Posted on October 2, 2009

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Midwest Liberty Fest - Excitement is Building !!!! 15:15:51
Feds Sentence Elaine Brown to 35 Years 13:00:49
An old-fashioned Christmas season approaches (without Wal-mart) 12:43:42
Ron Paul: FED evil: World War Mongering Against Iran 10:15:27
Thanks for your donations 08:10:19
Debra Medina Money Bomb! Oct. 2nd 10:23:35
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hehehe, funny 23:58:25
Young Farm Family needs our help! 23:49:54
Huge Downward Revisions Coming 23:41:21
The gas mask bra ! really lol 23:04:23
mercenaries 23:01:29
DHS to Create New Office to Support Intelligence Fusion Centers 22:39:14
finally, all the answers to the economic meltdown 22:30:00
3 more banks shut down today... 22:14:38
Dr. Paul's Bill Blocked for 25 years 22:13:07
Michael Moore misses the mark! 22:12:51
Coroners Gone Wild - - Sticking Up For Big Pharma's Needles 22:03:58
The Ruling Class 21:58:21
MSNBC video Hardin Montana For Profit Prisons 21:24:59
Leo is on the air right now! 21:24:14
FREE Medical care, already provided by the US government? 21:19:05
Only three bank failures tonight 10-2-09 21:15:37
Some people are just economic ignoramuses (Update) More Insanity 20:21:14
Conan: Big Bird Gets Right-Wing Crazy on Michelle Obama 20:07:30
800,000 more jobs vanish - somehow not included in unemployment rate 19:32:33
iconography....the power of an Icon 19:29:08
Security and Prosperity Partnership 17:56:42
Eligibility of Obama FINALLY gets a date- WOW 17:53:55
Where's the Proof? Iran's Nuclear Program 17:51:47
Fools for Empire (II) by Arthur Silber 17:40:23
Ron Paul asks for our help (Calling all Texans!) 17:36:27
Glenn Beck's Million-Mom movement... 17:23:42
Peter Schiff: Gold Going To $5,000 17:21:45
10/02/09 DOW 9,487.67 down -21.61 -0.23% 17:11:27
Breaking News: The Global Warming Bubble Has Finally Burst! 17:02:46
Me and the Girk just wanna send our love ! 17:02:40
British Press: "Obama’s Olympic failure will only add to doubts about his presidency" 17:00:15 is down for me & everyone else??? 16:36:36
Montana attorney general probes secretive American Police Force 16:24:05
Gold News 16:15:57
This is why they hate us. Their side of the story 16:14:20
John McCain is moving quickly to reform the Republican party in his image 16:12:25
Man, I'm getting slammed! 16:04:41
Will you get both the seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccines? Please EVERYONE vote in this POLL! 15:58:26
McCain's mission: A GOP makeover 15:57:12
Does anyone remember Ron Paul Internet radio? The domain has been bought by an Independent Government think tank corp! 15:05:52
United States District Court for the Central District of California, Southern Division, will hear 14:56:07
End the IRS 14:53:11
Codex Alimentarius 14:48:57
Who’s moderating this place? Where is my post? 14:47:18
Please VOTE in this Poll - REALLY need YOU! 14:45:29
Why is "citizen of the world" Obama and his followers upset that Chicago didn't get the Olympics? 14:43:25
What Does It Mean To Be A Survivalist? 14:39:54
My Second Appeal to the Rand Paul Campaign Concerning Foreign Policy Views 14:37:52
Obama In Secret Russia Visit Warns Putin, “I May Not Make It” 13:40:10
House Committee on Financial Services, "Bipartisan Group sends Letter to Burnanke, Geithner Seeking Delay in UIGEA rule Implemen 13:40:09
Brazil got the Olimpics Games. Viva! 13:36:21
Debra Medina on the departure of GOP Chair Benkiser 13:28:34
D 13:28:34
There's truth. Someone doesn't want you to know the truth. Disinformation agents of the New Worldly Order 13:22:53
How much money spent for Warfare/Welfare causes comes from... 13:20:06
HOT NEWS FROM EUROPE!! Today Ireland will vote YES or NO against the NWO! 13:08:24
David Hedrick Money Bomb Today !!! Lets do what we can !!! 13:01:32
Will this hate crime policy go both ways? 12:54:12
"Everything is OK" 12:50:22
G20 Tactical Forces tears gas Pittsburg students - VIDEO 12:37:53
Oh Canada 12:22:08
Why did the Penske-GM/Saturn deal fall through? 12:15:02
PLEASE read this - International day of protest scheduled 12:14:14
Let's see what AJ has to say today 12:00:55
Missing link in economic recovery: NO JOBS! 11:46:37
Chicago ELIMINATED as Olympic site (in 1st Rd. of voting)! 11:36:04
Chicago just lost the Olympic bid 11:26:04
Top Things You Think You Know About Iran That Are Not True 11:21:55
The Next Big Crisis Brewing! (digg) 11:20:06
Happy Friday 11:04:16
Medina for Texas 10:14:42
'President Obama's Law to Privatize the Local Police Force.' Really? 10:08:10
More on Sibel Edmonds and repercussions of her testimony. 10:06:20
F.B.I. at my door for using the term of "Lawful Money"!! 10:04:55
Somebody call the Plunge Protection Team 10:02:43
Anyone have some stats on Ron's male & female supporters 09:48:59
US secretly tried to make deal with Goldman Sachs in wake of financial crisis 09:43:13
10-09-09 Constitution class Duquoin, Illinois 09:25:12
Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Iran 09:12:14
Jobless Report Is Far Worse Than Expected; Rate Rises to 9.8% 09:10:08
What if the US Dollar Went Away? 09:07:46
Billboard in K.C. 09:06:07
Are YOU for Solidarity or Stand Alone? 09:00:56
Let's run somebody for Govenor! 08:58:04
Everything is OK! 08:55:51
Will Ireland Keep Its Freedom? 08:53:26
Pentagon Sees U.S. Defense in 2010 for Iran Rockets 08:50:46
Daily Paul on Top 08:46:42
Obamas Citizenship trial set for Jan 26 08:07:44
Everything is OK. I repeat...Everything is OK 07:54:46
U.S. Judge Confirms an Innocent Man Tortured to Make False Confessions at GITMO 07:42:33
Exposing the Federal Reserve G. Edward Griffin 07:25:01
what's up with TD bank 07:22:44
A break in the privitization debate 06:59:41
Feingold statement opposing reauthorization of Patriot Act. 06:27:34
VERY Interesting! Google Flu Trends 05:55:43
Security Tool 04:38:46
US relinquishes control of the internet 04:22:43
Oct 1 2009 Sumatra Earthquake Footage 04:06:08
The Coffin Shaped Recovery 03:59:42
Big Bird questions First Lady about Birth Certificate 03:07:11
The Crumbling of America 02:17:31
Ron Paul on Fox & Friends 10/01/09 01:52:52
The only difference between voting in the old USSR and in the USA today 01:24:44
Ron Paul Says: "That's a Red Herring that there's Not Enough Gold in the World" Video 01:03:12
Update: Cynthia McKinney barred from leaving U.S.; arrived safely 00:12:04
APF - Whats logical? FreeManOnLand 00:08:17