Posted on October 9, 2009

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Ron Paul on the Obama ‘Peace’ Prize 21:48:19
Active Duty Troops In Iraq Are Wearing Oath Keeper Tabs 15:08:26
We are all that's left of the Anti-War Movement 09:12:57
Continental Congress 2009 08:19:18
Michael Moore admits that Capitalism is not the problem (and then reveals he's a socialist) 00:39:00
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Quote/Unquote "Militias": Are These Types Of Videos Bona Fide? 23:34:45
Open letter to RP - Increase the size of government in order to shrink it. 23:22:22
live from DuQuoin 23:21:50
Where can I sell silver for the best price? 23:14:42
I just had one of those moments, where reality became sureal 23:13:14
Rush Limbaugh says GWB should get peace prize 22:50:08
Front Page perhaps: Ron Paul on the Nobel Peace Prize 22:37:55
Kay Bailout is no Lady, Debra Medina is. 22:36:44
Contemplate this. This migh be the answer to O`s Price 22:22:01
Good Night.......... 22:06:38
Why all the ?'s about "eligibility? 21:56:35
The False Peace Prize James Manning 21:55:26
And the Winner of the 2009 Peace And Universal Liberty award is! 21:49:27
Limbaugh: 'I think Obama is the 2nd Kenyan to win' 21:36:45
Oh Canada 21:24:58
Wonderful Idea! Nationwide Protest of Media: Check it Out!!!!! 21:15:50
I kind of like the idea of the Peace Prize going to Obama 21:09:49
Excellent Video: Robert Fisk Talks About His Bombshell Report To Russia Today 20:41:20
Kitco launches index to measure "real" gold price 20:32:14
END THE FED and switch to GOLD & SILVER Standard! BUT HOW? 20:32:02
Gore Vidal: 9/11 was “a coup d’etat” to overthrow the government, calls Obama “incompetent” 20:19:15
Kanye west interupts obama 20:13:54
USA Today: Another Paper With A Failing Business Model 20:13:03
Just released! NASA footage of moon bomb. 20:11:03
Obama Czar Sunstein: Americans too racist for socialism 20:07:22
southern avenger:cosmetic conservatism 19:40:21
Speaking of vaccines . . . clinical researcher in UK warns parents 19:38:41
Bernanke’s Secret Debt Solution To End The Financial Crisis 19:15:45
Breaking:American Police Force ends bid for Hardin Jail 19:12:10
Military industrial complex to fund China through hummer? 18:59:19
Comments delayed in Chrome and IE (but not Firefox)? 18:55:13
"YouTube - Ron Paul staffer changes NH history - New Hampshire" 18:51:11
TX store won't accept U.S. dollar 18:41:29
Republican shoots target with Fla. Dem's initials 18:26:34
Even Less Gold In The Vault - UPDATE 18:16:36
Revenue shortages in most U.S. states "unbelievable" 18:13:20
BREAKING!!! OBAMA. 18:06:15
American Police Force: Dead In Hardin! 18:01:45
National Equality march this sunday. "Operation Rescue Reanimates to Heckle the Gays " 17:55:53
In honor of the US President winning the Nobel Peace Prize 17:53:57
Call to Preserve Health Freedom 17:36:07
Glenn Beck compares illegal immigration to slavery 17:21:15
What Would Gen. George Washington do in Afghanistan; Lose the Battle, Win the War? 17:00:44
Thats it.. I am Out of here! Good Bye U.S.A 16:55:10
How They Brainwash A Nation... 16:50:25
Micheal Moore calls Obama to end wars and earn that Nobel Prize 16:39:10
Will a Small Group of U.S. and World Economists End Up Saving the World? 16:22:31
Ron Paul staffer (Brink Slattery's) changes NH history - New Hampshire Video - How One Person Can Make A Difference 15:44:13
Ron Paul supports Austrian Economics, True Freedom? 15:15:11
Hire Americans First by Patrick J. Buchanan 15:07:20
In todays news . . . . . . .peace was declared 14:57:25
Will you sign[ed] this? 14:41:49
Quick! While no one is looking.... let's renew the Patriot Act! 14:33:29
President Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, Heisman Trophy, a Tony Award, NBA MVP and 2010 Nobel Peace Prize: Video 14:29:53
The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Heard 14:28:55
Petition from Right to Work Legal Defense 14:25:48
Will America go down with the dollar? 14:04:54
$380,000 raised in 3 weeks!!! 13:55:14
What Would You Do Next If You Were Glenn Beck? 13:45:51
Do you know any young soldiers? 13:27:02
School Kids Sing For Health Care Reform On CNN 13:17:23
CDC: 37 states report widespread swine flu cases 13:16:25
Chuck Baldwin compares the Jericho TV series "Ravenwood" and Hardin Montana ! 13:13:59
War Criminal Obama Deserves An Oscar Not A Nobel Peace Prize 13:09:22
Full HR1207 Hearing 13:04:10
Full HR1207 Hearing 13:03:39
Death of Petro-Dollar, Told Ya So 12:55:35
Jim Sinclair interview by David Williams in South Africa: Gold & Inflation 12:52:25
Army investigating 14 possible Sept. suicides 12:48:57
Argentina’s Economic Collapse 12:48:57
U.S. Bureau Of Prisons traded as Unicor Federal Prison Industries Inc. 12:04:01
Time Monk on Obama Nobel Peace distraction 11:55:33
HR 1207 11:44:44
Pay for Internet is coming soon 11:40:58
Fifth Republican seeks to challenge Democrat Skelton 11:38:38
B.S. Hannity calls himself a libertarian on air 11:35:23
One Big Ass Mistake America gets Nobel Peace Prize - WTF????? 11:33:01
How Did Hitler Control His Youth? 11:13:01
Missouri borrows $150 milion from budget reserve fund 11:06:45
The difference between a Conservative and a Liberal..... 10:44:40
Offensive interference 10:32:43
How about the Ron Paul Prize for Liberty? 10:02:11
Glenn Beck promotes H1N1 vaccines, VeriChip 09:45:08
Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize WTF! 09:34:20
*Urgent lawsuit filed today to halt Swine Vaccine. *Claims FDA violated Federal Law 08:38:40
This just makes me mad 08:36:37
LMAO you caught me red-handed I give up! 08:09:53
...And it keeps getting funnier everytime they tell it! 07:48:15
Subject: The last C4L email you'll ever get? 07:45:22
Buy Paul-ladium it's the wise thing to do! 07:46:44
Good bye NC Patriots 06:28:33
Obama Peace Prize Tea Party in Oslo 06:15:29
Special Needs Student Beaten by Illinois police over dress code 05:50:57
Breaking News from Oslo, Norway 05:06:53
Correction: The Fed Left My Hometown..... 04:55:22
A website worth noting, please read this 04:09:37
For Pennsylvania Voters Only: Consider Veronica Hannevig and her Vetting 02:48:47
We Can't Risk Success In Afghanistan at the Expense of Losing Our Entire Empire! 01:49:19
Participating in Tyranny 00:45:17
Anarchist bias in Dailypaul blog 00:34:01
Rudy VS. Ron Paul & David Cross 00:31:17
I'm a newbie and I have some questions about free market capitalism 00:21:16
Notify Your Represenatives & Inform them that allowing 00:03:35
Safest Place to go on Christmas Vaca? Is Cabo alright? 00:00:24