Posted on October 21, 2009

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Ron Paul on the Phony, Competing Senate Bill to "Audit" the Fed: "We will not back down!" 11:15:44
New Film "Fall of the Republic" launches today! 15:33:08
Video: Woman's Life Ruined by Seasonal Flu Shot 09:28:54
C4L: Federal Reserve Accountability Act An Unacceptable Compromise 08:32:42
Doug Casey & Tom Woods: Is limited government an oxymoron? 08:46:26
Dr. Paul On CNN American Morning (10/20/09) 8:10 AM EST 08:46:25
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U.N.: Afghan opium is top killer, finances Taliban violence 23:39:14
Joint Economic Committee 23:33:54
Yesterday I was two years old 23:08:46
Propaganda video.. Sid the Science Kid Gets a Flu Shot 22:35:39
Thinking About Selling Your House? 22:11:50
a.k.a. Mr. Blue Interview Transcription 21:48:48
FDA lifts mercury limitations for Swine Flu 21:12:08
H1N1 Cases Overestimated? 20:59:00
Tampa Tribune owner Media General announces third quarter net loss of $62.5-million 20:57:10
Soldier on leave from Afghanistan commits suicide in theater 20:56:37
"The American People Want Fiscally-Responsible Health Care Reform"(But Paul Ryan Voted For First Bailout) 20:42:17
Defendant Refers To Court & Traffic Cop As "Revenue Agents (Bagmen) For The Government", Wins Case 20:33:28
Federal Reserve Money Creation 20:26:59
Help defeat Pelosi - John Dennis campaign is seeking volunteers 19:37:39
Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo 19:25:00
Too small for insurance 19:01:26
What "They" don't want you to know.... 18:58:35
Dr. Paul On Freedom Watch (10/21/09) 18:58:28
Maria Shriver is in the news a lot lately. 18:49:42
Why don't gays have the right to marry in our Republic? 18:38:18
Man arrested for being naked in his own home 18:33:00
Security Guard Arrested In Coffee Shop at Newark Airport For Making "Threating" Remarks About President Obama 18:20:42
Ron Paul On Tavis Smiley Tonight! (10/21/09) 18:00:41
Quote of the week: 17:58:08
U.S. troops are in Israel 17:39:34
Obama to cut bailed out executive salary by 90% ? 17:37:12
Feeling Poor? You should, you’re pay has been cut 22% in 9 years 17:24:00
Traitor Senators Trying to Water Down HR 1207/S604 17:14:58
Will hyperinflation help the banks? 17:06:16
Hmm... how did this slip under the radar? A Ron Paul comic book 16:48:58
You Might Be A Constitutionalist If... 16:41:31
Rand Paul Throws Down Pro-Life Gauntlet 16:28:23
Report: Secret Service strained to protect Obama 16:21:15
Ethics or Intimidation: Birther Judge Carter Stands To Be Recused 16:03:28
DHS: Buying Diapers is Suspicious Activity 15:43:05
I need help with a Healthcare Reform Town Hall 15:36:32
SA: Lindsey Graham's Hot Air Conservatism 15:32:47
oops! Another ACORN falls from the tree. Philly 15:28:31
Precious Metals Correcting Normally 15:28:01
SA: Who's "Un-American?" 15:27:27
The American Sucker-Holding A Bag Of SH*T 15:23:51
Bush Homeland Sec. Chief Advocates For Child Beater 15:20:47
Keene NH officials assault man in court 15:10:50
2011: Obama's Coup Fails 14:57:29
Stefan Molyneux reviews 'Capitalism: A Love Story' (mp3) 14:31:02
U.S. Continues Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons 14:29:33
The shocking truth about global warming 14:27:54
Agent Orange in Vietnam: Ignoring the Crimes Before Our Eyes 14:27:32
Conscious Evolution: Humanity's Freewill Choice WOW!!! 14:22:09
The Death of America: 20 Reasons America has Lost its Soul and Collapse is Inevitable -- MarketWatch 14:17:57
Question About Declaration of War 14:14:51
Russia Today: U.S. preparing to attack Iran? 13:51:48
Obama making Nixon mistake 13:36:48
The Fed Strikes Back! 13:36:33
No Private Property = Socialism = Communism = No Liberty 13:35:13
Federal Reserve Accountability Act An Unacceptable Compromise 13:28:54
Evolution takes a hit by fossil named "Darwinopterus" 13:11:46
Breaking Report-New Evidence Pointing to Mossad Total Involvement on 9/11 13:01:38
Foreclosures Are More Profitable Than Loan Modifications, According To New Report 12:57:55
Email from RP: Hey Lindsey! 12:44:50
Last night a Forum Post by OFallon Brent just dropped off the site! I am posting this info again so everyone can take action! 12:42:23
Congressma Paul: Hey, Lindsey! 12:40:55
Constitution Party Puts Weight Behind Camp FEMA 12:32:11
American Pie 12:27:34
America's Phoney War in Afghanistan 12:23:01
Ron Paul Knocks Out Lindsey Graham 12:16:10
Reefer Critic Needed: Denver paper hiring ! 12:10:44
The Cash Cops of Tenaha, Texas 12:05:07
German High Court Bans Electronic Voting 11:56:53
Video on the Founding Fathers 11:52:08
Never submit to a polygraph - It is a fraud! **** 3 steps to beating the "Lie Detector!" 11:45:39
Is Adulation of the Military Really Patriotic? 11:42:01 won't show you which individuals donated to President Obama 11:41:03
***WHERE is WHISTLE Blower story on Derivatives??? 11:15:41
Fees, not loans, help banks recover 11:14:29
UCLA: Internet use 'may improve brain function in adults' 11:05:35
Florida: Rubio slices into Crist's lead in Senate primary 11:04:55
Levers of Freedom 11:04:54
Homebuyers' Handout -- Worse Than Cash for Clunkers 11:02:51
Two Children in Iowa Survive H1 N1 Vaccination 10:57:45
Corruption: FHA Is Dying, Will Anyone Stop It? 10:57:16
The US Dollar just took a Nasty fall. 10:53:15
Next Generation Republicans will be the "Ron Paul Party" (AmConMag) 10:35:31
How to Challenge the Banks: Let's Take a Page from the 60s Civil Rights Activists 10:22:46
New Video! "CAMP FEMA" American Lockdown, by Constitutionalist Party 10:21:47
NYC Firearms Laws Regarding "Assault Weapons" and "High Capacity Magazines" 10:16:06
Alex Jones asks supporters to redouble efforts to save falling Republic 10:09:07
9/11 & Israeli 'art students' : more info 09:53:07
How The Federal Reserve Bailed Out The World 09:49:55
Upstart Israel lobby draws controversy--J Street 09:48:08
Citigroup , JP Morgan Chase , Wells Fargo and Others to Lose FDIC Debt Guarantees 09:46:43
6/27/2004 - KENYAN-BORN Obama Ready for US Senate 09:45:45
Public must learn to 'tolerate the inequality' of bonuses, says Goldman Sachs vice-chairman 09:45:16
Bailout Watchdog: Treasury's Secrecy Is Producing "Anger, Cynicism And Distrust" 09:42:37
The Dark Side of the ‘Special Relationship’~a battle of spy vs.spy. 08:59:00
Citibank, JP Morgan yanks Mastercard 07:56:10
Political Simulation Games 07:50:49
SC Patriot (BFrank) Needs Your Help! 07:34:39
FILM REVIEW - One Mainframe to Rule Them All c/o No Verichip Inside 07:26:05
Somebody please tell these guys that they're dead 07:15:13
Pat Buchanan on Oathkeepers! 06:49:06
CIA purchases stake in firm that Monitors Blogs, Tweets 05:28:25
Video: "Dying to Have Known" 05:28:00
Why did she have to turn out to be a Neo-con!? 05:07:46
I started a Rand Paul Blog 02:38:31
The Emporer's Mom is Not Wearing Clothes 01:50:59
Olympia Snowe, Healthcare, and the 17th Amendment 00:39:52
Hot button. Go for it ! Good music 00:22:23