Posted on October 28, 2009

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Ron Paul: Placing Sanctions on Iran is an Act of War! (Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing) 10/28/09 22:13:38
DP Money Bomb Update 16:55:13
The $50 Lesson 23:29:24
Official Frank/Pelosi Daily Phone/Email/Fax bomb!!! 12:59:08
CNN: Will Ron Paul give it another go in 2012? 12:38:55
LA Times: Ron Paul, Gearing up for 2012? 12:20:38
Is the Trey Grayson campaign stalking Dr. Rand Paul? 23:29:25
Judge Napolitano on Libertarianism in the Military 08:42:23
Ron Paul on H1N1 Emergency 10/26/09 08:39:31
Ron Paul: Anything Less Than Full Disclosure is Unacceptable 08:39:32
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US Army Violating the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, again 23:47:45
Trey Grayson has issues now 23:06:59
Question. Would you swear an oath that you fully intended to break? 23:06:58
Democrats , Gun Control and 9-11 skyjackers as seen through the eyes of Archie Bunker 23:01:45
When This Is Known (my anti-war poem) 22:23:16
Ukraine News: Implementation of mandatory vaccination in Ukraine might have hidden agenda 22:04:08
Anyone remember the 1981 movie "The Wave"? 22:01:58
Classical Liberalism versus Anarchocapitalism! (via @mises) 21:32:43
Song For Oath Keepers & All Patriots On Daily Paul 21:16:32
Shotgun preteen vs. Illegal alien Home Invaders: 21:16:22
Front page - UW-Madison YAL showcases debt clock on campus! 21:14:52
Paying Teens to Not Get Pregnant 21:12:20
Those who attended the Nevada State Convention - read & respond! 21:07:31
Check this out... What did Obama do? 20:50:42
WoW!!! Barney Frank et al giving ACORN financial leadership!!!! 20:40:25
Let's Confront Al Gore! 20:33:41
CIA - The Real Drug Kingpins! 19:56:54
**LOST! the B17 thread - again - HELP** 19:53:43
Without My Consent My Ex Had My Kids Get The H1N1 Shot 19:52:46
Did Obama's children really get vaccinated? 19:20:21
iSNITCH: Keeping You Safe (and Scared) from Terrorists 19:17:06
Mr. President, Your Heroes are Watching 19:16:14
WOW! the US Navy has redifind themselves as "A Global Force for Good" 19:07:27
Mandatory Vaccinations? Tell the Feds & States to "Stick It" by Devvy 19:04:11
Random Question: Anyone make custom cowboy boots 18:52:43
Collapse Movie Trailer 18:50:54
Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell 18:43:39
WSJ: Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2012? Vote*)) 18:33:18
Gloom Spreads on Economy, but GOP Doesn't Gain 18:19:04
It's a game but nonetheless...sad, disturbing 18:03:51
11yo Girl Sets New Record for Field Stripping AR15 17:41:12
What You Didn't Know About The War 17:17:49
Articles of Impeachment. Dare we the people? 17:06:05
Montana issues first industrial hemp license 17:03:39
WoW!! Great Article: Health Care Bill Unconstitutional!! 16:52:28
My First Opinion Article in the University Newspaper! 16:42:21
Germany: Should US Newspapers Get State Aid? 16:40:45
Karzai Drug Dealing Brother On CIA Payroll – What A Shocker 16:34:12
10/28/09 dow close 9,762.69 -119.48 -1.21% 16:27:07
HITECH – Your Medical History in the Machine 16:12:23
Again, does anyone know, besides $1 DVD project 16:10:47
Another video about the Redskins cheerleader that got vaccinated 16:09:56
Ballots are FINALLY going to be counted in Nevada! 15:29:34
Report from the Forgotten Front ~ from an Iraq citizen 15:13:04
I need help! 15:04:19
Torture Charges Filed Against George W. Bush by Montreal 9/11 Truth 14:47:06
Transcript From Judge David Carter Hearing 10-5-09 / Now, Ms. Taitz, the lectern's yours, please. 14:46:00
House and Senate Republicans help to Subvert the Constitution 14:23:23
♠ Richard Dreyfuss on 9/11 13:56:37
Wishful Thinking~American Style~ Anti-War Cartoon 13:49:08
*NY FED* Pushed AIG to Pay Out 100% to Banks 13:25:46
Depraved Indifference: Drone Wars, Whack Jobs and Imperial Terror 13:24:09
You guys may have chickens, but look what showed up in my back yard this morning 12:53:57
DC congressional switchboard has message to support healtcare 12:58:36
Why We're In Afghanistan 12:40:54
Obama commits fMOOOOing TREASON again 12:38:48
Fed Up: The political movement to curtail the Federal Reserve goes from fringe to mainstream. 12:38:12
Schwarzenegger Approved State-Wide Smart Grid Deployment. 12:11:04
US Quietly Slips Funds Into Military Bill to Pay Off Taliban $1.3 billion 12:03:18
Gunmen storm UN guest house in Kabul, 12 dead 12:01:15
Stop Bleeding the Social Security Trust Fund! by Ron Paul 11:46:58
TN launches boycott of 'unconstitutional' federal laws 11:30:58
Obama Still Doesn’t Grasp Blowback 11:28:01
Afghan President's Opium Kingpin Brother on CIA Payroll...... Are we surprised? 10:30:10
Is this another buying opportunity? 10:22:02
Allied troops already outnumber Taliban 12-1 09:45:31
The Way it used to be.....The way it ought to be.....(Video) 09:33:29
Elliott Wave newsletter today regarding Gold valuation 09:30:16
Read the bills? How about reading the Constitution Congress? 08:48:42
George Soros: China Must Be Part Of The New World Order 08:48:37
Veri-Chips stocks Jump 186% 08:43:04
WSJ/NBC Poll: Americans Love Santa 08:24:27
Chinese Reject H1N1 Vaccine 07:51:39
Japan and US play war games in Hawaii. That's just sick. 07:33:19
Inrfrastructure failing, Americans incompetent to fix it. 07:22:31
Obama's spawn vaccinated 07:09:11
Besides $1 DVD project, does anyone know 05:52:49
Ron Paul Poll for 2012 03:36:30
Pay czar Feinberg increased base pay at U.S. firms - WSJ 03:27:40
Do you condone homosexual marriage? Why do we even have to 03:15:03
Gary Johnson for President 2012!?! 02:50:47
Chandler Jenkins: Mole Pawn for Trey Grayson 02:25:55
Brother of Afghan President Is on C.I.A. Payroll, Officials Say 01:58:29
Firearms Freedom: Montana, Tennessee and now Ohio? 01:05:03
Does he hit it out off the park on health care? 00:25:20