Posted on October 4, 2009

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Seasonal-flu shots halted in Canada 23:24:52
China and Japan begin talks on forming "East Asian Community" 19:38:51
APF Spokeswoman Breaks Down During Press Conference (Hardin, MT) 20:11:45
The Ron Paul Story 23:00:25
Ron Paul on The Daily Show 13:57:23
Louisville Courier-Journal: Senate candidate Rand Paul raises $1 million 12:40:43
Peter Schiff Interview - Washington Post 04:14:31
Judge Napolitano rips pot laws and has guest from NORML 00:01:02
Frontline - Obama's War 19:49:12
We Need Your Help In Hardin, MT! - NOW! 19:48:18
Hardin, Montana, tip of the iceberg? 19:48:44
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Systemic Failure Approaches 23:47:09
Changes to APF Website, Contract 23:34:39
Billions in U.S. Aid to Pakistan Diverted to other Causes 22:55:10
Let's Pay Close Attention to Max Baucus 22:50:21
Neo-con sheep vs realist 22:50:19
Neo-con sheep vs realist 22:49:19
Architects of Control : Program One - Mass Control and Future of Mankind 22:28:12
The Silver Shortage Will Come - Israel Friedman 20:46:00
For Liberty - a very bias movie review 20:22:03
March on the Media - Operation Can You Hear Us Now? 19:46:14
Mom left to wonder when she'll see 4 kids 19:44:11
Judge Napolitano on Iran War Rhetoric 19:36:24
Mike Rogers - Health Care Discussion 19:07:22
Waves of new fund cuts imperil US nursing homes 18:58:00
CA GOP supports FED audit! 18:32:21
Localize Freedom- A Critique of the rEVOLution 18:15:53
The Ron Paul Family Singalong 17:59:45
Former Japanese finance minister Shoichi Nakagawa found dead 17:57:35
Max Keiser: On the Edge; Deflationary Economic Collapse 10/2/09 17:51:56
Obama: Rothchild's choice, DVD available from 17:38:09
Rethink Afghanistan: Documentary 17:14:07
UN Inspector Scott Ritter: Fools would Bomb Iran 17:13:58
Jim Sinclair on King World News – Pandora’s Box is Open for Hyperinflation 17:12:19
On Security, Obama’s ‘Coalition of the Willing’ Takes Shape~ Ron Paul Stands Alone 16:59:20
Rich Dad - Silver is the best hedge against inflation 16:49:51
Leading Chinese Communist Party official argues for exterminating U.S. population (2005) 16:06:41
Reviewing Project Censored's Latest Top 25 Censored Stories 15:26:25
World Bank welcomes New Economic Order from the Ashes of Crisis -- Guardian 15:02:02
Ron Paul is Wrong Paul (How One Democrat Sees Us) 14:51:55
History They Won't Teach in School 14:44:57
Linsey Graham blamed Glennn Beck earlier today on Fox News 13:21:43
Marc Faber No Revival in US, Big crisis ahead, Oct 3, 2009 13:04:47
Video - SNL skit enumerating Obama's lack of accomplishments. 12:59:39
Let's Talk & Have fun: Identified SHILL for Obama ***** HERE 12:58:59
Who is Your Favorite Changemaker? 12:58:24
Architects of Control : Program One - Mass Control and Future of Mankind 12:58:14
Hilarity courtesy of Hot Air 11:49:20
VIDEO: Barack Obama Communism Billboard Surfaces in Missouri 11:28:04
Never underestimate the soul of an old Patriot 11:20:42
Judge Napolitano on Iran War Rhetoric 11:08:20
FBI Releases ‘EDITED’ OKC Tapes 10:51:25
Hardin: A Clearer Picture Emerges 10:48:14
Great insights from Suze Orman on Larry King Live 10:30:47
"America The Poisoned" - H1N1 truth in spades (link added now - duh!) 10:06:31
We can only hope that this kind of clear thinking assessment 10:05:42
Phoenix Cop tells a retired nurse about forced Mandatory Vaccinations! 09:39:09
8 more Soldiers die in Afghanistan! But, why and for what? 09:01:10
War On Islam: Iran War, Scenarios 08:39:38
Ron Paul and AXJ Join Forces to Audit the Federal Reserve 08:22:19
This looks CIA staged 05:44:43
Your Religion Stinks 04:37:01
Cops Taze Teen on bike from car - Runs Teen Over Killing him 03:58:09
We're Calling You Out! 03:27:11
Nationwide End The Fed Rallies 11.22.09 02:40:10
Marc Faber's ship captain analogy 01:56:40
Ireland amends Constitution, saying yes to the EU 01:39:11
Looting of America on CoasttoCoast 00:52:05
Ron Paul Foreign Policy Speech 9/30/09 00:34:50