Posted on October 30, 2009

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Because Mel Watt is the Chairman of the Sub Committee 19:38:12
Enough is Enough! It was you who made me believe in this cause. 19:38:11
Fox "News" Exclusive: US Army Recruitment Commercial as News 08:04:18
CNN Front Page - Ron Paul: Let the dollar prove itself 08:05:18
CNN Larry King: Ron Paul vs. Michael Moore 21:36:41
Daylight Savings Time: "Only the Government" 08:04:17
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Audit the Fed Bill Gutted - YouTube call to action 23:48:51
Oath Keepers 23:48:25
MSM rant 23:14:29
2nd Amendment webcast lecture 23:11:02
Should Ron Paul Racing rise again? 23:06:41
Obama lifts a ban on entry into U.S. by H.I.V.-positive people 22:49:45
Video NEW House Health Bill Is 1,990 Pages! 22:10:18
9 Banks closed; all posted at once; $19.4B assets 22:02:09
Do you read the Review of Austrian Economics? 22:01:39
DON'T PANIC! Graphic representation of H1N1 flu deaths to date 21:56:42
US DOD Nuclear Weapon Espionage Arrest! 21:54:26
New children's book: 'Why Mommy Loves the State' 21:20:06
Finnish Chief medical officer says the swine flu pandemic is a hoax! SHE WAS FIRED weeks later! 21:04:11
Swine Flu Propaganda is Working. Watch the effects 20:36:38
Interesting - LBJ feared plan "to get us all" 20:20:08
All I Want to say is that "They Don't Give a Crap about Us" 19:50:01
Less than $2000 for RJ Harris - this is just sad - a DP and endorsed candidate money bomb raises so little 18:56:49
Weekend Watching - Anarchism Versus The State 18:55:11
Lew Rockwell: "Down with the Presidency" 18:32:27
The Fed is paying banks to keep TARP money in reserves instead of loaning it to Americans 18:22:56
Path clears for House to OK compromise health bill 18:21:01
How many CNC qualified person's with access to a 18:19:06
PFP Movement Radio Live! Chatroom Now Open! 18:13:36
(MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon” (Old News) 18:12:33
Pakistani to Clinton: Drones "executions without trial." 18:11:04
Gore Vidal is one sick SOB 18:03:51
My Halloween Costume: Obama's Health Care Plan.... 17:35:24
John Dennis Speech from Walnut Creek Tea Party 10/28/09 (original text) 17:30:34
The Federal Reserve lies about United States Notes (Lincoln Greenbacks) 17:26:09
Lord Monckton kicking ass on Glenn Beck right now! 17:19:57
Watch Glenn Beck NOW - Lord Monckton is ON!!! 17:02:21
Jon Stewart takes on Fox News 16:41:26
Acala was right! Obama's Anti-Gun Agenda Heads To Supreme Court 16:40:14
Gold is starting to de-couple from Stock Market / Dollar movements 16:30:54
Peter Schiff: Phony GDP Growth VIDEO 16:30:19
Global Warming to be catalyst for NWO? 16:27:20
if you think inflation is going to destroy us- i suggest you read this... 16:20:39
Anyone notice how little "news" there has been about anything? 16:07:11
Just another GREAT Daily Paul day! 15:50:21
States Sue Amgen for Drug Sales Kickback Scheme 15:49:07
The Fruits of Intervention 15:40:22
Too early in the day for bank failures? 15:39:33
WaMu, bank runs, zombies and Bair oh my 15:38:20
Charity for the poor 15:35:28
The First Dr. No 15:31:54
MSNBC: Dylan Ratigan Dresses As Thomas Jefferson and Warns Against Central Banks 14:57:18
Congressional Ethics Report Leaked - Reveals Names and Secretive Process Of Ethics Policing 14:45:01
10/30/09 DOW close 9,712.73 down -249.85 -2.51% 14:44:18
The "Say it ain't so" blog 14:36:34
Hoffman vs Scozzafava 14:33:24
Im going to pick up a few hundred Constitutions from Congressman Inglis's office 14:16:04
Ecuadorean President - Obama's Policy Dictated by US Military, Intelligence and Corporations 14:14:55
Obama claims job creation - MARKETS PLUMMET 14:01:47
Conflicting news on the Iran Nuke Deal 13:59:45
Treaty of Lisbon ratified, Eurosceptic Czech president concedes with "opt-out from its charter of fundamental rights" 13:33:29
Successful tax attorney Dickstein gives advice to potential non-filers 13:29:20
Golden Accumulation Opportunity 13:26:52
Peter Schiff- "Bernanke is whacking it" 13:22:44
Weird formation in sky over Romania 13:13:35
my thoughts on ron running... 12:25:09
An early weekend smile for you 12:06:07
Glenn Beck's Enemies on the Right 12:05:04
CNN: Ron Paul: Let the dollar prove itself 11:45:48
Leaked report reveals dozens of Congressmembers under investigation 11:38:47
Claim: New Hampshire cop being turfed for supporting pot legalization 11:35:55
Daily Show under fire for covering Israeli-Palestinian conflict 11:33:16
Merck Scientist Admits Cancer & AIDS Came From Vaccines 11:26:11
Question: Can a landlord prohitbit firearms on their rental property? 11:17:14
Ron Paul FRONT PAGE CNN!! I am Sad and Mad!! 11:12:35
A GOP Civil War in Upstate New York 11:04:02
Clinton faces Pakistani anger at Predator attacks 10:45:11
Tracking Rand at Church 10:26:35
Barack Obama fails to defeat conservatism; Ron Paul is Rising 09:43:10
Willing to give up blue skies for a climate fix? MSNBC front page 09:39:13
Antiwar Radio Interview with Charles Goyette~ The Dollar Meltdown 09:30:05
Cops conduct 'Decoy Shoulder Tap Program' throughout state 09:15:02
Grand Illusion- The Federal Reserve 09:13:45
RP on front page of CNN: "Let the dollar prove itself" 09:11:14 wants to know if ron paul should run in 2012. 09:01:26
Antiwar Activists Reawaken as Obama Weighs Afghanistan Strategy 08:56:17
How to Play the Gold / Silver Ratio (Gold up 20% YTD; Silver up 56%-Oct 23)) 08:51:16
Barney Frank Says "Too Big To Fail" Bill Will Be Changed 08:49:03
The Fruits of Intervention By Patrick J. Buchanan 08:48:09
The New York Times’ Coming Jihad Against The Huffington Post 08:47:26
Peter Schiff (and MISH): Is a Home an Investment? 08:46:29
A Remarkable Comparison: Affordable Student Loans vs. Affordable Housing (MISH) 08:45:38 Fights Back After White House Attack 08:43:49
SILVER: BULLISH BEYOND BELIEF By Theodore Butler 08:42:15
This is a very bad idea! Non-English domain names 03:41:29
Please DIGG! Grayson Spys, blocks cameras! 03:08:37
Ron Paul Racing, should it rise again? 02:44:38
Ron Paul 2012 Money Bomb!!!!! 02:35:46
Mises on Natural Law: It doesn't exist! 01:13:46
Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan sounds like he's one of us 00:35:53
Ron Paul on capitalism (relevant to Anarchism debate) 00:31:35