Posted on November 2, 2009

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History of Iran - A Must See For Any Ron Paul Supporter 22:53:29
Alex Jones Drafts Ron Paul for 2012 Presidency Bid 15:02:04
Digg! Ron Paul tweaks Michael Moore on capitalism, still agrees with him 10:43:52
House Financial Services Committee Democratic Co-sponsors of HR1207 Phone/Email/Fax Bomb!!! 09:53:33
Video: Ron Paul Updates Us on HR 1207 09:52:53
DIGG! Federal Reserve Policy Audit Legislation ‘Gutted,’ Paul Says 09:47:41
What can I do for the Revolution? Write music! Presenting "Revolution" Performed by UNI Jazz Band One 16:32:16
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Black Monday: Ancient History Or Imminent Future? 23:54:42
Someone has already designed a demo of a "RonPaul2012" website, and it kicks @$$!!! 23:28:49
IRAQ stats, you really need to see this. 23:25:18
If not Ron Paul, WHO? 23:05:46
rhino: Too Big To Fail. Book Review. 23:05:05
Rand Paul gives a speech on the Patriot Act and debt. 23:03:59
U.S. Tops in Energy Resources 22:53:57
Is Doug Hoffman a Ron Paul Republican? 22:43:33
Do We Have a Liberty Candidate for Governor of California??? 22:29:36
Update: Gold price at new record: $1,095.50. 22:13:01
Ron Paul on King World News Broadcast. 22:05:24
Born Free ! 21:52:38
Half of Kids Predicted to be on Food Stamps 21:45:41
Welcome Visitors To The Daily Paul 21:07:25
BULLETIN: Feds/State Control of Farms/Foods: Animal Health Care Rules 21:18:46
need a good definition/explination of habeas corpus for sixth graders. 20:39:29
IMF selling 6.7 billion dollars worth of gold - why? 20:27:37
Newark CA: Nadja Adolf running for city council. 19:57:04
From C4L: Urgent Action Needed to Save Audit the Fed 19:25:39
Iran : 2 Nuclear Bombs by Feb 2010 ? 19:23:00
Meg Whitman 19:12:12
Notice: All New Jersians & Virginians !! Electors Needed Tomorrow!! 19:04:43
Russia Today Interviews Alex Jones 18:54:15
Title: Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine! 18:39:40
Phorum Phunnies and Tasty Phorum Phoods 18:28:07
Health care: "Tell the Senate No, We Will Sue." Devvy Kidd Weighs In 11/12 18:25:50
Will trade silver for your fiat money. 18:14:26
Anyone interested in helping start a more "Kook" version of The Daily Paul? 17:57:01
Conference: "Leadership and the Global Governance Agenda" 17:43:29
Planting hemp and getting arrested at the DEA headquarters 17:40:39
War Crimes Conference & Exhibition 17:38:07
Goldman Sachs secretly bet on housing crash 17:37:53
For those in Nevada - Song about Sue Lowden! 17:34:44
FBI Whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds Names Names 17:23:37
Atlas Shrugged Movie will Likely Cause More People to "Go Galt" 17:10:29
Sunflower seeds. Help needed. 16:48:36
Amazingly heroic Judge Napolitano 16:35:12
Intellectual Property 16:30:30
Stormtroopers 9/11 - This Is Humor for the 'Conspiracy Theorists' Only 16:05:09
IBM 2006: "There is a 100% chance that a pandemic will occur within the next 5 years". 15:58:21
Congressman Dr. Ron Paul 15:56:31
TRUTH HAPPENS: First They Ignore You, Then They Ridicule You, Then They Fight You, Then You WIN 15:46:57
Wanted: Fall of the Republic DVD disc artwork 15:39:47
Government Complicit in Swine Flu? 15:27:46
Calling all Houston-area Patriots and Freedom Lovers 15:25:30
Congressman Dr. Ron Paul 15:23:56
Will you bend? 15:21:26
Compilation of Mistaken H1N1 Vaccinations to Children Who Had Exemptions 15:07:07
A Plane Trail of Deadly Deception 14:55:28
A question you should pose to yourself about martyrs. 14:49:54
Just let the bitches die (their posts I mean) 14:25:25
End the Fed Rallies Nov. 22 Anyone Have any news about planned events ? Shouldn't it be a huge effort this year? ! 14:24:18
Ron Paul for President 2012 Campaign Gains Momentum 14:23:21
Conservatism: philosophically weak? 13:56:52
Letter to our Dear Nancy Pelosi 13:51:45
The Hill Blogger says Ron Paul has Better Ideas than 2012 GOP Candidate 13:39:20
Peter Schiff on Face the State 13:36:13
Ignorance Ends Here - Educate yourself now 13:31:57
How to fix the Economy 13:26:54
New movie to seek prosecution of George W. Bush 13:24:54
Antivaccinationist Craze is Helping the Freedom Movement 13:22:00
The Power the Energy, the momentum, the results...are on our side 13:01:25
Libertarian 9/11 truth leader Jim Duensing shot in the back by cops 12:55:47
How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash 12:52:34
Remember why the Patriot act needs to be abolished 12:45:43
Interview with Mike Pappas (R-MD) 12:30:00
Special Universal View of Ron Paul 12:29:20
WOW!!! Ron Paul 2012 web template! 12:26:58
Congressman Robert Wexler: Good Riddance! 12:21:16
KBR has increased employee levels while U.S. troops steadily leave the country 12:18:04
CIT Files for Bankruptcy; US Is Unlikely to Recoup $2.3 Billion Bailout 12:12:31
Kokesh for Congress Fundraising Update 12:02:50
Liberal or conservative? 11:52:45
The HYPOCRISY of this site's moderators. SICKENING 11:39:28
Republican Scozzafava Backs Democrat in New York Congress Race 09:58:31
Debra Medina speaks to YAL at Texas State 09:57:00
A full audit of the FED would be tantamount to the politicians cutting their own throats 09:35:18
Songs for the New Revolution 09:29:57
China overdoes cloud seeding and blankets Beijing in snow 09:28:17
The False Ideas That Feed This Nation, ALL For A Buck 09:27:49
Don't buy anything the day after Thanksgiving 08:59:42
Terrorism, Security And The Future Of Warfare 08:27:08
Ben Bernanke Is A Walking Economic Fallacy 08:25:04
Mel Watt’s largest contributors included American Express , Wachovia, BoA 08:15:45
Congress takes time to kiss China's patootey 07:55:50
NY23: Rahm Emanuel/Chuckie Schumer convince former GOP candidate to Endorse Democrat 07:42:11
McClatchy News Service Special Investigation of Goldman Sachs 07:35:45
Loose Change was on TV here in Sweden last evening 07:34:03
Goldman takes on new role: taking away people's homes 07:29:14
VIDEO: Clearwater's Skyrocketing Retail Vacancies 07:24:02
David Harmer - Huge Congressional Election November 3rd! 05:12:46
Goodbye to all that stimulus? 04:15:03
Strategies for 2012 Ron Paul Presidential Run 04:04:13
PLEASE DIGG: More National Attention for Rand Paul 03:06:00
PLEASE DIGG: More National Attention for Rand Paul 03:05:13
Remedial Instructions, Civic Action Resolutions, and ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION 03:01:51
Anyone remember this???? 01:55:54
Did Black Panther make secret White House visit? 01:54:08
Do we need policeman or firefighters? I got stumped 01:52:59
Random Gun Control/Crime Rate info 01:34:33
Kokesh for Congress Fundraising Update 01:15:03