Posted on October 23, 2009

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1,000 Pledges and Two New James Sugra Videos for Nov 5th Money Bomb 21:12:51
Ron Paul with Tavis Smiley 10/21/09 15:54:50
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An Alan Grayson Ad? 23:07:52
Chuck Baldwin: Are you a Constitutionalist? 23:01:41
HAARP in action? 22:21:53
How to lead people 22:21:29
When Asked Where the Constitution Authorizes Congress to Order Americans To Buy Health Insurance, Pelosi Says: 'Are You Serious? 22:09:57
just name 1, Government’s violations of the Constitution 22:08:26
need some assurance? get the insurance. 22:08:15
.UPDATE---My 7 year old is taking the swine flu ride, wife has it too, I am hanging strong so far. 21:47:52
Boston Herald: Bay State Libs Shun Barack Obama’s Visit 21:21:35
FDIC takes over 7 more banks 21:13:22
The Bill for $1.4 Million 21:02:03
CIA Invests In Firm That Monitors Internet 20:49:08
Peter Schiff video: dollar is now collapsing 20:24:32
breakdown of Romney care..spread this far and wide 20:06:34
Stossel debuts on Fox: Homebuyer credit fraud 19:56:39
Independent Voter Registration Beat Dems and GOP 19:34:04
It's Friday: Thanks for the "Beautiful Ride". patriots 19:31:10
The Three Constitutional amendments that would restore liberty. 19:25:07
Swine Flu: Is Meditation the Best Medication? 18:49:08
House HC bill (NOW) exceeds $1 trillion 18:34:53
China is buying the biggest TVs in the world 18:13:07
Peter Schiff: Dollar Forced to Abdicate 18:03:16
Video: FDIC Head Sheila Bair Attempts to Quell Crisis of Confidence 17:53:33
10/23/09 DOW 9,972.18 -109.13 -1.08% 17:32:31
FDIC closes number 100 - for round number fans 17:29:47
Dramatic Police Beating and Aftermath 17:26:37
Fall of the Republic EXTRAS 17:11:16
One More Trading Day Till….What? 17:03:32
73% of GOP Voters Say Congressional Republicans Have Lost Touch With Their Base 16:53:06
Ten Questions About Flu Vaccines That Doctors and Health Authorities Refuse to Answer 16:36:32
Pelosi's contempt for the Constitution. 16:30:50
SA@Takimag - Lindsey Graham's Hot Air Conservatism 16:30:00
Obama: 'Cynical claims' attacking energy bill 16:29:31
Who Is Behind Quashing the Birth Certificate Issue? 16:24:28
Dollar Forced to Abdicate-Peter Schiff 15:54:48
RT: U.S. attempting to regulate the Internet 15:42:28
RT: Iran wants to buy nuke fuel instead of enreaching abroad 15:34:23
Obama Administration's New US bill on "too big to fail" fix seen Monday 15:27:52
Lou Dobbs: John Stossel A "Self-Important Ass" (AUDIO) 15:23:36
SA: The Myth of Objective Journalism 15:22:44
Matt Tiabbi of Rolling Stone has more: 15:20:58
What you need to realize about the war 15:11:26
Supposed Ron Paul supporters posting offensive stuff on new GOP website? 14:35:24
Gary North: Gold Has No Intrinsic Value, get used to it 14:18:06 For Your Information 14:09:31
Bong Water Can Be Illegal Drug, Minnesota Court Rules 14:07:57
Gun Owners Win Opening Battle against ObamaCare. WOW!!! 13:59:14
I think the stock market has topped 13:34:41
NYS Vaccine Mandate Withdrawn! 13:43:33
Please Help! 13:08:10
Video: Brian Frank's Rain Barrel Harvesting System 12:46:18
UFO alert: police officer sees aliens at crop circle 12:43:49
Great Interview with Justin Raimondo up on YAL 12:38:12
Military Men are Dumb Stupid Animals to be Used as Pawns 12:32:15
LAPD Video - Inform on your neighbors! 12:31:33
Congress passes 'Pedophile Protection Act' 12:19:51
rhino: Fall Of The Republic - Full Length on YouTube 12:07:36
Young Obama's words in regards to the Constitution : "the distribution of wealth is not even mentioned." 11:33:14
TARP chief: Banks possibly 'in more danger now' 11:31:24
Help Needed! 11:27:04
Obama tries to exclude Fox News from the White House press pool. 10:57:35
US Drone Assassinations Are Only Making Things Worse 11:01:59
Goldman, JP Morgan and BoA Increase Political Donations as Key Decisions Loom 10:42:59
Bernanke urges Congress to act now on overhaul 10:40:18
How do we regroup after Obama's policies become law 10:33:13
‘Patriots’ can try to capture Obama in new online game 10:32:36
NY officials rescind mandatory H1N1 flu shot order 10:22:55
Today 10/23/09 Bernanke urges Congress to act on overhaul 10:15:22
Iran fails to accept UN uranium enrichment plan 10:11:17
rhino: Privatizing water discussion 10:06:22
Police vs Skateboarders in San Francisco 09:51:01
amazing pictures from China 09:44:13
Obama Adviser Concedes “Stimulus” about Out of Gas 09:42:53
rhino: Privatizing water discussion 09:14:59
Silver playing with $18.00 09:05:24
Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie 08:38:37
Teacher's Aides Accused of Waterboarding Autistic Boy 08:34:57
Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years 08:14:00
An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All 08:04:39
FDIC's Bair Wants Broad Authority To Ban All Future Bailouts 07:52:56
Freddie Mac, Given Oversight of Mortgage Mod Program, Falls Down on Job 07:24:35
New Jersey Pays Goldman Sachs for Swaps on Nonexistent Bonds 07:07:39
Are we the #1 liberators? 07:05:19
Goldman Sachs and “War Profiteering” 07:04:31
RNC Chair Steele 'not really' concerned about declining GOP support 06:57:45
Goldman Sachs Is Too Big to Tell It Straight: Jonathan Weil 06:38:38
Looking for a video about the true Glen Beck 04:58:06
The Secrets of OZ (Money Masters 2) 04:50:14
You don't have much, I don't have much 04:32:54
What a Wonderful World??? 02:22:39
Three New Navy Ships!!! 01:03:26
Graas Posts Another Laughable Column 00:49:31
A gift from Grandpappy Prescott? 00:26:36
Paperbugs 00:12:02
"Austrian" Candidates 00:04:47