 18% of all children born in Fallujah hospital born with deformities 08:21:02
Silver compared to a Diamond Ring as a store of wealth + hedge against inflation? 04:10:23
DEA: Go to Afghanistan or be Demoted! 04:06:49
According to this article, a very large portion of American Jews do not support the Israeli government 03:39:25
Whoa! Is Latvia a pre-cursor to the US situation? 03:36:12
Max Keiser Interviews Alex Jones 03:02:49
Public Option is constitutional?! 02:59:40
Cyber Security Information 02:59:07
CIA still witholds JFK assassination docs 02:32:43
Is Our Sleepy Sun Making Our Planet Cold? 02:24:36
................................... 01:34:48
Please Vote for Rand Paul in this poll! Especially if you're from Kentucky. Very IMPORTANT. 01:05:44
The Waking of a Human Being... 01:01:13
I Just Want You To Think Big 00:42:40
How to explain the difference between the MSM "t-parties" and the Tea Party Movement 00:36:53
Speaking in a Language You Can All Understand 00:01:54