Posted on October 24, 2009

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Alan Greenspan 1967: Gold & Economic Freedom 23:46:48
Shouting is the New Spanking 13:43:40
Obama Declares National Emergency Due to Swine Flu! 11:56:18
The Brotherhood That is Ron Paul... 11:53:42
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Grab your mics and web cams and Join us !! FearlessBroadcasting Open Discussion 23:45:19
U.S. Will Donate Part of H1N1 Vaccine Supply to Foreign Nations 23:44:35
possible credit dislocation:.... BE ticker 23:29:33
Better Safe than Sorry (H1N1 Mania at IU) 23:08:50
What You Didn't Know About The War 23:02:45
Dollar’s Doom Puts a Face on New $1 Million Bill: David Reilly 22:47:16
How they are turning off the lights in America: Global warming scam 21:08:54
Obama declares swine flu a national emergency 20:43:47
UK Event - Being Held in Kirkaldy, Scotland 12th Dec 20:31:29
Congressman says Obama plans to declare martial law 20:30:09
Planning for a war protest, assistance requested. 20:17:14
New Marriage Protection Act for the 2010 election to ban divorce in California. 19:54:13
Drudge Front Page " O 911 H1N1 " 19:52:44
Grayson v. Broun on the Constitution - EMBARRASING! 19:10:56
For Liberty 18:57:59
If this does not make you laugh, nothing will. 18:57:30
iSick of this. 18:31:01
Chris Simcox interview is up 18:30:47
Why Continental Congress 2009? 17:32:10
What should I tell my congressman about healthcare? 16:52:46
The Marxist vs Capitalist False Dichotomy 16:26:05
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 10/22 Talks About Lindsey Graham & The Sabotage (Audit the Fed )Bill In The Senate 16:15:46
CBSNews Blows the Lid Off H1N1 "Pandemic" 16:09:08
deleted 15:33:57
Lawsuit Would Further Expose Secretive North American Union Agenda 15:14:43
Solution to the Economic collapes: Odious Debt 15:01:28
Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker admits the Federal Reserve is private, and he attended Bilderberg Group meetings 14:54:25
Bernanke's trillion-dollar decision 14:52:11
Watch this video created by Harding College in 1948 14:51:50
Baird says Hedrick can’t win because of his association with the Paul Camp. 14:28:35
The FEDS ARE COMING!!!...The FEDS ARE COMING!!!! 14:19:49
Ron Paul Supporter Invents Video Game 14:12:41
Are we "Nationals" in a Free-Society or "Individuals?" 14:04:29
Message to my Pastor 13:36:07
NEEDS TO GO ON FRONT PAGE! Libertarian Party Founder David Nolan Calls Sarah Palin A Shill, Glenn Beck A Wanna-Be Libertarian 13:35:05
Bibi The Great 13:32:39
Medical Tyranny has Arrived 13:23:38
CHART OF THE DAY: Google Searchers Are Obsessed With The Dollar Collapse 13:22:53
No Child Left Behind allowed recruiters to collect info on millions of unsuspecting teens 13:20:15
Russell Longcore: Writing the New Texas Constitution: Avoiding Inherent Flaws 12:19:56
Avaroth is BACK! New Video >>> The Philosopher's Stone! 12:06:15
Members Of Senate... Members Of Congress... look in here... 11:54:53
Ron Paul at Joint Economic Committee Hearing 10/22 11:53:27
All pro-war, pro-billion dollar defense spending for killing machines, pro-Haliburton Neo-Cons. I hope you can sleep well. 11:50:53
Know the Obama Czar's by Shawn Roberts - Nice List - Quite Informative 11:32:24
Here's why THEY control YOU ** 11:28:22
How the US Military Used the No Child Left Behind Act 11:08:27
Senator's will not want to audit the fed. We'd see where the bailout money went? 10:56:32
German politicians agree to form new government 10:38:26
1948 Cartoon 10:31:57
Win $20,000 If you know the 10 Commandments 10:08:55
WAR IS OVER! If you want it. 10:04:27
Anybody know about CCRKBA? 10:02:02
India [hearts] Ayn Rand? 09:51:22
AP frames Palin as the third party compass - it's starting 08:32:50
Do you feel sorry for the Fox Noise Network?????? 07:53:37
If Obama Police State Succeeds in total American subjugation--IT WILL NOT LAST--years frm now,this WILL happen 05:46:12
Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan understands the ObamaCare plan 05:24:05
Is this how the bailout money is being used? 05:02:03
House Health Care Bill Exceeds $1 Trillion 02:53:37
U.K. Ministry of Defense "How to Stop Leaks" Manual - Leaked. 02:52:26
Disney offering refunds for ”Baby Einstein” videos to settle lawsuit 02:40:17
Bank failures hit 106 on year 02:29:51
Have you heard of the presinct build program that's been started within 02:01:35
The lunar hoax theory 01:50:09
Is the Constitution at the National Archives the original from 17 , or 18 01:45:53
Will the Real Price of Gold Please Stand Up 01:27:56
We don't know what Rand Paul Stands for yet. 01:27:04
What Happened 80 Years Ago Tuesday? 01:21:05
Rand's been in Kentucky longer than Grayson's been a Republican! <Please Digg> 00:44:00 Interviews Barney Frank 00:13:00
It is a personal choice, but I will not be getting the H1N1 vaccination.... 00:09:22