Posted on October 31, 2009

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Must Read! New Ron Paul Article in Forbes: "Be Prepared for the Worst" 22:30:00
DIGGIT! GOP FRAUD in NEVADA Comes to Light, Ballots Finally Counted! 19:40:09
Criminalizing Everything: Garage Sales Under Attack 08:57:53
We DID win in Nevada! The ballots are FINALLY counted. 02:13:14
Federal Government Putting Small Toymakers Out of Business 01:26:39
Jive Dadson: EMERGENCY! Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill in Trouble 01:28:14
RJ Harris Money Bomb Today! October 30, 2009 01:21:56
C-SPAN - the full length HR 1207 hearing! 11:28:52
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Chevron's Man in Ecuador: Felon, Drug Tafficker, and Liar Oh MY! 23:54:46
HELP with the classified list 23:35:10
Candidate Appeals 23:25:04
What's in it for the Fed? 23:22:17
Geithner wants more than one trillion for banking bailouts, and no votes. 23:11:48
Third-party runs are for real in N.J., N.Y. races 22:22:55
Halloween fun -- Larken Rose interviews Satan 22:12:53
Constitutional War 21:50:29
EXPOSED: The US President's Family Tree 21:17:28
How are we safeguarding the Continental Congress from the wrong people getting in? 20:17:09
New Ron Paul Interview with King World News (mp3) 20:12:17
Money as time 20:07:59
Youtube: Peter Schiff on "The Real Story" 20:07:36
Spread some PEACE this Christmas holiday season 19:16:07
Remember, the 5th of November 18:51:18
Another Patriot Runs For Congress! 18:28:50
Jake Towne on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano 18:19:46
Baltimore Police Officer Suspended After Pulling Gun on Halloween Haunted House Character 17:52:52
Barack Obama Worked For The CIA - John Pilger 17:28:58
More layoffs at NASA 17:11:53
Peter Schiff "Face the state" preview 16:53:47
Hartford Courant: "Peter Schiff comes in from the fringe: Give us more! 16:41:18
Obama's Halloween Executive Order 16:12:55
Ron Paul: Important News on Audit the Fed 16:02:04
These are the BEST Suggestions I've seen for CC2009. Take a look. 15:12:52
New Hampshire cop being turfed for supporting pot legalization 15:05:58
Nazis learned eugenics from USA 14:46:33
How Many Believe this? Carol Rosin - The Final Deception of the Alien False Flag Agenda 14:18:31
Am I Right or Am I Right? 14:09:03
_(o)..(o)_ 14:04:18
Fargo, North Dakota camera team we need your help 13:56:47
Continental Congress 2009 - The Next Step For A Free People 13:44:57
Biological warfare...? 13:22:34
CC09, The SINGULAR HOPE, UNSUPPORTED by Dr. Paul, C4L, Daily Paul, Libertarians in general. 12:40:55
►Breaking: NY-23 Scozzafava Drops out | Conservative Purge has begun! 12:36:42
Video on Fall of our Republic 12:13:50
Putting Wealth into perspective 12:02:54
The Truth About ObamaCare: It Tramples Over Constitutional Rights 11:59:29
Rahm Emanuel to Disarm America: "#1 Issue:" Gun Owners are Terrorists 11:16:54
BREAKING: Scozzafava suspends NY 23 campaign 11:15:59
9 more Banks Fail!! 11:05:19
On the Edge with Max Keiser 30 Oct 2009 11:01:18
What to do about Mel Watt? Feel free to add here 10:16:26
WWRPD-HR1207 10:05:50
Campaign for Liberty ~ Ron Paul's Weekly Update 10-30-09 09:17:07
Ready to REALLY end the Fed? 09:08:18
Bachman asks for help in DC on November 5 :) 08:28:45
Former U.S. Official Says His Resignation Over Afghan War Is Drawing Support 08:28:30
Welfare: How Much Longer Can It Last? 08:22:40
The answer to 1984 is 1776! 08:20:53
SC Asst AG resigns 08:13:30
UK Chief Drug Adviser forced out for telling truth about pot / alcohol 08:07:30
Is this why Heath Ledger "overdosed?" "If you represent freedom then you fight for peace." 07:55:50
Got a "sharpie?" 06:56:45
Oath Keepers 1/2 (Video) 06:08:59
Continental Congress 2009 05:50:04
Alex Jones Drafts Ron Paul for 2012 Presidency Bid 05:34:40
Debra Medina {In-Studio} on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:Debra Medina for Texas Governor 2010 05:32:51
Swine Flu Posters to download and print out. 04:37:29
To reclaim our Rights we must follow a proven three-fold plan. We are two thirds there patriots! 03:10:47
Maybe it just fell off the active list but.... 02:02:13
Gay rights campaigner James Rennie jailed for life over paedophile ring 01:49:29