Posted on October 29, 2009

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The Southern Avenger - Pennsylvania Avenue Whores 21:26:40
912 Group Member: "I feel cheated that I was led to believe Ron Paul was a kook during the campaign." 13:05:12
Ron Paul to Geithner: Fed as Lender of Last Resort Contributes to Moral Hazard 23:52:36
Farmers in trouble: Milk Prices Drop 50%. Discuss. 10:31:39
Beck reaches more than 3 million with 20 minute monologue on inflation... 10:25:26
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Medical chief warns of extremists’ attacking flu vaccination campaign 23:41:19
Polls: US heading in wrong direction under Obama 23:30:34
You Are The Change! (my anti-war poem) 23:28:09
Video! Ron Paul CNN Larry King 10/29/2009, Response to Michael Moore 22:04:33
Video: Pasco’s Rapidly Deteriorating Economy 21:56:05
HR1207 Ron Paul we need a Discharge Petition now! 21:53:59
Go VOTE in this NPR poll: Obama v. Fox. We are winning but need to make it a runaway! 21:16:01
Tax Revolt idea 21:10:01
Hillary Clinton needs to put a sock in it... 20:52:37
We need a Ron Paul Comic Book 20:51:33
conference call Thursday 9 pm eastern to discuss how to fix our 20:45:37
House Republicans Look to Reverse 'Party of No' Label 20:44:59
instead of candy 20:23:27
I have my work cut out for me this holiday season. 19:59:49
Judicial Watch obtained documents regarding the Arts/Obama agenda 19:43:41
Ron Paul 2012 Bumper Stickers! 19:31:49
Ron Paul - How many Young Men and Women are we willing to Let Die 19:27:05
What is Wealth & Money? 19:13:09
"American bridges falling down, falling down..." 18:55:36
A woman among Warlords 18:47:14
Update (WOW) Just got a seat belt ticket in S.C. 18:26:50
Barney Frank's Office Indicating Verbally That If The Fed Is Audited The Revelations Will Be Distasterous 18:26:17
rhino: Letters to me from Congressman Driehaus regarding HR1207 18:23:23
Ron Pauloween Video (oldie but a goodie) 18:10:30
Ron Paul vs. Michael Moore 17:39:18
Cash for Clunkers Results: Taxpayers Paid $24,000 per Vehicle Sold 17:23:45
House Dems unveil health bill, cheered on by Obama 16:44:32
Innocent Man Imprisoned Because His Rifle Malfunctioned 15:55:52
Obama praise songs: American school kids 'indoctrinated'? Russia Today... 15:32:48
Remember the woman that stated TSA took her son? See the video of her at the airport here : 15:21:39
Cluster Bomb Trade Funded By World's Biggest Banks 15:10:49
Obama's Real Death Panels 14:34:55
Stimulus jobs overstated by 1,000s 14:28:28
Is this person a Patriot and Liberty Candidate for 2009 and 2010? 14:11:37
Advisory: Ron Paul to Lecture at University of South Carolina Yahoo News 14:10:14
Another video of school kids chanting Obama slogans 14:01:27
Department of Justice Admits: Democrats are TOO STUPID to know how to Vote! 13:55:54
Do you really want to make a difference? 13:48:17
Press Release: Democrats Unveil Health Reform Plan, C4L Has the Alternative 13:39:28
Joe Folland of Oath Keepers Speech Metro Detroit Freedom Coalition 13:38:38
Happy Days Are Here Again 13:26:55
Some good things in the Obama financial overhaul? 13:24:50
Pelosi: New health care bill is 'historic moment' 13:19:53
how do the atheist explain the fulfilling of these Bible prophecies? 13:18:51
Storm dumps 3 feet of snow on Rockies, plains, more forecasted 13:10:15
Has everyone voted and commented at Ron ? 13:08:14
November 5th money bombs 13:07:34
SA: Lindsey Graham's Hot Air Conservatism 12:49:54
Small Moneybomb Today? 12:46:11
Democrats Unveil Health Reform Plan, C4L Has the Alternative 12:40:32
White House Says No ‘Veracity’ to Argument That Forcing Individuals to Buy Health Insurance Is Unconstitutional 12:32:53
Obama's "too big to fail" plan blasted in Congress 12:29:46
Today is my 2 year dailypaul birthday 12:15:48
Debra Medina, Endorsed For Tex. Gov. By Ron Paul, On Alex Jones 3PM EST 12:13:14
Trends Research Institute founder predicts that the worst is yet to come 12:05:08
Milwaukee Goes to the Chicago Fed Nov. 22nd 11:32:11
Jim Rogers On Bloomberg October 28, 2009 – Where to Invest? 11:22:03
David Icke Warns Against Rioting (Martial Law) 11:21:01
Amarican Coliseum 11:17:56
Where are we at with HR 1207 11:14:27
Financial advice needed for debtor single lady 11:04:29
The Love Police 10:53:22
resignation letter of Matthew Hoh 10:50:37
Libertarian News Site 10:27:01 10:09:24
2nd Home problem 09:59:59
NSA Supercenters to Store Americans' Private Data Permanently 09:48:11
ALIPAC: Youtube: Shots Were Fired at Home of Lou Dobbs 09:31:22
House Committee On Financial Services- 09:31:30
doctor loses job over donuts 09:26:03
Davidson County GOP Moves To Oust Ron Paul-Supporting Vice Chair 08:49:29
One Light Bulb at a Time-Buy USA 08:23:57
Irv Kristol: How the neocon godfather rewrote the American Right 08:20:14
Why is America in the Middle East? IVAW Testimony 08:18:35
In Defense of Carol Swain A black scholar gets smeared as "an apologist for white supremacists." 08:16:21
Picture of the Day 07:44:26
Inside the Beast 07:19:23
Who owns your home? 06:49:47
FOX News Ambush Correspondent Griff Jenkins Tracks Down Florida Rep. Alan Grayson 06:32:34
CNN: Americans Have Drug Lords For Allies + RussiaToday: Karzai brother a drug-dealing CIA agent? 06:03:14
Non-linear, transformative group processes are necessary. 05:51:03
Four hundred grand for studying how to get people to accept a tax. 04:08:10
CNBC Screws Up Big Time 03:51:09
CNN's Campbell Brown Schools Fox News and MSNBC 03:13:02
Attention Sovereign Nerds 02:40:55
Department of Justice Admits: Dems are TOO STUPID to Vote! 02:38:02
Everything is ok - National debt clock style 02:32:32
Another video of school kids chanting Obama slogans 02:14:50
Deflation AND High Interest Rates?? 02:07:19
Might Ron Paul run for senate? 01:59:20
We Have uhhh a Role to Play in Ensuring uhhh Stability... 01:55:28
Flash Video for Liberty 01:46:39
Blog 01:38:39
Are drone strikes illegal? 01:29:09
2012 Election Strategy for Ron Paul 01:23:05
Economic Freedom, Alan Greenspan, Gold, Deficit Spending 01:21:42
Southland city bars restaurants from offering water to customers 00:59:14
"FALL OF THE REPUBLIC" DVD now available cheap 00:31:13
Advisory: Ron Paul to Lecture at University of South Carolina 00:27:38