Posted on October 8, 2009

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Updated! Quiltingsando's Liberty Symbol Now Available 11:08:04
Jake Towne - "Preparation Time Is Running Out" 11:15:55
The Death of Freedom in America 11:08:03
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What Is The Liberty Coalition? 23:53:34
dont forget, NONE OF YOU are "U.S. Citizens"...unless you reside in D.C.* 23:42:21
I like worldnet daily, but this is wrong... 23:26:47
END THE FED T-shirts!! 23:22:41
How to use my bond 23:20:02
Today's C4L mailing on "The Cybersecurity Act of 2009." 23:00:18
Family Affair 22:48:10
UNBELIEVABLE! Former White House Speechwriter Suggests Military Coup Could Oust Obama 22:21:58
New book - The Dollar meltdown 21:53:50
Thank you Time Magazine 21:41:58
John Mayer arguing about Ron Paul with Justin Long 21:37:43
How Does Bank Atlantic Remain Solvent? 20:51:23
I heard Ron Paul today on my car radio 20:44:45
Joker Poster Party 20:25:40
Family Affair, video? 20:25:01
"Compassionate Racism" vs "Willie Lynch Racism" 20:05:51
Cybersecurity Act Returns With a Fresh Coat of Paint 20:04:16
Cops attack peaceful anti-war protest in Rochester, NY 19:48:43
Official: H1N1 Created In The USA By Scientists 19:22:17
End the Fed! Replace it with... IMF and the World Bank?! 19:17:01
Rand Paul Video's By Wendy Macy 19:16:16
The velocity of money is increasing, if this continues... 18:55:00
Faith-healing parents charged in death of infant son **THOSE WHO DON'T VACCINATE COULD BE NEXT***** 18:51:23
For Liberty Movie Interview today! 18:43:09
S773: The Internet Takeover Bill - Sign the petition! 18:37:43
Another case of "Never dial 911" 18:34:33
1 million stopped and frisked 18:13:10
MSM tries to smear Schiff: "I Didn’t Compare Senate Race to Fighting Nazis" 17:39:32
Anyone know how to reach Lt Col Donald SUllivan? 17:38:25
Make Them Argue the Science of Current Global Cooling and Solar Minimum! 17:26:57
Food Freedom & Safety - An argument to my socialist friends 17:19:01
Saudis: Give Us Money if You Cut Back on Oil 17:15:36
How Long Before We Become A Nation of CA's 17:10:12
Tomorrow We Bomb the Moon 17:09:16
The Culmination of Our Revolution: New Leadership Being Chosen! Vote for your Delegate for the Continental Congress 2009 17:07:59
Janeane Garafolo gets ripped a new one 17:06:14
Poll on Lou Dobbs website : Should we bring our troops home! 16:56:28
Fighting Afghan War vs. Future of America 16:51:57
Obama Adviser Z Brzezinski: 'It's easier to kill a million people than it is to control them' Speech to British Elite 16:50:05
God help us! 16:47:53
H1N1 Nosode 16:19:57
Short-Selling Vs. Naked Short-Selling: An Explanation (Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone) 15:48:07
A Leading Economic Indicator: Lumber 15:42:00
Pot legalization gains momentum in California 15:28:15
Regular flu vaccination contains H1N1? 15:20:54
MTA False Advertising about inflation in NY 15:15:06
Call to postpone the confirmation of Ben Bernanke 15:07:38
Jesse Kelly AZ Congressional Candidate: Libertarian or Neo-Con? 14:55:01
Hello fellow patriots! 14:54:44
Any Beck lovers ever think to ask Beck about COG? 14:46:33
Time to short the market 14:27:15
Vaccine hypocrites in government and pharma - - Do as I say, not as I do 14:23:23
Dollar tumbles: Asian countries intervene 14:20:19
2x Anti-gun bills AB962 and SB585 were passed~ sadly, AB962 was signed today 14:00:33
VeriChip Corporation's H1N1 Technology Platform to be Featured at 5 P.M. on Glenn Beck Show 14:01:18
Innoculations Exposed: Contaminated With Cancer Causing Simian Virus Since The 1940s 13:57:37
Ron Paul, With Nothing Better To Do, Asks To Delay Bernanke Confirmation 13:29:24
3 Days To the National Equality March: Map with Route 13:13:50
Gold And The Watched Pot Theory -Mish 12:38:26
Tony Benn Speaks Some Truths About Gaza To The BBC 12:30:26
Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense 10/07/2009 – The Greatest Depression 12:25:05
Gold over 1060US$... 12:14:18
OMG! Health Bill Hell! Call your Reps NOW!!! Red Alert, Red Alert!!! 12:03:14
2009 Proof and Uncirculated Gold and Silver Eagles Canceled 12:03:08
Congressional Black Caucus comes out strong for Rangel 11:53:46
Homeowners could lose insurance coverage over Chinese-drywall woes 11:50:35
Awesome debt clock 11:34:46
Economy? This website tells it all. 11:34:06
Breakfast at school now is on the principal 11:20:39
eight signs of terror 11:06:26
FARC troops now with bases in Ecuador... 11:06:06
Overpaid Celebrities for Health Care (vid) 10:45:16
In the name of humanity, the embargo must end 10:17:25
Dolton Cop Beats Special Needs Student On Camera 10:12:08
Epitaph on Empire 10:08:29
A War of Absurdity 10:02:34
Japan threatens to kick out US troops 09:55:06
Gold Rises to Record for Third Day on Dollar 08:41:42
Heroes among us 08:35:33
"We are the children of America" 08:28:08
Today is the big day! 08:19:48
The St. Petersburg Times: Bankruptcy on the Horizon? 07:58:35
Afghan Taliban say they pose no threat to the West 06:06:59
Ron Paul, Greyson; Seek to Delay Bernanke Confirmation 05:42:43
31 questions and answers about the IRS 05:23:17
Domestic Uprising: Defenders of The Constitution, Rise of The American Patriots... 03:36:08
The Nature of Capitalism: The Debate 03:14:28
A Libertarian Plan for Tax and Congressional Reform 01:42:23
What Does Freedom Mean To You? Here is Ron Paul's Answer 01:06:41
Hi mates, I'm new to this forum. 00:57:11
Peter Schiff - FBN - 10/07/09: "Gold still a bargain." 00:56:29
A Saturday with the Mises Circle time well spent 00:28:10
Obama...Cream of nothing. 00:08:27
If you live in South Carolina, I really need your help... 00:04:22