Posted on October 27, 2009

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CNN - Ron Paul to visit South Carolina 18:24:26
Liberty Event in Boston (Harvard Sq) 13:12:07
Are you SURE Marijuana should be LEGAL? 13:09:20
FOMC Meetings are tape recorded; full written transcripts exist 10:30:09
Here is a GREAT Drudge article today: U.S. official resigns over Afghan war 10:59:08
Protesters at Chicago ABA Meeting Target New Welfare Queens 09:48:34
Paul Craig Roberts on the New Welfare Queens 09:41:17
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"constitutional obligation to obtain Congress' consent." 23:08:11
City to Pay for Informing on Tax Cheats 23:07:03
Google Earth with Real time video coming soon 22:47:54
Rep. Alan Grayson Calls Fed Adviser 'K Street Whore' [video] 22:46:26
Karzai's Brother, who is a druglord, is on C.I.A. Payroll: NYT 22:42:45
It's not good enough to be aware of the false left/right paradigm 22:34:01
Favorite Finance news sites 21:47:54
Brock Lesnar OUT of UFC 106! This just sucks. 21:34:20
Mother Of All False Flags 21:27:56
rhino: Cradle to College Commission co-founded by Trey Grayson and ultra-left Jonathan Miller 20:47:21
Oath Keepers - Ready To Protect 20:46:04
Gardasil researcher pitches shot, audience comes away anti-vaccine! 20:44:50
Ed Thompson Announces Candidacy for 31st Senate District! 20:42:00
Say it ain't so Sarah... 20:18:44
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence admits to illegally keeping secrets\lying to Congress 20:01:25
Founding Fathers Quotes on FOREIGN POLICY 19:47:23
Dr. Paul has a congressional opponent in 2010: 19:24:40
Pelosi Vindicated? Report: CIA lied to her five times 18:52:38
FAKE FED AUDIT - Senate Bill S 1803 - at 2 CoSponsers 18:35:20
"The New 'Twilight Zone' -- Obama Declares Swine Flu Emergency" 18:26:48
Barney Frank: "We are trying on every front to increase the role of government in the regulatory area" 18:08:38
Bolton: Israel has a right to pre-emptively strike Iran 18:04:48
RT: The Bail Out: US rich reap fortune amid foreclosures 18:03:47 Declares War on Holdout Democrats 18:01:17
Obama Cannot Accept Nobel Prize Without Congress' Consent 17:57:00
First U.S. official - Matthew Hoh - quits over Afghan war! 17:40:51
RT: Pat Buchanan- White House vs. Pentagon 17:39:35
"Ron Paul" shouted by fan during WWE match 17:20:50
RP 4409: Swine Flu Depot....NOW OPEN 17:19:43
No Treat: Sen. Lindsey Graham Supports New National Energy Tax Video 17:17:55
Gold Blast Off Starts Friday- Patrick A. Heller 17:14:10
The Constitution is a contract and the contract has been broken. 17:08:51
Brzezinski Predicts “Defensive War” In Iran 17:02:54
Another way they are killing our kids: ADHD drugs linked to suicidal thoughts 16:59:13
Former head of FBI granted Italian citizenship 16:46:16
Bo Dietl Talks about the NWO on FOX Business! 16:45:19
Red State Fascist Challenges Ron for congressional Seat 16:40:09
Matthew P. Hoh, American Patriot 16:28:59
I'm a strong Ron Paul supporter who is strongly considering Anarchy as the solution 16:26:34
German politicians given a better H1N1 vaccine 16:08:46
Depleted Uranium is being exploded in US 16:02:52
ACORN To Regulate Financial Institutions 16:00:52
Fringe wingnut joins 2 year club on DP 15:58:28
Vigilante Justice 15:46:08
Privacy Coalition seeks investigation probe on Homeland Security 15:41:37
Ex-Gitmo detainees sue UK to make evidence public 15:22:16
I still need some help with the CC2009 15:20:48
Ron Paul will be in SC on November 9th at 7:00PM Monday 15:06:43
Marc Faber & Mike Maloney discuss the economy, gold & silver markets 15:05:37
Arizona taking bids for corporate license to kill. This is NOT good. 14:46:16
When Will Inflation Really Hit Us? 14:37:18
Gearld Celente: Wall Street has hijacked Washington DC 14:35:49
A Disease Deadlier Than Swine Flu by Charleston Ron Paul Examiner 14:16:32
Dismantling America Will the country wake up before it’s too late? By Thomas Sowell 14:09:53
The Latest C4L Update, Ron Paul discusses the H1 N1 "Emergency," health freedom, and Obama's interesting decision. 14:03:01
190 Nurses & Citizens in Sweden have Adverse Reaction to H1N1 vaccine 13:48:27
Ron Paul vs Rand Paul on Earmarks 13:48:03
Pete Hendrickson Found Guilty of Tax Evasion 13:30:52
The SMARTEST 1% support Continental Congress 2009. WOW!!! 13:23:24
Illegal in Miss. to use vacation time to help a campaign 13:17:08
PNAC founder says future of GOP lies with Glen Beck 12:59:41
Money Matrix 12:45:43
FYI Mr. Chris Simcox is NOT a Ron Paul Republican 12:45:27
Pawlenty bucks GOP, backs conservative party candidate. 12:39:39
Wired Magazine 12:32:28
Turkey, Iran & Israel 12:32:16
U.S. official resigns over Afghan war 12:24:31
Government May Block Websites During Pandemic 12:20:51
The Super Rich are Laughing 12:12:05
55 more US Soldiers that would have been alive had Ron Paul been elected. 12:09:44
I called Lindsey Graham's office today "Yeah, we know who you are!" 11:07:07
Can anyone here give me 1 solution Alex Jones has provided to help solve our problems other than buy my DVD? 11:04:31
Fred Reed tells it like it is.... why the military loses wars. 10:56:48
The Four Days With Wealth Masters International That Will FOREVER Change Your Life 10:41:40
Gary Johnson's New Book: "Seven Principles of Good Government" 10:28:13
Goldman Sachs says "dark pools" help investors 10:26:48
Featured on Drudge: U.S. Official Resigns Over Afghan War 10:07:58
U.S. official resigns over war in Afghanistan 10:04:14
Wife wants to get daughter the DTaP. Should I do it? Need Info. 09:57:32
Gary Johnson 2012 Breaking News 09:37:48
UK: Disarmed the citizens, now arming the cops 09:05:54
Pelosi & Franks Contact Bomb Let's get HR1207 to the floor 08:45:38
Do we have anyone to run against Harry Reid? 08:16:07
World Gathering for Truth 07:41:18
Your taxes hard at work... this one is personal! 07:37:10
Ron Paul on Iraq, Afghanistan, Terrorism, and impeachment. MUST WATCH 06:51:03
Citizens in Germany get the worse of 2 vaccines 05:44:06
Recession Drives Surge in Youth Runaways 05:25:55 is my hero. 04:56:00
The Marijuana Conspiracy--THE REAL REASON HEMP IS ILLEGAL!!! 04:12:25
Nationwide Tea Parties Against illegal Immigration Amnesty 03:27:18
NV GOP group forms PAC to oppose Lowden 02:27:55
Does anyone know why myspace and facebook both chose corporate logos beginning with lower case letters? 02:26:29
Free This Town 02:23:58
Student's Fighting Back Against Propaganda : The Time Is Now 01:30:41
Anyone else hear the Creature From Jekyll Island commercial on Mark Levin? 01:04:51
Sheriff Mack at the Midwest Liberty Fest 00:22:53
Pumpkin Carving (Special Techniques) 00:22:00
Ralph Nader vs Barney Frank 00:21:48
Rand Paul! Exporting the Debt *PLEASE DIGG!!!* 00:02:57