Posted on October 19, 2009

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The Southern Avenger: Why Lindsey Graham Sucks 17:39:58
Mish: Where The Hell Is The Outrage? 08:29:31
Liberty Candidates 2010: The Year of HOPE 13:50:29
Ron Paul - Hearing on Afghanistan 10/15/2009 10:44:33
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Backup Lighting 23:11:52
What's your opinion on the flu shots? 23:08:28
Hey guys, help me come up with a good question for my Congressman tomorrow 23:04:13
Imminent Crash in Stocks and Major Correctino in PM's Upon Us! 22:53:59
U.S. Vaccine Wars--Strategy/Tactics 22:50:07
Check out Gold right now on Kitco...It's launching into the stratosphere! 22:31:37
All the Nibiru 22:06:03
OBAMA: 7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes 21:53:55
Awesome Rand Paul Song...for Liberty*)) 21:52:32
rhino: What the heck happened to Tuma? 21:43:26
Underground untaxable economy keeps Spain afloat 21:40:28
Hey Chicken man... I have a question. 21:37:05
Fed Lawyer Perjury on Fed's Market Manipulation? New Information. 21:35:55
Collectivists Justifications for a Libertarian Society 21:26:20
NY Times: 100 less newsroom jobs 21:18:30
Senate Healthcare Bill now online... 20:59:18
Tom Woods: Warren Harding and the Forgotten Depression of 1920 20:57:24
Adam Kokesh is having his first Twitter! "Town Hall" NOW 5:30 pm MST 20:28:42
Brain on Politics 19:52:19
Texas Gov. Poll Reset on Texas Monthly VOTE AGAIN! 19:42:48
Murray Rothbard: Corporations are free market 19:38:16
Ryan Harvey - Call to Arms 19:37:20
Marijuana Is Legal! 19:32:51
Dr Paul in Politico: The Fed should be more transparent 19:28:07
Young Americans for Liberty - Direct Activist Action*)) 19:19:21
Laurence Vance: The Christian's Golden Calf (the federal military) 19:13:41
VIDEO! Tea-Party Protesters Slam CNN and Atlanta Journal-Constitution for Spreading Lies and Propaganda 18:56:42
Let's start shutting down cities, counties, and states! Here's how! 18:49:50
Lindsey William's first interview in 3 months NOW 18:22:24
John Quade videos from 1994 17:30:24
Game: Bush-out Alpha 1 17:28:26
VIDEO: Police in training with National Guard (Camp San Luis Obispo California) 17:16:07
I was shocked yesterday (sunday) 17:07:58
Why Liberals Kill 16:55:18
Alex Jones: The Pied Piper of Extremism 16:29:11
Who’s Next? Lessons From the Long War and a Blowback World 16:25:47
Poll: Only 34% of California's approve of how Pelosi is doing her job. 16:25:44
AP~ CA con man says he still has plans in MT! 16:23:58
The presidency of Europe is slipping rapidly from Tony Blair’s hands (and I like it) 16:20:31
Lord Christopher Monckton on Glenn Beck Radio Oct. 19th, 2009 16:20:15
~Black Agenda Reports~ 16:09:59
Corporatism in action: secret global copyright "agreement" 16:05:59
Just received from my son's school "H1N1 Vaccine Survey" 16:02:23
SQ real or fear mongering? Warns of imminent JERICHO scenario 15:46:51
Death by Prescription - How Big Pharmas Are Screwing YOU 15:35:48
What the demise of the dollar means for you 15:13:00
Is this why they are pushing the Hate Bills? 14:46:04
Florida: Trial run of death squads? 14:39:30
Lindsey Williams guest on Alex Jones at 2:30 pm EDT 14:35:37
Physical Gold Inches Closer To Monetization, Now Allowed As Margin Collateral (JPM) 14:12:14
Rand Paul Talks Coal Energy Environment 14:05:09
U.S. Navy pushes 'green' fleet 13:38:13
99th bank failure 13:23:03
Banksters Are Just Like the Drug Cartel 13:16:13
Active Duty Troops In Iraq Are Wearing Oath Keeper Tabs – Hooah! 13:14:30
Michael Steele Doesn’t Race-Bait, Except When He Does 13:12:31
BREAKING NEWS: Oathkeepers mentioned on Drudge 13:10:46
USDA confirms H1N1 in Minnesota pigs 13:10:37
Swine Flu Vaccination Scandal 13:07:14
Being told to spend less by a mugger (after being mugged) 12:45:37
Hilarious Rap of the News with Ron Paul 12:40:00
Operation: Can You Hear Us Now 12:34:17
Lawyer: If Forclosure is Imminent, Stop Making House Payments 12:25:05
The Countrywide Vote: Is Chris Dodd Done? 12:14:48
LESSONS LEARNED Discussion Thread **UPDATED** 12:13:16
Was America Sold? 12:04:47
John Quade R.I.P. 12:03:58
Welcome to reality 11:57:09
True or False? 30 facts about the U.S. 11:48:18
Gerald Celente speaks again. Follow the link to 11:38:23
US Civilian Chartered Plane Carrying 205 Marines Detained by India 11:19:13
Obama gets one right 11:16:18
Is the White House Planning a Second Stimulus Payout? 10:49:22
WWIII Begining, Iran has warned it will take revenge against the US and Britain 10:40:37
Lord Monckton is on Beck now (11:08 ET) 10:38:31
The U.S. Postal Service: Undercutting the U.S. Dollar Since 2003 10:21:56
Masons 10:04:30
Graham Vows to Challenge "Radical" Views? 10:00:49
A 'Remarkable' Gathering: Soros and Roach and Geithner, Oh My! 09:38:18
the curious case of the president of the European Council. 09:17:30
Huckabee 44%, Romney 39% Latest Rasmussen Poll; Why are these the Republican Choices?? 08:56:13
Feds to issue new medical marijuana policy 08:51:41
Courier Journal: Can Paul win Ky. Senate race? 08:39:16
Foreclosed Ex-Homeowners Turn to Shelters 08:34:14
How Moody's sold its ratings -- and sold out investors 08:33:27
Foreclosures to Rise Even More Next Year Unemployment Expected to Climb, Also 08:32:41
Thanks to JP Morgan: Armageddon in Alabama Proves Parable for Local U.S. Governments 08:31:27
Judge Nap: ObamaCare "unconstitutional at its core." 08:30:26
White House Boasts We "Controlled" News Media 08:26:10
Ron Paul headed to Iowa-POLITICO 08:24:23
Some of you will love this others will BOO ~ but I didn’t' write it just passing it on!!! 08:20:17
The Dollar: Slip-Slidin' Away 06:10:24
'50 days to save world' Brown Fearmongering leading up to Copenhagen 05:48:21
Twenty-Two Reasons Why this Recession is Different and Why it Will Endure 04:55:31
Answer to Jeff Cherry 01:54:39
An Article in My University Newspaper - Please comment! 01:50:05
Antiwar Radio: John Bolton says Israel Should Nuke Iran in speech 01:04:59
Rand Paul Mis-Information Attack Underway 01:04:56
New medical marijuana policy issued 00:53:55
I'm an Interim-monarchist 00:47:36
Nation Building can look good. WOW!!! 00:47:26