Posted on October 6, 2009

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Court Grants Fed Stay in Bloomberg / FOIA Bailout Disclosure Case 21:41:51
YAL September 2009 Report from Jeff Frazee 21:44:59
Fall of the Republic: Trailer Featuring Dr. Ron Paul 14:03:52
MarketWatch: Ron Paul has America hungry. 11:52:44
Ron Paul: Bombs and Bribes 10/5/09 08:18:15
Michael Moore Wants to End the Fed (He Just Doesn't Realize It) 11:27:43
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SAS: Schiff and foreign policy 23:41:50
Here comes the Gestapo...... 23:38:16
Fox News Hannity Show with Dick Morris explains how the United States signed its economic soverignty over to the IMF at the G20 23:33:33
Freedom Watch #42 with judge Napolitano "Second Amendment Battle" 23:29:51
Glenn Beck to review swine flu vaccine on TV show October 7th; Will he tell the truth? 23:12:47
The Missing Link …UN Agenda 21 - You Must Read this! 23:02:54
Yet Another Failed Presidency 23:00:02
U.S. to Trade Gold Reserves for Cash through 22:17:33
Anyone noticed more talk of violence in the past few weeks? 22:12:54
Police State USA: Criminalizing Everyone 21:55:31
Anarchy in Your Head 21:52:01
Obama's Speeches: President Mentions Self Nearly 1,200 Times in his first 41 speeches as POTUS 21:48:55
Contacting Gerald Wall 21:41:12
rhino: I wish to opine about Alan Keyes 21:35:03
Axelrod meets with Ailes of (Fox News) 21:20:35
Currency Issues - Want Answers 21:17:59
Threat of Next World War may be in Cyberspace: UN 21:16:33
Welfare Poem 20:30:19
I just got exposed to H1 N1 today. 20:15:27
Gold exuberance index 20:15:00
Iconography 20:12:43
Man Murder's Apple inc... 20:08:47
United States Surveillance Temple Being Built 20:06:35
History They Won't Teach in Schools 20:05:39
Vaccination drive could use a pollster 20:02:56
Gold on the verge of a historic bull run! 19:58:37
Any active day traders on the DP? 19:56:12
New Secretary of Education on the Colbert Report, CREEPY! 19:53:19
audit this 19:37:32
The Dollar Crisis continued 18:57:39
MSNBC's Ed Schultz smears Peter Schiff with half of Schiff quote 18:41:22
Don't Inject Me*)) Anti-Vaccine Song 18:35:54
picture of the day! 18:29:16
The GOP bosses contracted an Oilman to run against Dr. Paul in district 14 18:23:46
I have an idea 18:05:35
Raiders cornerback thinks he was flagged because of his religion 18:04:54
Robert Fisk on the Gulf 'ditching the dollar' in oil trade 17:57:51
#6 on digg: obamas mamas nude pics 17:40:43
Glenn Beck talking about the dollar... 17:23:17
Ben Bernanke - Halloween Decoration 17:13:27
Bluegrass Politics: Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race a tough fight 17:11:30
Michael Shanklin Returns! 16:55:36
The Latest Signs Of Complete Economic Meltdown: Phase 2 Begins 16:20:27
Is It Bad If World Rejects the Dollar? 15:52:42
16th Amendment - IRS Taxes - News to Me 15:51:40
Derry Brownfield Show -FOOD SECURITY- 15:44:43
U.S. To “Jail” Illegal Aliens In Hotels, Nursing Homes 15:38:44
At the UN, the Obama administration backs limits on free speech. 15:13:59
RT: Americans want troops out of Afghanistan 15:00:54
Local Currencies- Why Not? 15:00:13
Are The "Pilgrims" Cecil Rhodes' Famous Secret Society? 14:57:21
my prophetic vision 14:23:37
Judge says Constitution amended by "long course of history" NOT ratification 14:21:33
GOP backing off scolding Alan Grayson over rhetoric 14:16:28
Liberty Litmiss Test 14:13:17
Top 100 items to disappear off the shelves first 14:11:38
New Movie Trailer for "Fall of the Republic" by Alex Jones 14:07:01
Autism up 50% in Two Years 13:58:09
Markey's new Net Neutrality bill backed by Time Warner? 13:46:59
Russia surpasses Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer 13:35:49
Be careful how you vote in 2010 13:33:51
The Great Poisoning of America Begins, October 2009 13:25:03
Today and the similarities of the great depression 13:07:27
86% of Economics professors during Great Depression supported ending the Federal Reserve 13:01:16
Ron Pauls Congressional seat challenged 12:53:20
Gov. Schwarzenegger signs executive order - Declares State of Emergency (H1N1 SWINE FLU) 12:51:35
Squeeze Play:Militarists and Media Close Off Alternatives to War 12:50:50
Top Nine Reasons NOT to get your children vaccinated: 12:50:01
SDR to replace gold franc at the BIS (2003) 12:43:04
Will GOLD ever go back down to under $100/oz?? 12:05:55
Key ObamaCare vote within 48 hours 11:36:01
IBM Builds 'Bar Code Reader' for DNA 11:22:16
Peter Schiff On-line Poll In His Home State Newspaper! 11:20:24
Gold Rush 21 Conference 11:18:25
FUSION CENTERS-ECHELON Big Brother/PTB tapping the minds of the Opposition, Potential Opposition 11:16:52
Schiff or anyone, ?!, contracts in $s, how to protect 11:16:49
FBI & Colts Register Kids Today: Indianapolis 10:55:40
How Nice Are We? What chimps can teach us about our mess of emotions. 10:52:03
Ok prechterites... explain gold now.. 10:21:58
I need help any suggestions? 10:00:37
TD bank glitch 10:00:19
Hard-Core Free-Marketeer: A Conversation With Peter Schiff: Investor, Critic, Candidate 09:46:17
ANOTHER Gold Record High Today! $1,081/oz so far... 09:42:23
Loans on apartment buildings have led the real estate industry in defaults 09:39:05
#6 on digg:obamas mamas nude pics 09:30:17
John Elway video: Liberty head gold coins sign of terrorism 09:14:58
Gold $1037 09:13:01
Elite Conspiracy on Yahoo finance news page 09:10:37
Here is another reason to stop paying your taxes 08:59:22
Is there a goldbug in the house? New record high? 08:52:30
In An Ideal America Every Person Should Be Free 08:47:55
Instead of Bombs and Bribes, Let’s Try Empathy and Trade by Ron Paul 08:15:47
Supreme Court: A Tennessee school's ban on T-shirts with Confederate flag will Stand 08:11:17
Minorities vow ad campaign to back health care overhaul; Ads Designed by LA RAZA 08:09:49
Talk to me...quick metal poll 07:54:01
The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to review a Florida law that requires students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance 07:37:27
How to Spot a Terrorist (Video) - Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) 07:21:01
For the NEW, and CURIOUS! Ron Paul video collection, my favorites! 07:05:29
Fed Should Release Borrowers’ Names, Bloomberg Says (Update2) 06:50:30
OK, now I ma curious. Is every thread approved by mods now? 06:41:05
100% reaction rate to seasonal flu shot (unofficially) 06:29:47
InfoWars Helps Expose the Next Tea Party as Neocon Nuttery 06:25:29
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ALERT!!! Obama and his Minions Planning Stealth Amnesty 05:43:44
US Cedes Economic Independence To IMF 05:28:05
Come check out the Midwest Liberty Fest 05:17:00
Superficial Lazy Defense of the Fed Against Ron Paul 03:13:52
A Call to Action 02:49:49
Ron Paul Becomes a Democrat 02:42:21
Calif. judge orders head of Hardin jail project to court 02:35:29
Mass Arrests at Obama-Occupied White House 02:31:15